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News articles

Variohm Group acquires displacement sensor specialist Positek
Variohm's application-customised sensors bring benefits for OEMs
Variohm Holdings acquired by Acal plc
Variohm EuroSensor and Ixthus achieve 2015 ISO approvals
Variohm EuroSensor offers component overmoulding service
Pressure transducers for railway applications
Variohm Holdings launches new website
Lifetime Warranty for accelerometers and accessories
Brochure highlights automotive sensor applications
New brochure: linear and angular position measurement
Variohm EuroSensor website updated and relaunched
Variohm to distribute ZEMIC load cells in the UK
New website makes it easier to find specialist sensors
Variohm acquires Heason Technologies
Variohm to distribute BetaTherm temperature sensors

Product articles

New environmentally sealed pressure switch
Roll feed and winding web length measurement
New system combines weight and temperature measurement
Novotechnik TF1 series linear sensor for demanding applications
Variohm launches low-power series of pressure sensors
Promotional pricing for absolute encoders with IE interface
Versatile pressure switches operate with most liquids and gases
Load sensor is rated to 500N and protected to IP69K
Magnetic angle sensors now available with J1939 interface
Miniature programmable Hall effect angle sensor is smallest yet
Programmable Hall effect rotary sensor with custom options
New miniature programmable angle sensor customised to order
Variohm’s range of weighing indicators simplifies integration
Variohm's EPT12R pressure sensor has titanium wetted parts
Variohm offers Contelec non-contacting angle encoders
Robust diaphragm pressure switching up to 10 bar
Novotechnik TFD-4000 series short-stroke touchless transducers
Compact encoder offers high speed motion PLC synchronisation
ADZ’s SMO pressure sensor for functional safety applications
Novotechnik launches RFX-6900 touchless technology angle sensor
Novotechnik sensors with IO-Link communications for Industry 4.0
Contelec Vert-X 05E encoder suits heavy-duty machinery
ZEMIC BM24R ring torsion load cell has ATEX and IECEx approvals
Contelec's Vert-X 79 rotary encoder for heavy-duty applications
Contelec Vert-X 48E non-contacting magnetic sensor at Variohm
Contelec’s Vert-X 37MT Hall Effect encoder at Variohm
Puck and magnet option in Euro-X Hall Effect angle sensor range
BEI’s new LP series encoders suit extreme environments
Durable rotary position sensing from Variohm EuroSensor
Novotechnik’s TF1 linear position sensor available from Variohm
Novotechnik touchless technology angle sensor now with CANopen
VTP11 rotary sensor: D-shaft mount, resistive element technology
Wachendorff length measurement systems from Variohm EuroSensor
Intrinsically safe pressure and level switching components
ZEMIC strain gauges added to Variohm EuroSensor product range
Variohm adds 8mm D-shaft option to Hall Effect angle sensor
Variohm adds new Celesco SK series cable extension sensors
Pressure and temperature measurement combined: the EPTTE3100
ELPM linear position sensor has improved sealing option
BEI’s new Hall Effect rotary position sensor from Variohm
Angle sensing for extreme environments: RSX-7900 rotary sensor
Long-range absolute linear position sensors now with CANopen
BEI functional safety incremental encoders available at Variohm
Variohm stock Measurement Specialties Piezo Thin Film Sensors
HM9J series: load cell for train, vehicle and weighbridge scales
High-precision single-/dual-axis inclinometer with options
Contelec’s WAL200 position sensor for dosing systems
Vert-X 88 rotary encoder suits ultra-heavy-duty applications
Wachendorff revise and improve incremental encoder range
RSC-2800 and RSC-3200 sensors now have E1 European approval
Inclinometer suits harshest tilt measurement environments
Contactless angle sensor range with multi-turn capability
Small, lightweight, gearless Multiturn Sensors
High-precision multiple section potentiometer for industrial use
Hall Effect rotary position sensor for harsh environments
Variohm announces new platinum thin film RTD sensor line
Industrial duty inclinometer measures single- or dual-axis tilt
Low-cost pressure sensor for OEM applications
CAN bus I/O node functionality added to CANopen absolute encoder
Super-flat non-contacting rotary sensor
VXP linear position sensor has extended environmental spec
VLPSC linear position sensors from Variohm
Variohm EuroSensor adds high-performance pressure sensor range
Miniature high-performance pressure sensor in 10 pressure ranges
BEI 9660 Hall Effect rotary position sensor now has more options
Integrated 24-bit pressure/temperature PCB-mount sensors
Single-axis tilt alert switch for slope indication
Gentech level and flow sensors now available from Variohm
Linear position sensor is based on sealed membrane potentiometer
Flexible ETP temperature sensors have range of options
Combined pressure/temperature sensor saves cost and space
Low-power angle sensors from Variohm EuroSensor
Hall Effect rotary position sensor has harsh environment options
Level sensor with high corrosion resistance at competitive cost
New M7100 pressure transducer for challenging environments
Dietz 103B vane-operated switch makes airflow detection simple
Pipe clamp probe for surface temperature measurement
New boiler probe has integrated connector
Linear potentiometer position transducers sealed to P65 or IP67
Single chip 24 bit digital temperature sensor for SMT assembly
2m cable extension transducer is sealed to IP50 or IP67
Rugged triaxial accelerometer suits rotating equipment
Zemic BM24R series high-capacity load cells from Variohm
New non-contacting, multi-turn, absolute rotary position sensors
Slender Flex Sensor output varies with bend radius
Miniature string pot sensors have measurement ranges up to 635mm
New UK and Ireland source for magnetic rotary encoders
Packaged compression load cell makes force sensing affordable
Low-cost pressure sensor is rugged and lightweight
Miniature altitude and barometric pressure modules
Novotechnik SP1600 and SP4000 angle sensors
Novotechnik NOVOPAD LS1 non-contact linear transducers
SMC series pressure sensors with CANopen interface
BEI Duncan 8360 series high-accuracy rotary position sensors
Novotechnik TX2 IP67 potentiometric linear position transducers
New source for high-performance temperature sensors
New combined pressure and temperature sensor
Variohm to distribute Prignitz pressure sensors and transmitters
Heavy-duty load cell is approved as legal-for-trade
Extended range of vacuum and pressure switches
Celesco SP3 string pot sensor is low-cost, rugged and versatile
Heavy-duty linear position sensors are sealed to IP67
CANopen absolute encoders use coded magnetic technology
Low-cost draw wire sensors feature incremental encoder
Stainless steel single-point load cells are sealed to IP69K
Ruggedised cable extension sensor is sealed to IP67
Vibration sensors with industry-standard M12 connectors
Wachendorff extends warranty to 5 years for WDG encoders
Low-cost miniature laser distance sensor for dynamic measurement
Celesco PT9000 cable extension position sensors in UK
New MagnetoPot non-contact linear potentiometer
Omnicoder industrial encoder with programmable resolution
Novotechnik SP5000 rotary position sensor for harsh environments
Angle sensor output is fully programmable
Low-cost cable extension sensor is user-configurable
New source for Wachendorff Automation absolute encoders
Laser triangulation sensor is adapted for motorsport
Angle sensor suits arduous high-duty-cycle applications
Free guide: 'BEI Industrial Encoders for Dummies'
Variohm offers 'the world's smallest stringpot sensor'
Cost-effective, high-performance, multiturn angle sensors
Rugged angle sensor has optional CANopen interface
IPX rotary potentiometers cope with extreme environments
Draw-wire sensor is half the size of alternatives
Variohm offers standard and customised sensors from Zemic
Variohm launches Vert-X exMag IP69K rotary sensors
String pots rated to IP68 for submersible applications

