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See vibration monitors and compressed air meters at MAINTEC
See sensor products at The Energy Event 2011
See condition-based monitoring systems at Maintec 2011

Product articles

Versatile DV2100 range signal lamps from ifm electronic
First G 1/2 pressure sensors approved for hygienic applications
Multi-function sensor simplifies condition monitoring
RFID system with compact housing and choice of interfaces
Rugged inclination sensors are immune to vibration
ifm introduces safety light grid with integrated muting
ifm launches IP67 rotary encoders with IO-Link connectivity
Self-checking temperature sensor improves reliability
Ultrasonic sensors with IO-Link have 8m measurement range
New fieldbus modules with IO-Link master functionality
New software for smarter machine condition and energy monitoring
New RFID antennas with IO-link connectivity
Ultrasonic sensors benefit from IO-Link
Solid-state fuses for the 24V circuit
Inductive sensors take a leap forward with IO-Link
New inductive proximity switches sense all metals at same range
Photoelectric sensors withstand exposure to oils and coolants
All-in-one PLC, safety controller, AS-i gateway and data logger
New relays simplify level monitoring and control
Background-suppressed photoelectric sensors use time-of-flight
Compact I/O-modules for AS-Interface
New touch sensors from ifm electronic
Programmable IO-Link incremental encoders with integral display
New features for PN pressure sensor from ifm
Compact temperature switch from ifm features fast response
Vibration transmitter in high grade stainless steel housings
Compact O6 type photoelectric sensors from ifm electronic
Cylinder sensors from ifm electronic withstand weld fields
Sensor monitors particulate contamination of hydraulic oil
New inclination sensors with high precision in two axes
Capacitive pushbuttons are fully sealed, with LED indication
Hazardous area vibration monitoring
Measure compressed air in large pipes
Robust long-range photocell has easy set-up
New high-temperature inductive sensors from ifm electronic
RFID systems from ifm electronic
New range of Profibus splitters launched by ifm electronic
New SBY flow switch from features very quick reaction
Compact M8 splitters for standard wiring and AS-interface
New features for ifm electronic's digital converter
ifm electronic adds new features to analogue threshold relay
Speed monitor family with extended functions
Hygienic high-temperature pressure sensor from ifm electronic
Ring lights for vision sensors from ifm electronic
Compact analogue pressure sensor for compressed air monitoring
Background-suppressed photoelectric sensors use time-of-flight
Universal sensor: new inductive range from ifm electronic
ATEX 3D sensors from ifm comply with latest requirements
All-in-one temperature transmitter with display
Compact photoelectric sensors designed for wet areas
Smaller, energy-efficient power supplies from ifm electronic
UHF RFID systems for reliable product tracking
Metris flow rate meters with IO-Link
AS-i and IO-Link combined in AC5225 AS-i IO-Link module
Flow meters now available to suit higher flow rates
Robust photoelectric sensors operate at mains voltage
AS-i Safety at Work relay can be configured for many functions
New normally-closed fail-safe inductive sensors
Antennas extend scope of industrial RFID systems
New RFID system with integrated Profibus-DP interface
New DA101S safe standstill monitor from ifm electronic
Stainless steel inductive proximity switches with long range
New Type 2 and Type 4 IP69K safety light guards from ifm
Safety light curtains require cabling on one side only
TP temperature transmitter plug saves space and cost
IN5409 valve position sensor is robust and easy to install
Pneumatic cylinder position sensors operate at 110V
LMT hygienic point level sensor stays clean for reliable sensing
UHF RFID systems available with a choice of antennae
Miniature photoelectric sensors measure 9mm deep
New Type 4 safety light curtains with 20m range
Machine condition monitoring - sensor and transmitter combined
New slimline Type 4 safety light curtains with 14mm resolution
AS-i module for standard 4-20mA analogue I/O
PCBs make products compatible with AS-i Safe
Inductive ring and tube sensors - static and dynamic versions
AS-i safety monitors include internal safety slave
3D camera for industrial machine vision systems
Versatile flow meter also monitors temperature
ISO 10816 vibration monitor has analogue and alarm outputs
Slimline Type 2 and Type 4 IEC 61496 safety light curtains
Temperature probes are fast and precise
Temperature sensors feature IO-Link interface
Valve feedback sensors boast high reliability
IFM controller e masters conform to AS-i M4 profile
Cylinder sensors are more exact, with small hysteresis
Pressure sensors suit pump diagnostic applications
Efector Octavis cuts cost of bearing condition monitoring
Fail-safe inductive sensors in M12, M18 and M30 cube styles
Efector Dualis object sensors are easier to integrate
New flow sensors have stainless steel housings
Temperature sensors offer fast response
Software simplifies implementation of FDT technology
AS-i connectors sealed to IP68 and IP69K for washdowns
Fail-safe inductive sensors work with standard safety relays

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