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News articles

Online support and CPD for users of threadlocking adhesives
See Henkel’s latest developments at Southern Manufacturing 2020
New packaging combats threat from counterfeiters
See Henkel’s latest developments at Southern Manufacturing
Henkel offers free guide to leakage prevention
How to increase plant reliability and reduce operational costs
Henkel eShop is added-value resource for adhesives and sealants
Henkel opens European hub for 3D Printing technology
Henkel's Loctite 3D printing materials at Southern Manufacturing
Construction starts on Henkel’s new Global Innovation Centre
Henkel to be global reseller of HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers
Henkel unveils Bonderite functional coatings website
See Henkel LOCTITE at Southern Manufacturing 2018
Remote assistance with internet-connected ‘smart’ glasses
Henkel launches dedicated YouTube channel
See Henkel LOCTITE at Southern Manufacturing 2017
Henkel to present bonding products at K 2016
LOCTITE Maintenance Expert pocket guide is updated
Henkel equipment – the full works with upgraded website
Henkel opens new composite test centre: The Composite Lab
Henkel announces functional coatings ‘TechDay’ in Birmingham
Be among the number: 1000 prizes & Henkel’s ‘Grand Prize Draw’
Henkel and the NextEV TCR racing team: Formula E hits Europe
Free webinars: learn what you need to know about adhesives
Henkel webinar: how to seal your powertrain flanges
Popular Loctite webinar series extends into 2016
Recognition worldwide for Henkel products
New Structural Bonding webinar added to Loctite programme
New Henkel literature and video for LOCTITE 4090
Henkel at Southern Manufacturing 2016
Henkel: recognising outstanding partnership
LOCTITE Health & Safety adhesives continuously developed
New Henkel Loctite Success Secured webinar dates announced
Henkel expands expertise in surface treatment
New brochure explains benefits of adhesives for machine building
Loctite seminar and webinars in September
Henkel to introduce extended Bonderite range at EMO Milano 2015
Henkel at Northern Manufacturing
Expert advice for students from Henkel
Adhesive technologies in LED lighting
Henkel to showcase thermal management expertise
Henkel honoured with “Excellence Award in Supply”
The product guide with just a little bit more, from Henkel
Henkel at Southern Manufacturing 2015, Farnborough
New mobile maintenance app from Henkel
Henkel announces Supplier Awards for outstanding partners
Henkel recognises students' adhesive-bonding applications
Henkel at Northern Manufacturing 2014 with LOCTITE
Henkel High Tech Adhesives and Coatings Academy
Henkel sponsors world-class Formula Student racing team
Henkel showcases innovative products for industrial customers
Find new Loctite products at Southern Manufacturing 2014
Henkel at Southern Manufacturing 2014
Loctite: the complete range for maintenance, repair and overhaul
Maintenance expert in your pocket
Loctite Live - a nationwide tour
New customer web tool, much more than just online ordering
New, simpler branding for Henkel industrial adhesives
Henkel and Engineering Solution supply low-pressure mouldings
New website for surface engineering products
Loctite instant adhesives at Southern Manufacturing 2013
Free Loctite Industrial Selector Chart for maintenance products
Henkel features bactericide-free cutting fluid at MACH 2012

