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News articles

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators introduces Tech Niches
New SMAC website for moving-coil actuators

Product articles

Stackable linear actuators are fast and cost-competitive
SMAC introduces GUI for thread checking and other apps
SMAC electric actuator doubles pneumatic actuator eject speed
Programmable micro gripper for handling small, fragile parts
SMAC introduces 'world’s thinnest moving coil linear motor'
CBL50: expansion of the CBL series electric cylinder from SMAC
CBL35C series electric cylinder with built-in controller
SLA25: precision linear slide with cross-roller guide
SMAC introduces high-performance CBL Series electric cylinders
Cost-effective electric cylinder delivers high performance
Miniature electric actuators feature integral feedback
Compact gripper for handling and measuring applications
Fully automated system checks screw threads
Moving coil actuator sorts parts at ultra-high speeds
Electric actuators are direct replacements for pneumatics
Actuator delivers benefits of electronics and pneumatics
High-speed gripper incorporates high-precision measurement

Technical articles

Innovations in moving-coil actuator technology
What is a moving coil actuator?
Smart Screwdrivers combine control and monitoring functions

Application Stories

SMAC wins business manufacturing high capacity EV batteries
Moving coil actuators selected for switch test applications
SMAC develops ultra-high-speed pick-and-place

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