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News articles

Elesa announces expanded catalogue and e-commerce website
Elesa products for machinery used in furniture manufacturing
Visit Elesa at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2020
Catalogue supplement details stainless steel machine elements
Elesa’s standard machine elements at Advanced Engineering
See Elesa’s latest products at the PPMA Exhibition
See Elesa's innovations at the Advanced Engineering Exhibition
See Elesa’s standard machine elements at 2018 PPMA Exhibition
Elesa New Product Supplement has 4000+ new standard components
Elesa at MACH Exhibition, Birmingham, NEC
Elesa at Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2018
Elesa at the Advanced Engineering Exhibition
Elesa at the PPMA Exhibition 2017
Elesa standard components on show at Offshore Europe event
New Elesa standard industrial components catalogue
Accessories for hydraulic systems: a new catalogue from Elesa
New Elesa catalogue – industrial castors and wheels
Elesa Standard Machining Service saves time, eliminates waste
New Elesa catalogue – Accessories for Hydraulic Systems
Elesa Quick Catalogue speeds product reference
New Elesa standard elements for processing and packaging
New supplement for Elesa Catalogue
New Elesa website makes life easier for manufacturers
Panel support clamp judged 'Most Innovative Auxiliary Equipment'
New white paper discusses super-technopolymers versus metals
Catalogue covers extended range of industrial castors and wheels
See new products from Elesa at PPMA 2012
Elesa's new 1000-page catalogue contains 2000+ new products
Free White Paper: Guide to application of plastic hinges
Free guide to specifying industrial castors

