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News articles

Updated DIN 46228-4: 2020-03 standard news from Phoenix Contact
New IoT-capable energy measuring devices
Timeserver – always the right time in your network
Rivals combine to establish a standard for M12 connectors
New double-row direct connectors
Phoenix Contact offers digital alternative to key trade shows
Phoenix Contact to restructure Executive Board
How to keep up to date with product changes at Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact app supports 4G devices
New web app simplifies RoHS & REACH compliance
Phoenix Contact team takes second place in WAVE Trophy
ECS outdoor housing named Enclosure Product of the Year
Planning and marking software from Phoenix Contact
Standardised Single-Pair Ethernet for industrial automation
Machine building for a smarter future - the Phoenix Contact tour
Phoenix Contact: OPC standardisation of industrial communication
PLCnext Store provides easy access to automation software
Pre-assembled M12 power cables with M-coding
Easier, quicker way to configure and order custom connectors
PSIRT website supports IIoT security
First trade fair hackathon with open PLCnext ecosystem
International co-operation for Industrie 4.0 qualification
48-hour assembly service for terminal strips
Phoenix Contact at PCB Design and Manufacture Live 2018
RS Components achieves Phoenix Contact performance award
New cloud app for recording and analysing safety-related data
Intuitive online configuration for PCB connectors
Easy online configurator for surge protection devices
Easily create your own cloud services with Proficloud
Versatile switching products from Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact takes over industrial communication specialist
Fast online sample service for device manufacturers
Phoenix Contact started 2017 dynamically: growth in all areas
Farnell element14 achieves Phoenix Contact performance award
Safe & Secure - Complete Machine Protection workshops
Phoenix Contact appoints Electroustic as new distributor
Software by Phoenix Contact now compatible with Windows 10 IoT
RPI-BC and engineers of the future
Introduction to visualisation with Visu+ Express and HMI
Free White Paper: Functional safety via wireless Ethernet
Review: free training course in Electrical and Functional Safety
A new version of the Waterworx library is available now
Phoenix Contact sees signs of excellent growth
Farnell element14 achieves Phoenix Contact award
Free training courses in electrical and functional safety
Industry 4.0: Multi-touchscreen assistant for ease of operation
Integrated engineering based on AutomationML and eCl@ss
Moving from IT-powered automation to Industry 4.0
App for finding the right marking solution
Frank Stührenberg to become Chairman of Phoenix Executive Board
KW-Software set to become Phoenix Contact Software
Visualisation app for operating and monitoring on mobile devices
Brian Booth joins Phoenix Contact Device Connections sales team
Free Electrical and Functional Safety training courses in 2014
New app from Phoenix Contact explains surge protection
New appointment for Device Connections at Phoenix Contact
Success calls for new dates for FREE workshops
Free workshop: electrical & functional safety explained
Anglia Components is Distributor of the Year 2012
Five top tips for designing safe machines
Mobile communications – tips for data transmission in industry
Industry awards for WirelessHART products from Phoenix Contact
First functional safety app from Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact catalogue app for product searches and enquiries
Functional safety app for Machinery Directive and EN ISO 13849-1
Phoenix Contact Ltd appoints new senior managers
Free guide to surge and lightning protection
Phoenix Contact joins ODVA CIP Conformity Club
Free selection tool for power supply surge protection

Product articles

MACX-TR timer relay makes simple time control applications smart
New distribution blocks from Phoenix Contact
New headers for currents up to 41A
Assistance system for surge protection with new functions
Time server provides precision for synchronising devices
Disconnect terminal blocks: safe, easy isolation or protection
19-inch splice boxes suit common fibre-optic interfaces
New ATEX-certified PoE injectors
Unmanaged switches for Profinet and EtherNet/IP
New functions added to mGuard cloud-based remote service
New unmanaged Ethernet switches: unpack, connect and use
Firewall functionality extended for Phoenix Contact's TC Routers
Jig speeds insertion of PCBs into electronic housings
Voltage options extended for sub-100W Quint Power PSUs
Phoenix Contact launches PSRmodular configurable safety system
Save space and time when connecting sensors
Easy energy management with EMpro measuring devices
New 50mm wide DIN rail housings from Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact introduces double-row PCB connectors
New power supplies rated at 40A
Assistance system for efficient processing of conductors
Heavy-duty connectors provide more space for wiring
Universal terminal blocks for aluminium and copper conductors
Protective laminates for printed labels
Multi-channel electronic circuit breakers configured to order
New surge protectors for linear DC current sources
Trio Power: power supplies are protected to IP67
No-tools connector for rapid assembly of motor cables
Pluggable terminal blocks with Push-in connection
Next-generation industrial thermal transfer printers
Pre-printed, self-adhesive labels simplify circuit marking
Video surveillance systems for industrial applications
Phoenix Contact launches power supply with SIL 3 certification
12.5mm safety relay features two safe solid-state outputs
New compact M12 power connectors with crimp connections
Phoenix Contact launches new gateways for Modbus-to-Ethernet/IP
Network Manager software features topology representation
Easy wireless transfer of I/O signals and serial data
Unpack, connect and you're done!
