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News articles

Two-year warranty on solid/split roller bearings & slewing rings
Investment enables bearings up to 1.5m OD to be manufactured

Product articles

Ceramic-coated Electro-Safe bearings from Revolvo
SNQuick bearings can reduce fitting time by up to 90 per cent
New SN and SD series SRB split roller bearing units

Technical articles

What makes a superior split roller bearing?
Bearings accommodate misalignment without risking early failure
Split roller bearings may be a better long-term investment
Why brass is best for split roller bearing cages
Why OEMs should not use the cheapest bearings
Benefits of split roller bearings in papermaking machinery

Application Stories

Water wheel bearings improve efficiency and reliability
Revolvo SRB Split Plummer Block Bearings improve reliability
Revolvo reduces downtime at steel mill with SRB bearings
SRB split roller bearings used in sludge pump operation
Split roller bearings cut the cost of bearing downtime
Split roller bearings in coal-fired power stations
Long-life, low-maintenance SRB split roller bearing
Split roller bearings reduce maintenance costs
Efficient waste processing thanks to innovative sealing system
Revolvo manufactures split roller bearing for undersize shaft
Split bearings eliminate the need for crane hire
Split roller bearings survive three years at 100degC
Special bearings cope with sand, silt and high loads
Split roller bearings cut downtime from eight hours to one
Custom split roller bearings built for large shafts
High-tech bearings rescue traditional brewing process

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