Product articles

LOCTITE introduces larger adhesive pack size
Repair rubber components quickly and reliably
Pipe sealing products set to prove popular among plant engineers
Epoxy coating suits abrasive and hot applications
Gasket sealant now available as a roller pen
Cost-effective anti-spatter from Henkel
New hybrid, emergency repair adhesive for highly durable bonds
Anaerobic sealants introduce new performance benefits
Hybrid structural bonder copes with heat and vibration
Loctite retaining compounds benefit from improved formulation
New hybrid adhesives for exceptional and safe performance
Loctite HY 4070 structural bonder for maintenance and repair
New Universal Structural Bonders for dissimilar substrates
LOCTITE threadlocking adhesives better than ever
Ultra-safe, responsibly formulated hand cleaners
Anti-seize in a stick - LOCTITE LB 8065
Wider scope of application for gasketing adhesive
Improved Loctite thread sealant resists higher temperatures
Dual volumetric rotor pump for latest generation adhesives
Instant adhesive is flexible and achieves excellent sealing
Workshop hand cleaner is now ultra-safe
Henkel unleash full potential of casting value chain expertise
Step-by-step concrete repair with Loctite Magna-Crete
Cutting fluids: decreasing process costs, increasing efficiency
Adhesive dispensing with high repetition accuracy
Henkel develops first-ever temperature-stable solder paste
Cost-effective, dependable curing of UV adhesives with LEDs
Henkel introduces low-maintenance jet valve adhesive dispensing
Concrete repair that saves labour costs and downtime
Loctite anaerobic adhesive performance further improved
Henkel increases pipe lifetime by up to 20 years
New metal-free anti-seize for assembly and maintenance
Proven hand cleaner conforms to new EU cosmetic regulations
New generation of Loctite Threadlocker Sticks
Loctite 5189 sealant used for 1.0L EcoBoost “Engine of the Year”
Loctite retaining adhesives 638 and 648 upgraded
Henkel claims world’s first structural, instant adhesive
Loctite retaining adhesives go from strength to strength
Loctite addition repels welding spatter and cuts costs
Crystal clear, high-temperature encapsulating compound
Loctite 5075 insulating and sealing wrap is multi-purpose
Health and safety flange sealant silicones
New elastic adhesive allows instant handling
Non-hazardous engineering adhesives: no price premium
Improved low-bloom and low-odour instant adhesives from Henkel
Loctite 3090 instant adhesive fills gaps of up to 5mm
Loctite adhesives are temperature resistant to 120 degrees C
Comprehensive cleaning product range from Henkel
More bonding developments from Henkel with Loctite
Multan bactericide-free cutting fluids are cleaner and safer
Improved threadlocking adhesives are more oil-tolerant

Technical articles

Efficient sealing systems in fluid power applications
How to prevent threaded joints from working loose?
Bonding systems: A track record of safety and success
Henkel innovations underpin automotive lightweighting
Lubrication – when is anti-seize the best choice?
Efficient sealing systems in fluid technology
Explainer: threadlockers, sealants and anti-seize compounds
How to improve machine reliability using threadlocking adhesives
Improve threaded fastener reliability with anaerobic adhesives
What can be achieved with instant adhesives today?
Tips for using threadlockers and retaining compounds on machines
Adhesive dispensing with high repetition accuracy
Why use a retaining compound?
Ten things machine builders should know about adhesives

Application Stories

Quarry managers develop crush on LOCTITE
Conveyor belts repaired in less than two hours
How to prove structural bonder's speed, strength and durability
How can 3 grams of structural adhesive pull a 208 ton train?
LOCTITE chosen for arduous, sub-zero conditions
Rooflight manufacturer partners with Henkel
Henkel’s LIS: fast and reliable fix for the automotive industry
Henkel Adhesives at the European Championship in soccer
Henkel practises what it preaches with pipe repairs
LOCTITE coating extends lifetime of flue gas duct
Henkel’s hotmelt restores the boy king’s mask
Henkel’s adhesives experts help restore Pharaoh’s mask
Adhesives cut costs and turnaround time, and improve aesthetics
Adhesives provide reliability despite repeated shock loading
Loctite adhesives bond 3D printed parts for immediate assessment
Threadlockers ensure reliability for specialist vehicles
Adhesive helps to improve lean manufacturing of valves
LOCTITE products foster success at companies in new campaign
Furniture manufacturer exploits the benefits of Bonderite
Henkel adhesives, sealants and coatings for alternative engines
Securing fasteners and interference fits on snowmobiles
Loctite – keeping the press rolling
Structural bonding for lighter-weight, energy efficiency robots
Adhesive bonding contributes to formula student success
Perpetuum harvest the benefits of low-pressure moulding
Composites help pump repairs to deliver rapid payback
Cost-effective low-pressure moulding using Macromelt
Adhesives and sealants for equipment repairs
Loctite engineering adhesives used in premium domestic stoves
Henkel helps Ford create stronger joints in engine parts
Loctite anaerobic adhesives help bring in the harvest
Loctite adhesives deliver the required safety standards

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