RJ45 contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors
Plug-in test system for 19inch module carriers
Module connects Profibus PA segments directly to Profinet
Narrow protection for 3-conductor applications
Easy way to configure and order heavy-duty connectors online
Phoenix Contact launches PLCnext Control expansion modules
Intelligent monitoring of surge protection systems
Advanced Shielding Technology for secure, reliable connections
PTV terminal blocks with side Push-in connections
Phoenix Contact COMPLETE line optimises panel building processes
mGuard Secure Cloud for remote maintenance from Phoenix Contact
Robust HMIs suit harsh-environment and in-vehicle applications
Simplify power distribution to PCBs
New angled PCB terminal blocks for reflow soldering
Software simplifies I/O project planning
Ethernet media converter for interference-free data transmission
Easy way to measure, communicate and bill energy consumption
New two-piece M8 device connectors from Phoenix Contact
New swivelling wall and profile brackets for displays
Modular electronics housings for control cabinets
Phoenix Contact launches PLCnext safety controller
Redundant controller connections for Profinet devices
Compact electronics housings sealed to IP69
TC Mobile I/O electronic alarm annunciator with 4G (LTE) option
Phoenix Contact launches intelligent Ethernet extenders
Modular hybrid motor starters with integrated safety
IO-Link products and software from Phoenix Contact
Circular connectors provide cross-manufacturer compatibility
New warning labels for push-in terminal blocks
New variants of Phoenix Contact's electronic circuit breakers
Control and manage your automation system via Ethernet
Compact T-distributors for simple, quick power connections
Pre-assembled M8 data cables with D-coded connectors
CBMC device circuit breaker with status output and reset input
Slimline surge protectors for controllers and I/O
DC UPS benefits from integrated power supply
Compact connector housings for single modular contact inserts
Industrial relay range includes Ex-approved variants
I/O and serial data transmitted wirelessly
Laser marker suits industrial applications
New current indicator terminal blocks with push-in connections
Intelligent control of remote pumping stations
Electromechanical relays with manual operation
AGK pick-off terminals with push-in connection
New headers for ME-IO housings
Cost-effective machine energy manager with cloud connectivity
New IoT gateway for Proficloud
Ergonomic membrane keypads for operator interfaces
New modular 12-position Push-in contact inserts
Rotating die makes crimping pliers easier to use
New unmanaged and managed PoE switches from Phoenix Contact
New type 3 device protection with push-in fast connectors
Phoenix Contact Quint DC UPS suits industrial networks
Colour printer for industrial identification
Managed switches for growing networks from Phoenix Contact
Fast connection and safe supply with new DIN rail devices
Axioline F I/O system: simple and precise power measurement
Feed-in terminal for N busbars with push-in connection
New AC charging controller with extended functions
Same-size PCB terminal blocks, differing connection technology
ICS series modular electronics housings
Connecting is a snap with LPC 6 / LPCH 6 series PCB connectors
New Visu+ panels for basic applications
Space-saving potential distribution at a width of only 6mm
Compact high-performance power supply
Electronics housings for harsh environments
Electronics housings for Raspberry Pi
PCB terminal blocks for Profinet
New function blocks for STEP 7 and the TIA portal
M12 T-distributors for data transmission
Electro mobility becomes fit for everyday use with HPC
Fuse terminal blocks for various areas of application
New bus connectors for electronics housings
New hybrid motor starters benefit from I/O-Link interface
Increased modularity in the field with Axioline E I/O system
New switches for Profinet applications
Electrical outlets for worldwide use from Phoenix Contact
Compact patch bays for RJ45 modules
Increased modularity in the field with Axioline E I/O system
WLAN and Bluetooth transmission in a single module
Secure communication for all branches
Force-guided coupling relay module from Phoenix Contact
Limitless automation with PLCnext Control
The PC Worx Engineer modular software platform
Device circuit breakers with IO-Link technology
Phoenix Contact: New firewall according to IEC 62443
Buffer modules bridge cyclical failures lasting up to 30 seconds
Current indicator terminal blocks with push-in connection
DIN rail mounting frames for pre-assembled contact inserts
