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Free guide: machine guarding for waste management and recycling
What has changed in machine safety standard BS EN 60204-1:2018?
Updated guide to machinery safety standards
High-quality machine guards designed, manufactured and installed
Machine risk assessment service from Procter Machine Safety
How ISO 12100 relates to type-B and type-C standards
Free email newsletter covers all aspects of machinery safety
Procter Guide to Machinery Guarding Standards, 12th Edition
Machine risk assessment and PUWER inspection services
EN ISO 13857 Safety Distance Calculator - video walkthrough
BS EN ISO 12100 Risk Assessment Calculator - video walkthrough
Procter's new website incorporates machine guard e-shop
Procter apprentice wins Learner of the Year award
New machine risk assessment and PUWER services from Procter
Procter Bros apprentice shortlisted for prestigious EEF award
Procter Machine Guarding wins BSIF customer service award
Procter Machine Guarding expert joins BSI standards committee
Free White Paper: benefits of acoustic enclosures for machines
Procter supports European Week for Safety and Health at Work
BS EN ISO 14122 download: free White Paper on machinery access
White Paper: machine guarding and PUWER assessments
Updated and expanded Guide to Machinery Guarding Standards
Free download: EN 349 White Paper explains minimum gaps
Videos show impact tests on modular perimeter guarding
Free machine safety downloads from Procter Machine Guarding
Free White Paper explains requirements for conveyor guarding
Free download: PD 5304:2014 White Paper detailing changes
New video demonstrates Procter Machine Guarding’s capabilities
Bosch Rexroth EcoSafe guarding now available from Procter
Free Guide to Machinery Guarding Standards, 10th Edition
Claim a free machinery safety memory stick at MACH
FREE machine guarding compliance surveys
User-friendly list of machinery safety standards
Free Guide to Machinery Guarding Standards, 9th Edition
Machinery safety standards listed on updated web page
New edition of Free White Paper: CE marking of machine guards
Procter named Preferred Provider of guarding by insurer QBE
New HSE advice on CE marking assemblies of machinery
Free download: BS EN ISO 12100:2010 Risk Assessment Calculator
Free guide to workshop safety - third edition now published
FREE guide to machinery guarding standards - new edition
Free download: EN ISO 13857 Safety Distance Calculator
Nelsa guards brochure: free download
Free guide to workshop safety - second edition published
Procter publishes updated Guide to New Machinery Directive
Updated guide to machine guarding standards
CE marking machine guards to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Fixings for fixed guards: White Paper explains requirements
Workshop Safety - a free guide to machine tool guarding
Procter and ISS Safety offer machinery safety service
Free machinery safety CD-Rom at Safety & Health Expo
Updated guide lists new machine guarding standards
Collect a free machinery safety CD-Rom at MACH 2008
Free download: EN ISO 14121-1 machine risk assessment calculator
Procter publishes guide to new Machinery Directive
Easy access to machinery safety information
Free kit of machinery safety guides and software tools
Free guide to machinery guarding standards (fourth edition)
Free machine accident investigation kit - just in case...

Product articles

Bespoke acoustic enclosures from Procter Machine Safety
High-quality modular aluminium machine guarding from Procter
High-speed roller door provides rapid machine access
Satech modular guarding system offers advantages for robot cells
Guards for Webster and Bennett vertical boring machines
Modular machine guarding system offers unlimited versatility
Procter to exhibit Nelsa machine shop guards
Nelsa standard machine shop guards available from Procter
Low-cost modular guarding can be installed by users
How to cut the cost of machine tool enclosure guards

Technical articles

Brexit implications for machine safety standards and regulations
The differences between guarding standards ISO 14120 and EN 953
Ten things you need to know about machine guarding standards
BS EN ISO 14123-1:2015, guarding against hazardous emissions
Online guide to perimeter guarding for robots and robot cells
Is a drill guard necessary or can you rely on operator skill?
How to specify a modular perimeter guarding system
Fixings for fixed machine guards - further clarification
How to design machine guards to deter defeating of interlocks
Machine guarding - design and build or outsource?
HSE reduces machine inspections, so users must do more
Safe maintenance and the influence of machine guard design
New machine guards for old machinery
How to specify fasteners for fixed guards on machinery
BS EN 953:1997 +A1:2009 - a review of the guarding standard
What does 'as low as reasonably practicable' mean?
ISO 13857, the standard for machinery safety distances
Safety of machinery: EN ISO 12100-1 and EN ISO 12100-2
Safeguarding machinery in compliance with BS 4163
New and updated machine safety standards
How to design guarding for food and drink machinery
How and why to specify cable ducting on machines
Review: PD 5304:2005 'Guidance on safe use of machinery'
Machine guarding pays for itself

Application Stories

Procter Machine Guarding installs workshop guards for Tata Steel
Custom-built guarding installed in automated warehouse
Modular perimeter guarding for automated high-bay warehouse
Modular perimeter guarding is easily installed by customer

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