Product articles

New coolant hoses are modular and – er – cool
Protective panel mounts for machines
Stylish and practical components for office equipment
Detectable components for food and pharmaceutical machinery
Extensive range of industrial magnets from Elesa
Elesa ESD standard machine components for spraying equipment
Wide range of standard mounting elements for lighting equipment
Elesa expands SAN range of components for hygienic environments
Standard components for specialist audio-visual equipment
High Performing line of components suits textile machinery
Elesa expands range of external hinges
Elesa expands machine elements range: new catalogue supplement
Full range of indicators from a quality manufacturer
Ergostyle standard components with elecolors option from Elesa
Castors and wheels for industrial applications
Levelling feet for industrial applications, harsh environments
Modular transmission elements: spur gears and racks
Elesa roller tracks and ball transfer modules
Clamp system for easy mounting of sensors and other equipment
Stainless steel hygienic knobs and handles
EHEDG-certified hygiene levelling feet from Elesa
Latches for protecting personnel and equipment
Heavy-duty latch, toggle and pneumatic clamps
Elesa expands range of standard machine components
Elesa Soft-Touch components offer comfort and control
Polyurethane-wheeled castors have maintenance-free ball bearings
Elesa introduces modular racks and spur gears
Level monitoring accessories and labelling for hydraulic systems
Wireless spindle positioning system reduces machine set-up times
Wide range of ESD components for electronics handling equipment
Profile-compatible components for frame machine screens
New tubular handles mount on 30/40mm aluminium profiles
Elesa stainless steel industrial components for robust service
Elesa chrome on engineering plastic rivals stainless steel
Elesa strong industrial retaining magnets keep it all together
IP65 latches for specialist cabinet locking systems
ELECOLORS components offer aesthetic compatibility
Elesa Ergostyle for functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics
Elesa machine safety components – hinges, handles and handwheels
Ergostyle brings comfort and style to standard machine elements
Vibration-damping mounting elements from Elesa
When colour is a value: ELECOLORS at Elesa
CLEAN line clamping knobs and pull handles from Elesa
Tubular machine guard handle with integral safety switch
Electrostatic Discharge protective standard machine elements
Bridge handle front fastening kit from Elesa
Machine safety components from Elesa
Elesa clamping lever handles and knobs include UL
'V0' certified quarter-turn latches, locks and bridge handles
Elesa retained clamping screws for equipment assembly
New ATEX hydraulic accessories from Elesa
New high-quality plastic hinges from Elesa
New chrome-plated elements from Elesa
New plastic hinges and mounting adjustment devices
New latch clamps from Elesa
Elesa offer high-performing stainless steel standard components
New Elesa DVB and DVC vibration damping elements
IP65 security products from Elesa
Elesa Soft-Touch operating elements and clamping components
Bull’s eye spirit levels from Elesa
Electronic enclosures: hardware solutions from Elesa
Magnets from Elesa: temporary fixings for instruments to signage
Vibration damping from Elesa – inside and out
New Elesa MLP side handles with finger protection
New Elesa support clamps for machine guard panels and wire mesh
New Elesa HVF in line visual flow indicators
New circular toothed clamping plates from Elesa
Elesa VCT-LP series retained lobe knobs
Elesa GFL lobe nut for easy adjustment on M8 or M10 threads
Direct drive electronic position indicator for 20mm shafts
Stainless steel 3-lobe clamping knobs from Elesa
New recessed pull handle with integral latch/lock from Elesa
New TMB series magnetic plugs from Elesa
LV.FO series high-stability equipment-mounting feet from Elesa
New Elesa CMUF 270° adjustable friction hinge
New IP65 flush fit compression T bar latch from Elesa
New lifting lock pins from Elesa
MO series horizontal toggle clamps with anti-release trigger
Elesa's UC Series flange mount shaft bearings self-align
Elesa's bridge pull handle has integrated micro switch
EBP Bridge Handles with anti-microbial and flexible features
Innovative pneumatic switch bridge handle from Elesa
Elesa twin wheel castor – low height, high load capacity
Elesa TLR tensile compensated hook clamp is vibration resistant
Elesa Stop Lock retains position under vibration conditions
Elesa torque amplifier collar doubles clamping force
VTT three-lobe handwheel for frequently cleaned environments
Quick assembly IP65 quarter- turn locking latches from Elesa
Elesa GN series connecting rods and clamping system
Elesa Ball Lock Pins – positive fixing made quickly and safely
Lobe and diamond-cut knurled knobs enhance position indicators
TL series hook clamps from Elesa
Elesa LMR non-slip levelling feet take custom shafts
Spoked handwheels for food, pharma and medical industries
Elesa Flush Pull Handles with snap-in assembly, integral locks
New polyamide handles from Elesa
Latch clamps with safety locks from Elesa
New Elesa clamping levers – up to 8 kN
Elesa tubular handle with high electrical insulation properties
Versatile IP65/67 direct drive electronic position indicator
High-accuracy non-contact magnetic measuring position indicator
Modular roller tracks from Elesa
ELESA SLCK kit turns column level indicators electronic
New MP series folding handles from Elesa
New IP65 quarter-turn, quick-fit latches from Elesa
New light-duty levelling feet from Elesa
New BMS detent catch and finger pull announced by Elesa
New IP65 stainless steel compression lever latch from Elesa
Elesa lock pins in stainless and steel
Elesa aluminium tubular handles with adjustable mounts
New stainless steel eccentric cam clamping levers from Elesa
Indexing plungers with push-push operation
Flush pull handles with snap-in assembly from Elesa
New clamping device for round shafts from Elesa
Flanged mini indexing plungers from Elesa
New shoulder screws with collar for industrial machines
New Elesa safety indexing plungers
Diamond-cut knurled knobs from Elesa
New finger pull handles from Elesa
Flush pull handles for clean environments also UL certified
Elesa stainless steel handwheels for specialist applications
Magnet range from Elesa – permanent fixing for industry
Locks, latches, hinges from Elesa
Vibration-damping components from Elesa
Slotted control knobs from Elesa in stainless steel
Elesa’s GN 924 handwheels - a modern, aesthetic 2-spoke design
Lever indexing plunger uses “super” technopolymer
Solid aluminium handwheels range from Elesa
New panel support clamp from Elesa
Frame tube joiners and end caps from Elesa
IP67 safety switch and hinge from Elesa
Round and square height-levelling end caps from Elesa
Column level indicators with oil and glycol capabilities
Castors for light, medium and heavy-duty industrial applications
Rubber-wheeled castors from Elesa
Machine guarding components system from Elesa
New vulcanised rubber-wheeled castors from Elesa
New levelling feet with ground fixing from Elesa
Elesa’s new detent position hinges know their place
Elesa indexing plungers with clamp plus added safety function
Retracted rest spring plungers offer safety and security in one
Clamping components enhance Elesa’s adjustable mounting system
New clamping hand knobs from Elesa
Lobe knobs with cushioned bolt from Elesa
Semi-split set collar clamping assemblies from Elesa
Comprehensive hinge range and white paper from Elesa
New IP67 safety switch from Elesa
New Elesa GN822.1 mini indexing plungers
New GN702 stop locks from Elesa keep things in place
Arm handwheels make it easier to apply greater force or delicacy
Extensive range of knobs, levers and handwheels for machines
Handwheels with fold-away handles for safety and convenience
Lever handles offer convenient one-handed operation
Wing nuts in stainless steel and technopolymer
New GN722 series of 180-degree operation spring latches
New GN315 push button snap locks are quick and easy to use
Elesa GN816 spring plunger has option for a security key
New MRT adjustable clamping handles for tight spaces
New EBR grab handle are corrosion-resistant
Standard parts for woodworking machines
New IP65 CSMT-A T handle latch with anti-rotation feature
Aesthetically attractive handles are rugged enough for machines
Standard parts for printing and paper processing machines
New CLT latch/handles may be sealed to IP65
BJT series glass-reinforced technopolymer spherical rod ends
Elesa launches CS-RPR re-programmable Lock Latch System
Elesa MMT handles incorporate thermal insulation
New supplier of vibration dampers for machines
Elesa launches new range of high-quality permanent magnets
Plastic fork-style rod ends suit wet environments
Standard parts designed to suit metalworking machinery
IP65 float level indicators can be cut to length
Accessories ensure safety and security of hydraulic systems
Standard components for packaging machinery
Standard components for food processing machinery
High-quality castors feature non-marking wheels
Industrial castors ensure smooth running over rough surfaces
Low-cost polymer castors offer excellent wear resistance
Heavy-duty castors available in a choice of configurations
Hydraulic breather caps reduce pressure fluctuations
CFS hinge for hazardous areas with integral safety switch
Adjustable clamping handles do not protrude as far
ERM epoxy-coated handles added to Ergostyle range
Oil level indicator is approved for explosive atmospheres
Prismatic oil level indicator makes inspection easier
Mini indexing plungers require minimal space
New range of standard conveyor components
Recessed handle is stylish and robust
Handles flex to fit curved surfaces
Adjustable machine feet incorporate damping elements
Hinge-mounted safety switch fits on aluminium profiles

Technical articles

Design and materials developments in standard machine elements

Application Stories

Elesa supplies rugged handles for Newgate security gates
Elesa helps WestRock Linkx reduce machine changeover times
Elecolor machine tool components selected by Top Automazioni
Elesa carry handles save time and money for Aquaflame
Elesa interlocked hinge specified for TRAKRAP wrapping systems
Elesa handwheels specified by Power Jacks
Requirements for components used on therapeutic equipment

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