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News articles

EMKA to showcase latest products at PPMA Exhibition
EMKA to attend Made in the Midlands Exhibition 2019
EMKA test laboratory accredited to international standard
EMKA invests in tooling capability for custom profiles
New electronic and biometric locking catalogue from EMKA
New EMKA Catalogue: small and medium quarter-turn latches/locks
EMKA launches new locks, handles, hinges and gasket website
Enclosure hardware security issues: white paper
New EMKA Catalogue has even more ingenious locking technology
Stainless steel precision casting for EMKA enclosure hardware
EMKA at the international 2017 AHR Expo
New colour printing on enclosure hardware from EMKA
EMKA acquires plant for stainless steel investment castings
New EMKA guide to Electronic Locking Systems
EMKA guide for closed cell self-adhesive sponge rubber
Download EMKA's guide to custom sealing profiles
White Paper - How to protect micro data centres
EMKA to show BioLock technology at Data Centre World Exhibition
EMKA green update: going green is good business for everyone
EMKA videos illustrate the engineering behind cabinet hardware
EMKA videos: how to produce “Everything but the Enclosure”
Extrusion processes and terminology white paper
EMKA videos – quality finishes ensure sealing and longevity
EMKA 2014 Catalogue – enclosure and cabinet components
Extruded gasket profiles - two new EMKA videos
New videos from EMKA – motor vehicle component technologies
Structural aspects of sealing profiles – a whitepaper
New EMKA commercial vehicle components and accessories catalogue
Enclosure access and hardware for railway applications

