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News articles

TDK-Lambda UK starts construction of new £1M EMC test facility
TDK-Lambda UK celebrates golden anniversary in Ilfracombe
OHSAS 18001 certification for TDK-Lambda UK
New power supply heatsink construction patent for TDK
Website redesign makes finding power supplies simple
New power supply power factor correction controller patent
TDK plans further expansion of its R&D footprint in UK
TDK-Lambda invests in Devon manufacturing and R&D facility
ISO 13485 medical certification for power supply manufacturer
TDK exhibits medical AC-DC power supplies at MEDTEC UK 2013
TDK's digitally controlled load sharing patent approved
New Rapid Selector replaces Parametric Search Wizard
TDK-Lambda to show next-generation medical AC-DC power supplies
TDK-Lambda opens new European Logistics and Supply Centre
Advanced power supplies at Engineering Design Show 2012
TDK-Lambda power supply glossary on your mobile
TDK-Lambda boosts quality of configurable power supplies
Power supply manufacturer wins three regional awards
See energy-efficient power supplies at Mtec 2011
TDK-Lambda publishes Power Products Catalogue 2011
TDK-Lambda unveils new products at Southern Electronics 2011
See TDK-Lambda products at National Electronics Week
Innovations in power technology at Southern Manufacturing
TDK-Lambda opens new Skills Centre in the UK
Lambda is now known as TDK-Lambda
Industrial power supplies come with lifetime warranty
Lambda UK wins award for sustainability
Joint project aims to enhance power supply designs
Lambda UK achieves ISO 14001 environmental standard
Environmental protection programme pays dividends
Lambda Europe wins manufacturing award
Lambda to unveil extensive array of new power supplies
Lambda to show new power supplies at Electronica 2006

Product articles

New TDK-Lambda EZA2500W-32048 bi-directional DC-DC converter
TDK-Lambda adds ModBUS-TCP option to programmable power supplies
New 650W modular power supplies offer up to 10 outputs
Programmable fanless power supplies and industrial certification
Compact 960W DIN rail power supply with 1440W peak rating
New output configurations for 5kW programmable DC power supplies
New power supplies deliver 75W in high ambient temperatures
Quiet modular power supplies feature up to 18 outputs
LAN option for TDK rack mount power supply series
TDK extends TPS3000 series of industrial power supplies
TDK's compact 75V DC input EMC Filter is rated at 50A
100A Point Of Load converter is PMBus compliant
Power supply has high-voltage wide-range Delta/Wye 3-phase input
480W DIN rail power supply has a high power density
Ultra-narrow DIN rail power supplies with high efficiencies
10 and 15kW programmable power supplies are RoHS 2 compliant
High-performance 120W DC-DC converters for harsh environments
TDK encapsulated power supplies for high ambient temperatures
Wide-range non-isolated DC-DC converter series extended
Encapsulated medical power supplies have Class II input
High-efficiency AC-DC power modules have ratings up to 1000W
High-voltage models added to Genesys power supply series
PMBus digitally controlled Point Of Load converter rated at 35A
10A board mount EMC filter from TDK
TDK's 65W medical external power supplies have Class II input
Medically certified AC-DC external power supplies deliver 165W
250W DC-DC converters have a wide output adjustment range
TDK 350W power supply certified for both medical and IT use
Compact, conduction-cooled power supplies are rated at 1000W
Medically certified low-power DC-DC converters from TDK
High-current models added to Genesys programmable power supplies
Three new DRF/HL series DIN rail power supplies from TDK
TDK DC-DC converters deliver 30W in 1x1 inch footprint
75W triple output AC-DC power supplies – CUT75 series
Bi-directional DC-DC converter for energy storage and recycling
Digitally controlled 300W eighth bricks for dynamic response
Z+ High Voltage programmable DC power supply series: 600W model
800W model added to Z+ series DC power supplies
100W single output AC-DC power supplies: ZMS100
700W model added to PFE-SA series power modules
TDK-Lambda adds low-power model to RWS-B Series
60A non-isolated SMT point-of-load converters with PMBus
Constant current power supplies for Active Corrosion Control
TDK's 100W to 600W RWS-B series of AC-DC power supplies
Conduction-cooled DC-DC modules for HVDC bus applications
Power supplies benefit from complementary EMC filters
Low-voltage models added to ZWS300BAF series
HWS-A offers performance improvements to established HWS
Convection-cooled, low-cost DIN Rail Power Supplies – DRB Series
High-density medium-power DIN Rail Supplies – DRF Series
Convection cooling eliminates fan maintenance and audible noise
2U high 2.4kW industrial programmable power supply
Low-output voltage models extend reach of GWS500 Series
Z+ series of programmable power supplies includes 600W models
800W models added to Z+ Series of programmable power supplies
24V input series expands CN50A family of 50W DC-DC power modules
New RFE1600 series 1.6kW 1U front-end power supplies
300W model augments ZWS-BAF series of AC-DC power supplies
HFE1600 range of front-end power supplies now has 32V model
Z+ programmable power supplies with Arbitrary Waveform features
ZWS-BP 150-240W single output power supplies
TDK-Lambda extends Z+ Series of programmable DC power supplies
TDK-Lambda ZWS-B series PCB-type AC-DC power supplies
Alpha 1000 modular power supplies meet medical approvals
TDK-Lambda NVM175 power supplies meet latest medical approvals
TDK-Lambda adds more products to Parametric Search Wizard
Quarter-brick 100W power module meets railway standards
GWS250 AC-DC power supplies achieve high efficiency
New 50W and 75W PCB-type AC-DC power supplies
Compact PCB-mountable AC-DC power supply outputs 100W
100W and 150W PCB power supplies for industrial equipment
AC-DC power supplies for medical and automation projects
New convection-cooled, single-output power supplies
AC-DC full-brick power supplies improve surge protection
More models of single- and dual-output 15W DC-DC converter
Fanless MEGA-brick AC-DC power supplies rated to 1kW
Quarter-brick DC-DC converters rated up to 300W
New high-efficiency single-output power supplies
300W and 600W supplies have 300 per cent peak capability
Digitally controlled AC-DC power supplies deliver 1450W
Half-brick DC-DC converters cope with high temperatures
Point of load converters have maximum output of 80W
Single-output AC-DC power supplies have low profile
1000W AC-DC power supplies have medical approvals
24V DC industrial power supplies output up to 1.5kW
PCB-mount AC-DC power supplies are ultra-compact
Programmable 2U power supply delivers 5kW
New 24V and 48V DIN rail power supplies deliver 240W
15-40W power supplies approved for medical applications
DC-DC converters are efficient over wider load range
Sixteenth brick DC/DC power modules deliver 25A
DIN rail-mounted power supplies has 120W output
600W power supply is low-cost, low-profile and low-noise
256-page catalogue details AC and DC power supplies
Configurable power supplies approved for medical devices
Genesys 3U power supplies achieve 15kW output
Front end power supply suits point-of-load DC-DC converters
PAH450 half-brick DC/DC converters deliver 450W
Point-of-load DC/DC converters have wide input voltage range
Lambda launches new innovative NV-Power supplies
PFE-series power supply modules need minimal cooling
Lambda offers TDK MTW multi-output power supplies
RTW power supplies are half the size of alternatives
DIN-Rail DC power supplies rated up to 480W

Technical articles

Using constant current control for metal purification
How to specify low-voltage industrial power supplies

Application Stories

Achieving industrial deposition with constant current control

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