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Product articles

High-speed safety relay allows shorter overall safety distances
Washdown sensors now available in classical housing type
Photoelectric contrast sensor for printing and packaging
C23 Full Inox Extreme series of inductive full-metal sensors
New cost-effective Safetinex Type 2 safety light curtains
Contrinex launches Safetinex safety light curtains
Two-wire proximity sensors save time and costs
New range of high-temperature inductive proximity switches
Proximity sensors are designed for welding applications
Diffuse background suppression sensors 'set new standard'
Photoelectric proximity switches are competitively priced
Low-cost laser sensors detect small parts at long distances
Distribution system cuts installation time by 80 per cent
Super-tough M8 inductive sensors have M12 connectors
Froggy sensor detects small parts moving at high speed

Application Stories

Sensors offer improved performance and ruggedness
Compact inductive sensors embedded in mould tools

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