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News articles

Next-generation servomotors raise machine performance
Helicopter actuators may also transfer to other applications
Free automation systems control app for iPhone and iPad

Product articles

High force integrated actuator reduces footprint
Rod-style electric actuators deliver 222kN thrust
Smooth motion arc segments, 360-deg rotary direct-drive motors
Agility Series direct-drive motors feature zero cogging
Voice coil motors offer precision motion in compact package
Inductive angle encoders are simple, robust and ultra-precise
Servo systems cables with improved connectors and labelling
Low-voltage DC servo motors for high-performance machines
Inmoco offers alternatives for motors no longer available
Simple Co-Engineering options for Kollmorgen AKM 2G servo motors
New stepper motor controller from Inmoco
Next-generation servo motors deliver 30 per cent more torque
High-performance actuator range is compact and rugged
Linear actuator design enables automated maintenance
Compact DA series actuators deliver quality and reliability
DA99 linear roller screw actuators increase reliability
DA Series high-performance electric actuators
New high-performance actuators available in UK
Servo motor with Ethernet interface connects directly with CNCs
Heavy duty linear actuator has high-performance controls
Single cable, multi-axis servo systems gets more power
Precision motion chips for dedicated controllers
Hygienic motor range has new feedback and connector options
Inmoco launches KOLLMORGEN safety feedback option
MC58113 Series programmable motion control chips
MicroE Veratus Series encoders: smart and reliable
Smaller, smarter encoders from Inmoco
Servo controller doubles power
Maintenance-free linear motors delivery high power density
Vacuum-rated encoders from Inmoco
Inmoco introduces hygienic motor-gear combination
Compact washdown motor offers excellent performance
Maintenance-free lifting columns are easy to fit
Electric actuator optimises machine design and saves energy
Encoder offers value and performance plus flexible mounting
User-friendly compact encoder gets new side mount option
Reduce cabling with distributed servo drives from Inmoco
New functions make servo super-safe
Power storage modules act as servo UPS
Inmoco expands indexer family with motion features
Motion card integrates amps with full motion control
Wizard aids easy set-up of embedded motion controllers
EtherCAT master module for CTC 5300 Blue Fusion controller
OPC server gives instant access to automation controllers
Atlas single-axis motion amplifier is multi-talented
Rotary encoder establishes absolute position at start-up
Inmoco goes back to BASIC with new programmable servodrive
Mid-performance, high torque per pound servomotor
Trombone servo drive range now has increased power
M4-X DC servomotor range is rugged and high performance
Achieve smaller, faster, smarter motion control
Expandable motion control system for extreme conditions
Elmo Gold Drum HV extends servo drive range to 65kW
O.P.S. Optical Encoders can be customised
ORMEC XD indexer family of servo drives expanded
Inmoco’s Elmo Gold Servo Drives gain EtherCAT compliance
Inmoco introduces Elmo’s DC Trombone digital servo drive
Robust linear actuators with integral force measurement
Energy-efficient IP67 stainless steel servo motors
Servo drives can be networked with IEEE 1394b
Wider choice of combined motion control and PLC units
Electronic cam controller suits labelling and capping machines
High-resolution encoder offers exceptional versatility
Elmo Duo controller integrates twin Whistle servo drives
Compact Guitar servo drive delivers 5kW of power
Ethernet/IP and Modbus options for multi-axis network manager
Elmo Solo Whistle saves servo application design time
New three-axis stepper modules for programmable controller
Electric linear actuators incorporate force measurement
Miniature ChipEncoder measures just 7x11mm
Cost-effective alternative for linear positioning and control
Rotary actuator includes servo motor, amp and position control
CANopen and absolute encoder options for digital servo drives
Programmable encoders feature miniature sensors
Inmoco introduces ServoWire Motion and Logic Controller
MicroE Systems' Mercury II digital encoder 'sets new benchmark'
Inmoco now offers Servotecnica slip rings
Inmoco launches "world's smallest" 50-nanometre encoder
High-resolution encoder is claimed to be the world's fastest

Technical articles

What does the future hold for motion control?
Component compatibility can make or break a good system
PCB-based options are mighty minis for motor control
Minutes to motion – linear positioning explained
Servo users should not be seduced by power density alone
Servo technology is moving to a new paradigm
Stepper motors: advanced techniques
How to calculate point-to-point SCARA movements

Application Stories

Miniature encoders help advance surgical robot capabilities
Compact actuators improve aircraft motion systems
Encoders step up to help miniaturise electronics
Advanced motion cards provide precise actuation
B-Hornet military servo for high-power burst applications

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