Technical articles

How to set programmable angle encoders
Easier angle measurement in confined spaces
Inductive and magnetostrictive linear transducers explained
Advantages of non-contact magnetic rotary sensors

Application Stories

Pressure switches for hydraulic systems safety monitoring
Würth selects Variohm NTC ring terminal temperature probe
Wiring harnesses have sensors to monitor motor temperature
Draw wire position sensors used in flight simulators
Procusini 3D food printer relies on NTC temperature sensors
ADZ differential pressure transmitter for train braking
ZEMIC chosen for agricultural produce-handling machinery
ZEMIC miniature load cell for med-tech
Pressure switch for injury treatment
Miniature load cell for audio equipment
Hexagonal bolt temperature probes used for multi-band receivers
ZEMIC load cell used for airline cabin luggage weighing machine
ZEMIC load cell selected for cabin luggage weighing machine
Pedal force sensor saves hard work on electric bike
Linear position sensors for professional mountain bike set-up
Linear position sensors provide high accuracy steering
DesignFlex pressure switches aid improved DNA sampling process
Variohm supply draw wire sensors for lifting bridge application
ZeroK specify Variohm VLP position sensor in electric kart
Ginetta Cars upgrade dynamometer rig with Variohm EGT sensors
Improved sailing performance via DesignFlex-enabled Sip-and-Puff
DesignFlex pressure switches improve crop duster design
Non-contacting sensor for electro-hydraulic actuators
Custom designed temperature probes meet high quality standards
Multiple use of sensors: precision guided weed control equipment
Novotechnik RFC two-part sensor for the Big Bale Transtacker
NTC thermistor helps warm water-filled electric radiators
On-site food waste bio-digester uses Variohm level switch
All-terrain wheelchair power steering position feedback
Non-contact linear position sensors offer benefits for exporters
Precision angle measurement for joystick applications
Flexible non-contacting measurement of motor speed
Angle sensors for vehicles
High-current pressure for critical filtration system
A breath of air brings control to a hands-free fishing system
Robust rotary position sensor for fast paddle gearshift system
Cable extension sensors for transportation system
Novotechnik angle sensor used in wave power generator
Miniature draw wire sensor used in gearshift indicator system
Hollow shaft potentiometric angle sensors for semi-submersible
Ginetta race cars use Variohm pressure transducers
High-precision thermistors for low-temperature applications
High-reliability temperature sensors used in breath tester
Bike with front swing arm uses sensors from Variohm
Linear sensors provide high reliability for movie motions
Novotechnik RFC4800 position sensor used in taxis

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