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Free webinar: Profibus to Profinet gateways
Free webinar: Lightning Surge Protection on Profibus Networks
Online conference and exhibition explores IoT and Industry 4.0
OPC UA-PN Companion Specification Version 1.0 announced
New date for Profinet, Profibus and IO-Link Scotland seminar
PIUK announces more Profinet and Profibus webinars
Profinet and IO-Link node count still rising
PI UK webinar explores EMC for industrial automation systems
New date for Profinet, Profibus and IO-Link Birmingham seminar
Automation and Robotics Online Conference scheduled for 2 June
Profinet, Profibus and IO-Link Birmingham seminar postponed
Belfast Profinet, Profibus and IO-Link seminar rescheduled
PI UK events and precautions for Covid-19
Profinet, Profibus and IO-Link – Scotland seminar
IODDfinder automates IO-Link description files
Free seminar: Practical aspects of Profinet, Profibus, IO-Link
Profinet protocol gains further security measures
Progress on Profinet-over-TSN specification
OPC UA Safety: technical work now finished
New book: Profinet in Practice
PI UK to participate in Smart Industry Conference 2019
PI UK to participate in Connected Manufacturing 2019
Specification of Profinet with TSN is now complete
Profinet, Profibus and IO-Link seminar review
Table-top exhibition at Profibus, Profinet and IO-Link seminar
Profinet and Profibus node count tops 87 million in 2018
Agenda published for Profinet, Profibus and IO-Link seminar
Free seminar: Practical Aspects of Profinet, Profibus, IO-Link
Safety & Security – not so different from one another
Cyber security: secure architecture challenges for real business
UK’s PICC to present Professional Design and Practice projects
PI UK to support The Smart Industry series of Conferences
Live demo shows how easily TSN can be integrated in Profinet
Implementing Industry 4.0 using Profinet and OPC UA
The smart way to Industry 4.0 with Profinet-based technologies
PI to present Industry 4.0 Demonstrator at SPS IPC Drives 2018
Free-to-attend PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-Link seminar
Agenda announced for Profibus, Profinet and IO-Link seminar
Understanding and Applying Profibus, Profinet and IO-Link
New PROFIdrive profile tester and Encoder profile
Learning how to use IO-Link Wireless
Update on an advanced physical layer for industrial Ethernet
PA Profile V4.0 enables use of Profinet in process automation
Profinet exhibits first integration of TSN
Continued growth in Profibus, Profinet, PROFIsafe and IO-Link
Development of functionally safe communication between machines
PI UK to present and exhibit at Connected Manufacturing 2018
IO-Link Wireless specification completed
Free-to-attend Profibus, Profinet and IO-Link seminar
Updated agenda: PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-Link Glasgow seminar
Profibus, Profinet and IO-Link seminar comes to Glasgow
Watch new video on PROFINET and Time Sensitive Networking
Update on an advanced physical layer for industrial Ethernet
Free training on PROFIBUS, PROFINET, IO-Link and IIoT
PI UK to support Connected Manufacturing at Advanced Engineering
IO-Link Safety specification ready for implementation
PI releases new PA Profile – now also available for PROFINET
PI releases PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-Link node count numbers
Symposium on the topic of Ethernet in process automation
FDI (Field Device Integration) technology: now ready to use!
Certified training in PROFINET and OPC UA
IO-Link’s success in the field continues unabated...
Free Profinet technology workshop for developers
Profibus and Profinet in process training seminar
Free-to-attend Process Networking Seminar - Manchester, June 29
Ensuring drive and motion control applications interoperability
PROFIsafe: national safety standard for industry in China
Practical aspects of PROFIBUS, PROFINET, IO-Link: free seminar
Merging Profibus PA and Profinet: a future-proof building block
New white paper: Profinet as a platform for process automation
Higher performance for the process industry with PROFINET
The Profibus and Profinet User Conference, June 2015
PROFIBUS & PROFINET International announces market results
Strong growth for PROFINET and PROFIsafe
Free seminars: digital communications in automation
PROFINEWS now available on mobile devices
Free tickets to Profibus Group's 20th Anniversary Conference
Multi-vendor workshops to be hosted at Profibus Conference
Profibus conference programme to address key industry issues
Functional Safety and IT Security for automated manufacturing
An introduction to PROFIenergy, an update and a White Paper
Attend the Profibus & Profinet User Conference for £50
PROFIenergy at the Profibus and Profinet User Conference
Profinet, Profibus and Profisafe performance in 2009
Profibus and Profinet training courses for 2010
User Conference: Profibus, Profinet, ProfiEnergy and ProfiSafe
Profibus and Profinet User Conference, 29-30 June 2010
See Profibus and AS-i equipment networked in real time
Beginners' guide to Profibus and Profinet
See the latest developments in Profibus and Profinet
Fieldbus market research to be presented at conference
Find out about fieldbus systems at user conference
New book provides an introduction to Profibus
2009 Profibus and Profinet User Conference papers
Profinet to support energy-efficient production
Substantial growth in number of installed Profibus nodes
Wireless Profibus and Profinet for factory automation
2009 Profibus and Profinet User Conference
Free entry to Profibus and Profinet User Conference
2009 Profibus and Profinet conference - Excellence in Automation
Training course: networked automation and control systems
FDI team develops draft architecture concept
Call for papers for 2009 Profibus/Profinet conference
Profibus Group reports on successful user conference 2008
Over 25million Profibus nodes installed worldwide
Learn about Profibus DP and PA system design and layout
Find out about fieldbus for the UK water industry
AS-i training course includes integration with other networks
Learn about the latest in Profibus, Profinet and Profisafe
First Profinet training course successfully completed
Profibus and Profinet User Conference 2008
I/O-Link integration in Profibus and Profinet
Profibus claims global lead in fieldbus market
An opportunity for hands-on experience with Profibus/Profinet
Profibus User Conference 2008 - schedule published
IEC 61800-7 standard defines PROFIdrive profile
Certified Profinet Engineer course offered in the UK
Profinet offers greater potential for industrial automation
Certification of Profinet IO devices is now available
Profibus Group reports on successful user conference 2007
PROFIBUS projects at User Group conference
A chance for hands-on training in Profibus and Profinet
Profibus/Profinet TCI specification completed

Product articles

PROFINET test system – quality is the goal
Software distributes device descriptions based on EDDL
New version of PROFIsafe starter kit
Draft specification for integration of Hart into Profinet
Free booklet covers Industrial Ethernet and Profinet

Technical articles

IO-Link as the key to implementing Industry 4.0
PI technologies enable innovation for Industry 4.0
Securing automation systems: a step-by-step approach
PROFINET – A strong driver
Faster cycle time for PROFINET
Profisafe celebrates ten years of safety on a common cable
Quality assurance for PROFIsafe products and systems
An introduction to IO-Link for sensors and actuators
A guide to Profibus and Profinet industrial fieldbus networks
How Profinet can provide data for MES and ERP systems

Application Stories

APL used successfully in test setup at BASF
Profinet and OPC UA used by Audi for predictive maintenance
PROFINET helps GE make appliance manufacturing leaner
Baggage handling system uses redundant Profibus DP
CSi uses Profibus to speed construction of modular palletisers

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