Product articles

Edge protectors – protect edges, protect people
Sealing profiles developed for specialist applications
Narrow vertical lever locking handles save cabinet door space
Cabinet hardware suitable for the medical device industry
Enclosure handles from the experts
EMKA compression latches deliver high performance as standard
Round rod systems for multi-point closure, improved door sealing
Compression latches with convenient quarter-turn operation
Ex-stock quarter-turn latches in many specifications
EMKA introduces high-quality 100 per cent EPDM gasket profiles
EMKA launches ePush-Lock, an invisible electromechanical lock
Custom gaskets, sealing profiles and vulcanised assemblies
EMKA launches all-EPDM integral gasket and spine
Accessories for EMKA’s ‘everything but the enclosure’ offering
Cover stays and door stops counteract wind and gravity
Sealed quarter-turn latches for floor and ground applications
EMKA offers extra stock of general hardware for doors everywhere
New IP65 safety latch lock with visual indicator
EMKA's new concealed gear hinge opens 180 degrees
Custom locks for railway applications
New flush-mounting quarter-turn and compression latches
Single and multi-factor authentication for linked cabinet doors
EMKA launches eCam electromechanical lock for cam latches
New stainless steel quarter-turn catch from EMKA
Specialist stainless steel cabinet and enclosure latch/locks
Chest handles from EMKA - robust and functional
EMKA fire protection gasket UL general purpose and DIN EN
EMKA 1095 program: bow/bridge, tubular and chest handles
EMKA gaskets supplement EMC protection
EMKA Hygiene gaskets for HVAC and food industries
Specialist gasket profiles from EMKA
EMKA's pin hinge range for specialist enclosure doors and panels
EMKA hinges for flush cabinet doors offer better security
EMKA solve the prominent door hinging dilemma
EMKA Rod Lock systems maximise cabinet sealing and door utility
EMKA 1390 lifthandle fits small spaces on specialist enclosures
Multi-point security 1190 lifthandle and escutcheon from EMKA
Comprehensive swinghandle system for cabinets large or small
EMKA IP65 swinghandle range includes vandal resistance
Swinghandles, lifthandles, escutcheons from EMKA
Save time, save money with clip fix enclosure locking program
Stainless steel locks and hinges for stainless steel enclosures
IP40/IP65 cabinet swinghandle system offers swappable cylinders
Large quarter-turn locks for specialist cabinets and enclosures
Vehicle door sets from EMKA
New compression locking hinge for HVAC installations from EMKA
Inspection windows protect access to machine controls
EMKA biometrics: dual format authentication
EMKA true 180 degree hinge fits industry standard rivet nuts
New EMKA wing knob compression latch
EMKA define industry requirements in Biometric Access
New EMKA stainless steel AISI 316 hinges for specialist cabinets
New AISI 316 stainless steel L handle from EMKA
EMKA cabinet hardware for multi-compartment control panels
The ‘Rack Pack’ from EMKA: ‘everything but the 19 inch rack’
EMKA promotes hardware package for small housings and boxes
EMKA hardware package for specialist industrial cabinets
“Everything but the wall-mounted enclosure” from EMKA
New 1000 Program Polyamide housing for EMKA quarter-turn locks
Quarter turn lock for transport vehicles takes plug-in cylinders
New EMKA friction hinge with adjustable torque
EMKA 180 degree hinges adjust in 2 or 3 dimensions
EMKA 125 degree pin hinge with stud fixing and retained pivot
New EMKA quick fit IP69 fully insulated enclosure lock
EMKA specialist handles for thick doors
Fire protection silicone sealing gaskets from EMKA
EMKA clip-in pull handles – for a quick sliding action
EMKA long and variable length handles and hand rails
EMKA's 1130 program flush compression handles increase safety
Self-gripping gasket profile strips seal against dust and water
EMKA 120 degree hinge for larger door returns
120 degree hinge for specialist cabinets with prominent doors
EMKA screw-on, lift-off hinges for recessed/flush doors
EMKA 1150 IP65 swinghandle with universal fitting
EMKA multi-point rod locking for specialist panel builders
EMKA modular program quarter-turn locks IP50 to IP69
Adaptable IP65 swinghandle system from EMKA
EMKA compression latches – vibration proof and adjustable
EMKA standalone electronic security for data centre server racks
EMKA combination swinghandle for data centre security
EMKA’s server cabinet lock systems
EMKA AGENT E wireless swinghandle with RFID swipe card security
Real-time cabinet security software for ELM systems
Biometric locking system offers personnel and data protection
Double Red compression latch handle secures cabinets and doors
New options for Protector vandal-resistant swinghandles
Emka Touch: biometric recognition for server cabinet security
EMKA gaskets and extruded profiles: specialist vehicle sealing
Specialist vehicle and infrastructure control locking systems
New IP65 Protector series vandal-resistant swinghandles
1056 plastic 180 degree hinge features quick-fit facility
Stainless locks and swinghandles for higher specifications
Stainless steel hinges for specialist cabinet builders
EMKA adds new profiles to its range of enclosure gaskets
EMKA Protector anti-vandal IP65 swinghandle latches
180 degree flush-mounting stainless steel hinge from EMKA
New EMKA stainless steel padlockable handles
Quicker fitment of round rod locking systems with twist guide
Exterior recessed motorhome and personal door lock
Gasketing covers and tank strap supports from EMKA’S CV range
Toggle latches for commercial and specialist vehicles
1325 cabinet locking system to IP65 launched at Hannover
Vandal-resistant swinghandle for access control
Program 3000 concealed single-point electronic latch
Hardware for electrical cabinets from EMKA
Roller shoe for flat locking rods can be quickly installed
High-speed dust cap from EMKA for quarter-turn locks
A new look at 19” rack access control
New range of commercial vehicle accessories from EMKA
Wide range of hinges for flush-mount enclosure doors
Stainless steel and polymer swinghandles are padlockable
Rod locking system uses standard cutout to cut costs
New self-assembly cabinet instrumentation window
Extensive range of external hinges for enclosures
Combination lock avoids problem of lost or broken keys
Low-cost polyamide wing handle is corrosion resistant
Spring-loaded pin hinges provide easy, quick access
Telescopic stays with pushbutton/pull cord operation
Hinges enable flush-mount doors to fit correctly
Enclosure locking products benefit from improved sealing
Broad range of hinges for electrical/electronic cabinets
UNItech swinghandles are easy and quick to install

Technical articles

Material/finish options for cabinet/enclosure sealing profiles
Cabinet and enclosure hardware developments at EMKA

Application Stories

EMKA hygiene locks specified for food processing equipment

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