Intuitive online configuration from Phoenix Contact
Router with new security functionality
Fast connection of the S7-1500 from Phoenix Contact
Current indicator terminal blocks with push-in connection
Narrow bus couplers for compact I/O stations
Visual monitoring of surge protection
Unassembled cables routed through the control cabinet panel
Assembled M12 power cables for high power
Housing for heavy-duty connectors in a space-saving design
Simple, economical control of automation and safety
M12 connector with connection technology for all applications
Space-saving micro terminal blocks with push-in connection
High-current feed-through terminal block for up to 232A
Device circuit breaker complies with NEC Class 2
Safety relay meets latest elevator safety standards
Network Manager minimises configuration effort
New serial device servers and gateways
Assembled M12 power cables for high power
Electronics housings for display units
Easy cable and conductor guiding for the control cabinet door
Compact Bluetooth wireless module: wireless signal transmission
Handheld housings for mobile operator panels
New HMIs for outdoor applications from Phoenix Contact
Push-in contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors
Space-saving surge protection devices from 3.5mm wide
WLAN wireless module for machine building
M12 connector with connection technology for all applications
Secure remote maintenance of machines
Reliable insulation from the field to the network
New device connectors with K-, L-, M-coding
Electronics housings for embedded systems from Phoenix Contact
Narrowest type 2 surge protection free of leakage current
New multi-channel, compact, custom-configurable circuit breaker
Redundancy modules featuring push-in connections
Firmware for security appliances with new functions
Switches for stable machine networks from Phoenix Contact
New firmware and app for Phoenix Contact signalling system
Quickly connecting Simatic controllers
Connecting actuators made easy
Robust panel mounting frames for RJ45 and SC-RJ
Robust RJ45 modules for industrial applications
Direct connectors for high contact densities
Inverted PCB connectors for LED applications
M40 hybrid connectors for signal, data and power transmission
Robust power connectors for Profinet applications
PLCnext Technology open control platform
New AC power supply with integrated energy storage
Acquire, monitor, and control signals with process displays
Space-saving wiring from Phoenix Contact
New angled M23 circular connectors
Windows 10 for Embeddedline panel PCs
A wireless system that supports a cable network
Heavy-duty connectors for outdoor applications
Compact yet heavy-duty connectors for power transmission
Four conductors in the smallest of spaces
Knife disconnect terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact
New vertical PCB connectors from Phoenix Contact
Modular D-SUB connectors for individual applications
Robust headers with solder anchor
Y-distributor separates CAT5 and power
Orthogonal PCB terminal block for DIN rail devices
Safely handle lightning currents up to 50 kA
Type 1 lightning current arresters for a 400/690V network
Thermal transfer printer for mobile use on-site
New mixed module for the Axioline F I/O system
New switches for high-availability Ethernet/IP networks
Inline I/O system can now be extended for Ex applications
Narrow switches for large distances
High-power relays for high DC loads
New electronics housings for controllers
M12 housing screw connection for two-piece device ports
New octal relays for energy applications
New SIL-certified signal conditioners from Phoenix Contact
Heavy-duty connectors for confined spaces
Push-in terminal blocks in desk design for space savings
New LED connectors feature side catches for positive latching
Connect connectors directly to the PCB
IP65 panel PC with new processor generation
IP65 panel PC with new processor generation
Cloud system for Profinet simplifies distributed automation
Box and panel PCs with the latest processors
Narrow surge protective device for DC current sources
Axioline F I/O system now with SafetyBridge technology
Configurable power supply for highest system availability
Handheld printer for fast marking on site
Thermofox prints labels, signs and shrink sleeves in any length
Mobile routers for high-speed data connections
Optimum illumination in all environments
Modular plug-in connectors in snap-in frames
Testing made easy with the Fame 3 testing system
BT barrier terminal blocks: in combination quick and easy
New PCB connectors for flexible LED PCBs
Advanced configuration options for the Embeddedline panel PC
