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News articles

Gems Sensors & Controls announces ‘Next Day Valves’
Gems Sensors & Controls Connect: free digital catalogue app
New Gems UK website aids specification of sensors and valves
Free white paper: Enhancing performance with pressure sensors
Free white paper discusses flow sensing for medical devices
Website features sensors, controls and technical resources

Product articles

Compact, high-output pressure transducers for OEM requirements
RotorFlow Sensors for continuous sensing and accurate switching
Heavy duty explosion-proof pressure transducers
Subminiature pressure switch has great size-to-performance ratio
Single float fluid level transmitters for shallow tanks
2- and 3-way general purpose latching solenoid valves
Open-thermistor temperature sensors use fused glass
3500 series pressure transducer from Gems Sensors & Controls
FM-approved explosion-proof liquid level sensors
Level sensor offers exceptional reliability in tough conditions
Gems offers new capacitive, non-contact level sensor CAP-100
Coolant level sensor is rugged, reliable and affordable
Pressure transducers save time and cost in harsh environments
Conductivity-based sensor detects water in fuel and oil
RotorFlow Output sensors feature digital output
Single-point level switches suit high-volume OEM applications
Solid-state electro-optic level sensor is robust and durable
XT-1000 magnetostrictive level sensors are precise and reliable
Solenoid valves offer fast response and low energy consumption
Solid-state flow switch offers reliable operation for OEMs
Fluidic systems engineered to order
Low-cost pressure transducers have low pressure ranges
Solid-state level sensor is compact, low-cost and rugged
Rugged pressure transducer never needs recalibrating

Technical articles

Developments in level measurement technology
How to select the best level measurement technology
Taking care of turbines: preventative measures
Latest-generation pressure transducers enhance performance

Application Stories

Cutting inefficiency in high-efficiency engines

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