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News articles

Aerotech: motion control and automation for optics and photonics
Aerotech exhibiting at Optatec 2020
Aerotech celebrates 50th anniversary
High-precision QA equipment for measurement & test applications
See laser scanner comparison at Precisiebeurs exhibition
See Aerotech’s new Automation1 control platform at SPS Drives
See Aerotech at Productronica 2019
Control of positioning systems made easy
Aerotech partners with Micronix for nanopositioning
Visit Aerotech at the LASER – World of PHOTONICS show
Aerotech presents new IGM linear motion platform at Micronora
Aerotech opens new facility in Fürth, Germany
Integrated Motion and Machine Control Solutions Brochure
Precision motion control for fibre optics and silicon photonics
Aerotech Ltd moves to new and larger facility
Guide to automation for machine tools, assembly and packaging
Motion and Automation for Test, Measurement and Inspection
Brochure has micropositioning challenge-to-solutions examples
New brochure for extensive range of rotary stages
Altechna to distribute Aerotech's micropositioning products
Visit Aerotech's stand at Southern Manufacturing
Aerotech names new Regional Sales Manager for France
New resource guide for linear and rotary nanopositioning stages
New free guide to application of linear motors
Capabilities in Laser Processing and Micromachining
Simon Smith heads Aerotech's new Control Systems Division
Advice for vacuum-compatible control system design
New brochure covers Automation Solutions
Aerotech to demonstrate systems engineering capability
Motor sizing software includes profile plotting
Faster delivery of stages, motors and motion controllers
Webcasts cover motion control theory and applications
New Aerotech brochure covers precision positioning

Product articles

Compact Aerotech HEX150 RC hexapod features excellent precision
Laser micro-machining with the AGV5D in the fast lane
Aerotech simplifies control of positioning systems
Aerotech's new VascuLathe revolutionises manufacture of stents
Single-axis PWM digital drive: high-performance motion control
Aerotech launches high-performance single-axis controllers
New galvo scanner suits laser micromachining and AM
Closed-loop servo control for voice-coil and single-phase motors
Galvo scanner controller provides industry-leading performance
Six-axis drive rack for brushed, brushless and stepper motors
Integrated Granite Motion offers benefits over stage-on-granite
ECO Series linear stages: low cost of ownership in linear motion
New crossed-roller bearing ball-screw linear stages
HEX RC multi-axis robotic controller from Aerotech
ThermoComp eliminates up to 90 per cent of thermal errors
Precision piezo stage for microscope objective positioning
XYZ piezo stages for exceptional 3D positioning accuracy
Aerotech high-speed, direct-drive rotary stage with collet chuck
New hexapod targets medium-load, ultra-precision applications
High-performance galvo scanner control from Aerotech
QNP2 Series XY piezo nanopositioning stage with 50×50mm aperture
Redesigned linear stages improve processes by up to 98 per cent
High-dynamic linear piezo nanopositioning stages
3-6 axis photonics alignment platform for 24/7 production
New hexapod guarantees positioning accuracy specifications
Digital panel-mount piezo drive for A3200 motion controller
Industrial PCs preconfigured with A3200 motion controller
Optics positioning stage with nanometre precision at high speeds
Networked, panel-mount piezo drive for co-ordinated motion
EasyTune: advanced data-driven autotuning tool
Delta robot with scalable, open-architecture robot control
Piezo drive networkable for integration with piezos and servos
Integrated, open-frame stages with high dynamic performance
Z-Axis piezo nanopositioners for extreme precision applications
Two-axis gear-drive gimbals are economical and accurate
Technologically advanced silicon carbide XY air-bearing stage
XY piezo nanopositioners for extreme precision applications
High-accuracy, open frame, thermally stable galvo scanner
Linear piezo nanopositioners for many applications
Compact, precision ball-screw stage with linear encoder
Robust worm-drive rotary stages outperform alternatives
Integrated XY ball-screw stages for high-precision motion
Npaq 6U high-power drive rack from Aerotech
MPS-SV lift stages offer 0.05um minimum incremental motion
Integrated XY stage for high geometric and dynamic performance
Custom systems and components for additive manufacturing
Direct-drive Z-axis nanopositioners from Aerotech
Easy laboratory automation with Aerotech’s Ensemble LAB
Generate motion programs directly from your CAD drawing
EtherCAT I/O integrated into A3200 Automation Machine Controller
Galvo and controller combination offers infinite field of view
Align and integrate data acquisition and motion control
Miniature rotary stages are compact, accurate and economical
Rotary stage with integrated collet chucks and direct drive
Industrial computer option for A3200 Automation Platform
Digital control board enables A3200 software integration
Combined machine and motion controller cuts development times
Miniature linear positioning stages for precision alignment
APR direct-drive rotary stage achieves exceptional accuracy
AVS1000 micropositioning vertical lift has 135kg payload
Multi-axis motion controllers, power supplies and interfaces
Vertical translation stages handle payloads up to 450kg
Aerotech AXR series two-axis rotary micropositioning units
ACT series linear actuators use linear servo motors
New compact X-Y Cartesian gantry micro-positioning system
Air-bearing stage features wider base for heavy or offset loads
MotionPAC integrated motion and machine controller from Aerotech
ALS2200 positioning stages suit production environments
Digital servo amplifier for ultra-high resolution applications
Precision ball screw-driven positioning stage is fully sealed
Servo-driven stage features extra-wide table
Rotary stages feature direct-drive brushless servo motors
New direct-drive rotary and linear nanopositioning stages
New submicron resolution vertical translation stage
New low-cost, high-precision linear positioning stages
Module reduces the effects of machine frame motion
Motion controllers offered with EtherNet/IP fieldbus option
Goniometric cradles can be combined as multi-axis units
LaserTurn1 provides high-speed, high-resolution positioning
Ensemble motion controllers now compatible with EPICS
Manual optical mounts available in five days
Scanning head laser systems gain extended field of view
Software simplifies optimisation of motion profiles
High-precision electromechanical automation systems
High-precision gantry system is fully sealed
Ultra-precision stage features linear motors and air bearings
High-speed rotary stage offers exceptional precision
Compact, high-speed goniometer offers low cost of ownership
Motion simulators designed for precision test applications
Air-bearing rotary stages use ultra-precise encoders
Air bearing stage features active preload
Long-travel gantry positioning stages achieve high throughput
Nanotranslation stages offer enhanced speed and resolution
Low-cost positioning stages achieve high performance
High-precision actuators incorporate linear servo motors
Rugged direct-drive linear stages offer high precision
Direct-drive motors replace wormwheel stages
Ensemble gives deterministic networking for up to ten axes
Motion and machine control for packaging and processing machines
Positioning stage excels in precision, speed and torque

Technical articles

How Aerotech's new IGM concept redefines motion platforms
How to cut OLED displays?
How to improve metal additive manufacturing processes

Application Stories

Motion sub-system forms basis of ultra-precision scanner
Nanopositioning stages selected for laser micromachining systems

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