IP65 panel PC with new processor generation
Box and panel PCs with the latest processors
New managed and unmanaged Ethernet extender system
Powerful lightning current arrester for 400/690V systems
Mobile powered stripping and handheld crimping tool
Universal relays with bipolarity from Phoenix Contact
QPD installation system for quick and easy cable connection
Mobile routers for high-speed data connections
New Zipcord patch cable with OM1 bevel
Compact connectors for LED PCBs
Easy start-up of SafetyBridge components
FO Ethernet transmission with just one fibre
PCB plug-in connectors for modular electronics housings
High connection density in the smallest of spaces
New display sizes for Visu+ HMIs
Switches are KEMA-certified for IEC 61850
Shielded SACC connectors with fast connection technology
Light guides for electronics housings from Phoenix Contact
Signal lines of up to 500m now also available on cable drums
SafetyBridge system - machine safety without a safety PLC
Valvetrab-SEC: the world’s narrowest type-2 surge protection
New DC/DC converters for the energy sector
Compact UPS with integrated power storage
Conductor marking with shrink sleeves
Electronics housing with integrated connection technology
Connector housing has lateral & straight cable outlet direction
Energy-efficient data logger for telecontrol, remote maintenance
The world’s narrowest, pluggable lightning arrester combination
Ethernet media converters for basic requirements
Coupling relays for safety-related activation
Ready-to-assemble sensor/actuator cables in PVC construction
Tablet PCs for portable use, both indoors and outdoors
New box PCs for use directly on site
Durable and powerful type-1 lightning current arrester
New highly compact isolation amplifiers with UL certification
Pluggable lightning arrester with backup fuse
Intelligent surge protection for process technology
DC/DC converters now available for more voltage levels
Multi-point multiplexer for process use
Optimum lighting for the control cabinet with LED technology
High-performance, safe coupling relays just 6mm wide
Security routers for process technology
Distributor box for power applications
Network-capable hybrid motor starters
Heavy-duty connectors for every application from Phoenix Contact
Modular marshalling patchboard concept with colour coding system
OPC UA server for PC Worx-based controllers
New software products for overall process automation
The new generation of string combiner boxes from Phoenix Contact
Multichannel electronic circuit breakers
Surge protection redesigned – high performance with safeguards
Safe installation of heavy UPS power storage devices
New power supplies for machine production
Security router with integrated switch
New 868MHz wireless module with Trusted Wireless 2.0
Secure firewall for OPC Applications
The smallest ODP remote control station in the world
New relay modules for environments with explosive atmospheres
Convert currents of up to 4000A into a standard signal
Colour-coded marshalling system, push-in connection technology
Pluggable terminals for fast starts
Connect motors quickly and easily
High-current PCB terminal for power electronics
TW50: Phoenix Contact's high-current feed-through terminal block
Safety relays are just 6mm wide but can switch 6A loads
Safe data transmission in the field from Phoenix Contact
Powerful 19-inch industrial PCs for data centres
Protocol converters for telecontrol systems
Robust Panel PCs with multi-touch
Multi-channel device circuit breaker boards
Connector for construction and agricultural machinery
Power plant identification system
Double-level knife disconnect terminal blocks
New I/O modules for extreme conditions from Phoenix Contact
New compact power supplies with basic functionality
Retrofitting Ethernet via existing copper wires
Phoenix Contact WLAN now suitable for Ethernet I/P applications
New 868 MHz wireless module with Trusted Wireless 2.0
Rapid media converters for Ethernet applications in realtime
System cabling adapter for industrial relay systems
Serial to Ethernet converters for extreme fields of application
New LED signal tower element with seven colours
Space-saving I/O modules for the control cabinet
CAN components now with DNV approval
New ultra-compact output signal conditioner
Phase monitoring relays for high-temperature areas
Highly compact signal conditioners listed by UL
Connectors for extreme conditions of use
Easy connection in the smallest of spaces
Compact mains voltage connector for power electronics
Compact and fan-less quad-core box PC
Industrial touch panels for web applications
