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News articles

Variable volume dispense pumps good for 10 million cycles
Updated Technical Hydraulic Handbook exceeds 800 pages
New video showcases Lee Company’s innovation in miniature
Lee Products publish 9TH edition of EFS handbook
Miniature component specialist makes large investment
Lee Products launches new website
New Lee Company website for Industrial Microhydraulics
Free handbook of industrial microhydraulics
Lee Company celebrates 60th anniversary
Lee Products updates website with improved links

Product articles

Air bleed orifices improve hydraulic system efficiency
Damped pressure relief valve insert for critical flow uses
Miniature solenoid valve with high flow, low power and long life
New Hi-Bar Safety Screens for high-pressure applications
New miniature two-way inert solenoid valve
Innovative miniature radial piston pumps are self-priming
Energy-saving magnetically latched solenoid valve
Zero leak check valves for use in extreme downhole conditions
Ultra-compact energy-efficient high-flow latching solenoid valve
Lee HI-BAR safety screens now available in in titanium
Miniature PRI pressure relief insert ensures zero leakage
New LEE HI-BAR line-mounted wash flow safety screens
Miniature inert solenoid pumps provide optimum flexibility
Pre-assembled plug for easier handling and installation
Slots deliver better flow through safety screens than holes
Energy-efficient solenoid valves save space and reduce weight
Robust HI-BAR safety screens resist corrosion & combustion
Ultra-miniature solenoid valve saves space, uses less energy
Robust, lightweight PEEK safety screens
Miniature inert solenoid valve protects sensitive fluids
Miniature, chemically inert stepper dispense pump
Strainers provide coarse-level filtration without pressure drop
Miniature medical grade check valve for plastic manifolds
High-pressure flow restrictors for critical applications
Miniature zero leak check valve for critical flow control
Plug-in, 2-port HDI solenoid valve is lighter and smaller
New combined pressure relief and check valve for microhydraulics
New high-pressure miniature flow regulating valve
Hard seat micro-dispense valve handles aggressive fluids
NACE-compliant safety screens for extreme applications
Ultra-fine safety screens are compact and robust
Lee Products launches compact, robust, ultra-fine safety screens
High-pressure micro solenoid valve for completion tools
Two-in-one 375 PRI CHEK valve saves space and weight
Inert solenoid pump can be used with tubing or a manifold
Lo-Lohm compact solenoid valves in a choice of configurations
Low-noise three-way solenoid valve for medical devices
Sub-miniature latching solenoid valves use minimal energy
Standard and custom NACE-compliant pressure relief valves
New airless and air-assisted atomising spray nozzles
Stainless steel ultra-miniature check valve for high pressures
Micro wash down nozzles with a choice of hole patterns
Air charging valve suits high-pressure applications
2.5mm orifice achieves close-tolerance flow restriction
Manifold mounts for micro-dispense solenoid valves
Safety screens offer two-fold increase in burst pressure
Miniature relief valve guarantees zero leakage
Miniature dispense pumps
Cartridge screens provide protection in high-pressure fluids
Two-way micro inert valve uses less space and power
Compact side-exit check valve has very low pressure loss
Miniature cartridge valve for hydraulic isolation in manifolds
Miniature check valves achieve zero leakage
Check valves can be rapidly dismantled for servicing
Lee Products introduces micro-dispense nozzles
High-pressure vent plug incorporates O-ring seal

Application Stories

Lee miniature valves used in innovative pipeline isolation plug
High-precision Lee Lube Nozzles specified for aviation gearboxes
New video demonstrates brake innovation
Lee Lo-Lohm solenoid valves applied to brake innovation
Miniature check valves provide vital link in chain lubrication
Lee restrictors keep the electricity on
Miniature VHS solenoid valves play role in 3D bio-printing
Miniature three-way, high-flow solenoid valves for F1 cars

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