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News articles

Spelsberg UK working hard to maintain UK stocks
Take a virtual tour of Spelsberg’s electrical enclosures
Quick delivery on printing and labelling of enclosures
Spelsberg helps UK machine builders to beat Brexit uncertainty
Extensive stocks of Spelsberg enclosures held in the UK
Overnight customised enclosures thanks to in-house machining
Video shows the extreme tests endured by Spelsberg enclosures
Praise for Spelsberg UK’s Pro-Active technical telesales service
Drives and Controls celebrate 18 years of Spelsberg distribution
Spelsberg and CED offer top-class junction boxes to wholesalers
Spelsberg UK turns 20: learning from the past, moving forward
John Clarke is new Spelsberg Area Sales Manager for West region
Free expert advice from
Next-day custom enclosure samples keep projects on schedule
Spelsberg appoints Chris Smith as South West Area Sales Manager
Spelsberg laboratory approved for in-house UL certification
Spelsberg slashes lead times on custom orders
Spelsberg UK plans for growth in 2016 to support market demands
Spelsberg Pro-Active simplifies ordering for reduced lead times
Quickly find the right enclosure with new Spelsberg UK website
Spelsberg appoints David Mills as Area Sales Manager for NW
Spelsberg claims largest selection of non-metallic enclosures
Service over supply from Spelsberg
Chris Lloyd confirmed as Spelsberg UK MD
Spelsberg reduces lead times with new UK headquarters
Spelsberg will improve lead times on customised products
Spelsberg UK sales team is strengthened with new appointments
Spelsberg products available through Farnell

Product articles

Hand sanitiser dispenser manufacturer demands rugged enclosures
GEOS enclosures are suitably rugged for coastal applications
GEOS enclosures provide protection in aggressive environments
Spelsberg fit and forget thermostat keeps frost and snow at bay
Spelsberg aluminium enclosures expected to prove a hit
Spelsberg offers upgrade to classic Abox design
Customised standard enclosures are quick and cost-effective
High-quality GRP heavy duty enclosures from Spelsberg
Spelsberg launches steel enclosure range
Integrated ventilation with Spelsberg's AK Air enclosures
Spelsberg expands current TK enclosure range
Bespoke moulding service speeds up repeat orders from Spelsberg
Abox Magic GT gel provides IP68 ratings to 15 metres
Revamped GTi range speeds up switchgear installation
New B-Box from Spelsberg offers quick, waterproof installation
Waterproof gel-filled enclosures are reusable
Non-metallic enclosures cope with harsh outdoor environments
Rugged Norma PC and ABS enclosures are sealed to IP65

Technical articles

How to specify enclosures for environmental management systems
Fast turnaround on customised enclosures
Combating condensation in enclosure installations
Where to position electrical enclosures
Ultraviolet considerations when specifying an enclosure
GRP: the best of both worlds for trackside enclosures?
Managing heat in electrical enclosures
A–Z of electrical enclosures
How to select the best material for an electrical enclosure
The questions to ask when specifying an electrical enclosure
Metal vs. plastic: specification of large outdoor enclosures
Specialised coatings improve enclosure performance
How to select correct IP ratings for electrical enclosures
An introduction to electrical enclosure specification
Customised enclosures reduce costs and improve quality
Understanding ingress protection in electrical enclosures
Non-metallic enclosures: the future for trackside installation
Which is the best material for your application's enclosure?

Application Stories

Customised enclosures for extreme and challenging environments
Spelsberg GRP enclosure installed in UK’s deepest mine
Spelsberg customised enclosures feature in educational rig
Spelsberg enclosures speed fast-food kitchen fit-outs
Enclosures ensures lift passengers can make emergency calls
Spelsberg aids efficiency in offsite heat exchange builds
Distribution board helps keep divers’ pressure stable
Spelsberg custom enclosures in dairy farming applications
Tough enclosures bring safety and endurance to road tankers
Spelsberg shows its true colours for superior customer service
Bespoke cabling systems company grows with Spelsberg enclosures
Spelsberg offers farmers world-class electrical enclosures
WAGO uses Spelsberg enclosures for new pre-mounted products
Enclosures speed rewiring of automated manufacturing systems
Commercial salad growers box clever with Spelsberg
Modular distribution enclosures improve ‘Smart Building’
Stealth enclosures for covert operations
1000+ bespoke enclosures moulded and assembled in 4 weeks
Ready-made enclosures for water treatment industry
Trace heating thermostats keep water treatment plants running
Innovative electrical enclosures for new aircraft carriers
Rapid-Box: bespoke fire-resistant junction box
Spelsberg WKE enclosures used for emergency systems
Customised enclosures help prevent freezing pipes
Flexibility and reliability for airflow control unit enclosures
Composite junction boxes for aircraft carrier lighting systems
Composite junction boxes used on RN aircraft carriers
IP66 enclosures selected for water shut-off valve controls
Custom junction box moulded in high-grade black plastic
Rugged enclosures are suitable for fire engine applications
Modular enclosures maintain IP65 protection
TK enclosures are tough enough for classrooms

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