Panel PCs in new format
New electronic device circuit breakers
Highly compact and universal 4-way signal conditioner
GL approval for the QPD installation system
Knife disconnect terminal blocks in compact desk design
Double-row PCB terminal block with high connection density
VMT panel PC series now with displays for sunlight
New panel PCs for outdoor applications
New I/O module for relay connection without tools
Ethernet media converters for more reliable energy networks
Integrate analogue signals in a safe way
Send digital and analogue sensor data via mobile phone networks
Axioline I/O system for safety applications
Phoenix Contact extends M12 power connectors range
Terminal block range: space savings across three levels
Compact AC connection for photovoltaic micro inverters
Conductor and cable marking for stringent requirements
Deutsch connectors for mobile hydraulics
Installation system for larger litz wire cross-sections
Narrow diode for decoupling from power supplies
Highly compact signal conditioners listed by UL
New interface modules for fast, error-free wiring
New cable glands enhance cable routing options
Signal wiring in confined spaces
Bus connectors for electronics housing
New power supply for frequency inverters
Narrow plastic connector housing from Phoenix Contact
Easy retrofitting of current measuring technology
Front adapters for signal and power wiring
Software-based functional safety with no need for safe I/O
Process automation in water management: Waterworx
Function block library for Smart Metering
Compact plug-in test system – easy and safe testing
Ten new power supplies with basic functionality
Radioline wireless system, now UL listed
Digital mixed module for especially compact I/O stations
Fibre optic converters and copper repeaters with DNV approval
Managed Switches for high-availability EtherNet/IP networks
New compact housing system with modular front connection
Direct laser marking for complex industrial labelling
Multi-touch panel PCs with powerful Intel Core i7 processors
SMD PCB terminals with rugged push-in connections
Plug-in energy-saving valve connector halves energy consumption
M23 hybrid plug-in connectors for signal, data, and power
High-performance controller for complex industrial environments
Device circuit breakers with Germanischer Lloyd approval
Pressure sensors with IO-Link from Phoenix Contact
New PLC Logic modular programmable logic relay system
Intelligent surge protection for intrinsically safe applications
M12 outdoor cabling for CANopen and DeviceNet applications
Multifunctional safety relay for smaller machine
Intelligent UPS protects sensitive AC loads
Security router with 3G mobile phone interface
High-speed printer now also prints labels made from aluminium
New software PLC turns Windows PCs into PLCs
Recording compressed air consumption with volume flow meters
Profinet-compatible switch with a slim design
New PT100 expansion module for Radioline wireless system
Acquire short signals reliably
19inch rack switches for control centres and data centres
Selective power distribution with device circuit breakers
Compact monitoring relays save wiring time
Robust media converters for power distribution
Safe Contact extension with wide voltage range
Ethernet components have ABB Industrial IT certification
New version of the Lean Managed Switch for Profinet
New high-current feed-through terminal with push-in connection
Industrial relay system now suitable for the USA and Canada
New functions for Sercos bus couplers
New insulator-free PCB terminals for high currents
Intelligent surge protection for data interfaces
Clear system marking for all application scenarios
Motor starter with quick connection technology
Radioline wireless system adds Ex certification
Real-time switch for Profinet with high protection rating
New universal communications module for I/O system
New four-channel modules for Axioline I/O
New generation of I/O devices for field installations
Contact extension for light grid applications
Anti-glare LED machine lights with integrated lenses
Installation terminals with screw connection technology
Circuit breaker boards speed up installation
Monitoring wind turbine rotor blades
Highly adhesive magnetic labels are a flexible option
Connect contact inserts in no time
Ex-i isolation amplifiers pass chemical industry’s quality test
Radioline wireless systems – expansion modules for versatility
Central configuration for industrial WLAN networks
Mini-controllers for mechanical engineering
UL-listed signal column wireless system
FL View monitoring and diagnostics software
Flexible device plug connectors up to 1500V
