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News articles

Work progresses on Leuze’s new distribution centre
Leuze electronic wins Best-of-Industry-Award at SPS show
Leuze electronic safety expertise at LogiMAT 2019
Leuze electronic looks back at its 55-year success story
Leuze electronic collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate IoT
Leuze electronic sensors for packaging machines at Interpack
See Industry 4.0-ready sensors at Hanover Messe 2017
New machinery risk assessment white paper from Leuze electronic
White paper explains Industry 4.0 collaboration with Microsoft
See new smart sensors at Drives and Controls 2016

Product articles

Sweet success for sensors in confectionery manufacture
Leuze electronic launches volume measurement system
Vision-based sensor for precise control of double-depth position
Leuze code reader gains Blockchain authentication capability
Safety light curtain incorporates SPG muting technology
Latest laser area scanners for static and AGV applications
Compact cylindrical optical sensor housed in M12 body
Leuze electronic launches new distance sensors
Intelligent sensor cable prevents downtime by predicting failure
Compact camera-based IPS200i sensor is quick to commission
High-performance sensors in a compact package
Non-contact, reliable detection of objects and fill levels
New safety relays and safety controllers from Leuze electronic
CML 700i measuring light curtain features Profinet interface
New economical type 4 single-beam safety devices
Data transmission photoelectric sensor with remote diagnostics
Reading 1D, stacked and 2D codes is quicker and easier
Safety light curtain withstands shock and vibration
Safety locking devices feature uniquely coded RFID technology
Optical sensors are tolerant of target materials and finishes
New top-end laser scanner from Leuze electronic
Setting up access guarding with muting is easy with MLDSET
Leuze RSL 400 scanners are more versatile and easier to use
AC/DC SR 49C all-voltage sensors now suitable for outdoor use
Barcode positioning system with wide range of bus interfaces
MLC safety light curtains now with integrated AS-i interface
Photoelectric sensor transmits Ethernet data interference-free
New guard switch incorporated in stainless steel hinge
Light-band RK46c-VarOS detects object over 50mm band area
Pluggable relay module for safety controllers
CR 50 bar code reader for medical instrumentation
Modular muting safety light beams - easy to specify and install
Leuze MSI safety relays now have interchangeable terminal blocks
Bar code reader with Ethernet/IP interface
New high-performance sensor series 18B from Leuze
Two new ultrasonic sensors for switching and measuring
Leuze’s HRTR46B Teach opto-sensor is two sensors in one unit
Cylindrical photo-electric sensors with unique swivel mounting
New modular safety controllers from Leuze electronic
Three-beam multiple light beam safety devices save cost
Single device reads barcodes and 2D codes
Explosion-proof housings upgrade standard optical sensors
Smart camera features improved integral lighting
Laser distance sensor offered with a choice of spot sizes
Forked sensor offers higher processing speed
Optical sensor saves cost in high-bay warehouses
Ultrasonic forked sensor achieves higher processing speed
Optical sensors gain EHEDG certification
New catalogue of photoelectric sensors
Photoelectric sensor for small targets is ultra-compact
Ruggedised safety light curtains have 14mm resolution
Tougher safety light curtains to be shown for the first time
Can Character Verification System checks text on concave end
Ethernet-enabled device reads damaged bar codes
Safety light curtains are sealed to IP68
Laser measuring sensor achieves +/-3mm over 200mm
Safety light curtains cope with arduous environments
Ultra-compact opto sensors have big specification

Technical articles

Is it still acceptable to use two-beam safety light barriers?
What are the options for AGV navigation sensors?
How machine tools and systems can operate safely and efficiently
What is dual channel technology for sensors?
Latest developments in AGV positioning technologies
Sensor data available globally: beyond the local company cloud
Smart Process Gating: Leuze reinvents light curtain muting
Safe position monitoring in industrial automation
Safety laser scanners: what are the most important requirements?
Sensors and systems for intralogistics
IO-Link and connectivity in the age of Industry 4.0
Sensors for packaging
Three-dimensional sensing versus machine vision systems
EN ISO 13849-1 simplified procedure for assessing PL
Tactile safety devices explained

Application Stories

2D-code readers key to success of tyre automation system
Process-controlled access guarding without using muting sensors
Customised sensor developed for lab automation robot
Leuze sensors used in automated powder coating system
High-speed quality check with high-performance camera technology
Efficient automation of life science laboratories
Safety for man and machine
Light curtains for safeguarding packaging systems
Optoelectronic safety devices cut machine tool cycle time
Avoiding overflow with light section sensors
Light section sensors: reliable detection of medicine packages
New warehouse, new sensors
Smart cameras for smart inspection systems in beverage industry
Quality control with LRS 36 light section sensors at dairy
Bin-picking robot is guided by laser profile sensor
Measuring light curtain helps check pallet stability

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