Quint Oring: active redundancy for high system availability
New connection technology for micro-inverters
Intelligent surge protection with push-in connection technology
Full range of round-plug connectors from M5 to M58
Interface products for the process industry
System cabling for Modicon M340 with 16 digital I/Os
High-current terminals have push-in connection technology
Fast mini-controller with rugged housing
New AC plug connectors for photovoltaic systems
Power supplies for compact control cabinets
Multi-touch-operated, IP 65-compliant industrial panel PCs
Housing system with front connection for complex control units
Industrial plug-in connectors with adjustable cable glands
Bluetooth wireless module for control data communication
New I/O modules and extended functions in SafetyBridge System
Compact isolation amplifiers with convenient group error logging
Accessories for individual industrial WLAN systems
Designline - new multi-touch, IP65 panel PC from Phoenix Contact
New industrial relay system for all relay applications
Radio Signal Connection via Modbus RTU
Outdoor web panels for extreme conditions
Network isolator provides reliable protection in the network
WLAN Ethernet adapter for the 5GHz frequency band
Configurable IPC concept for customised systems
‘Diagnostics anywhere’ with modular Field Monitoring Device
Energy measuring devices now also with UL approval
Compact isolation amplifiers with modular group error logging
Contactron hybrid motor starter range from Phoenix Contact
Measuring devices optimise compressed air applications
Compact, energy-saving embedded box PC for the DIN rail
New SNMP OPC server for network monitoring
Using heavy-duty plug connectors on the mounting rail
Routing pre-assembled cables through the housing wall
High pin-count M12 plug connector for PCB mounting
Stainless steel M12 flush-type plug connectors available
Valueline Box PCs are small, powerful and rugged
More reliable communications for wind energy applications
New bus coupler for fast I/O systems
Intelligent UPS also communicates with higher-level controllers
Identifying energy peaks helps reduce costs
Fast WLAN for the control cabinet
Real-time switches for Profinet have compact design
New stainless steel M12 flush-type plug connectors
SIL3-certified coupling relay for fire and gas applications
Security router for enhanced protection of machine networks
Aluminium housing for use in harsh outdoor environments
New M12 device plug connectors for 10-Gbps data transfer
Disconnect terminal blocks with automatic converter protection
Heavy-duty plastic plug connectors are sealed to IP68
Quickon installation system expanded by 5-Pole versions
Hygienic sensor/actuator cabling for the food industry
Two-wire transducer and constant voltage source can save space
Universal interfaces for process control system technology
Miniature M17 plug connectors for power ratings up to 630V
HMI devices for graphic-intensive applications
PC board connection for high-current applications without tools
New multi-functional shutdown and speed monitoring module
Configurable shutdown and speed monitoring for functional safety
PSR-Trisafe-M software-configurable, expandable safety module
Industrial tablet PCs are rugged and sealed to IP65
TP 3000 series touch panels connect to many fieldbuses
Valueline Industrial PCs available in 200,000 configurations
Solid-state reversing contactors - four functions in one
Surge protectors include remote monitoring capability
New Datatrab DT in-line/DIN rail surge protector adapters
Touch-safe fuse terminal blocks for branch circuit protection
Fibre-optic media converters suit wider range of applications
RAD-Link Serial Data Radio software now at V3.0
Stackable Duplicon power connectors are sealed to IP67
New surge protection installation guide and selection tool
Free selection tool for Plugtrab surge protectors
Mechatrolink Bus Coupler for Inline modular I/O
Clipline Combi connectors for DIN-mounted pluggable terminals
New brochure for Checkmaster surge protection tester
New Flashtrab and Valvetrab compact arrester blocks

Technical articles

Surge protection now mandatory in 2018 revision of NFPA 79
An end to the boring task of marking terminals and cables
Exploring the benefits of the PLCnext Technology Platform
Don’t take any chances with surge voltages
Reliable data connections for Industrial Ethernet
Five top tips for industrial wireless applications

Application Stories

Designline IPCs prevent downtime in food and beverage production
Maintenance-free tower lighting in wind turbine generators

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