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News articles

Drive solutions for the bakery industry
Motor efficiency at a new level – news from Nord Drive Systems
Nord invests in new product development and facilities
Nord guarantees product availability during COVID-19 crisis
See Nord's intelligent drive systems and much more at Hanover
See Nord Drivesystems’ latest products at LogiMAT 2020
See Nord Drivesystems’ latest products at BrauBeviale 2019
Nord to unveil new products at SPS smart production solutions
Nord Drivesystems at BrauBeviale 2019
Nord Drivesystems to unveil new products at FMB 2019
myNORD customer portal speeds drive selection
Easier drive commissioning, adjustment, monitoring and servicing
See Nord at ProPak Asia in Bangkok, Thailand
Introducing Nord Drivesystems' myNORD customer portal
Nord demonstrates intelligent drives at SMART Automation
Hygienic aluminium drives: economical and corrosion resistant
Nord drive units for efficient bulk material handling at Bauma
See new Nord gear units, inverters and maintenance technologies
See Nord products and systems at Passenger Terminal Expo 2019
Nord Drivesystems at the Tire Technology 2019
Nord at LogiMAT 2019: more flexibility for intralogistics
See decentralised drive technology for the digital factory
See food-grade drive units for the bakery industry at iba 2018
Optimise drive system costs and increase efficiency
Nord increases capacity for production of Nordac Link
Nord DriveSystems at the Hannover Fair 2018
Exhibition premier: NORD at Tire Technology 2018
Nord Drivesystems at CBST 2017 in China
NORD wins Vanderlande Supplier Award
Long-life, wash-down drive technology for the beverage industry
NORD Drivesystems at LogiMAT China 2017
NORD Gear Ltd launches online product and CAD file configurator
Drive data in the cloud
NORD motors are IE3 or better, exceeding new legal requirements
Application flyer: 'Drive Solutions for Rotary Feeders'
Nord drives: condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
AC vector drives ULC certified for the Canadian market
New two-stage helical bevel gearboxes from Nord
Nord Drivesystems at Drives & Controls Show 2016
Demo for materials handling industries at Drives & Controls
NORD 4.0 READY: drive technology in the age of IIoT
NORD drives pass series of tests according to EN 50598-2
Heavy-duty drives for the metals industry: Nord at METEC 2015
Drives for process technology applications
Nord Drivesystems celebrates anniversary at Hannover Messe 2015
Easing the transition from IE2 to IE3 energy-efficient motors
Conveyor drives and gear units in single-piece housings
Nord Drivesystems UK gains ISO14001: 2004 accreditation
Robust geared motors for steel mills
Microsite is optimised for mobile devices
New drive surface protection catalogue from Nord
NORD expands geared motor same-day assembly service
NSD tupH sealed surface protection system gives a robust finish
Decision tree aids selection of energy-efficient motors
New catalogue of asynchronous low-voltage motors
Preview: easy-clean, two-stage helical bevel gear units
NORDBLOC.1 helical gear motors built in four hours

Product articles

Industrial gear units for heavy-duty applications
Technical innovation in mixing and agitation processes
Nord inverter drive includes multi-protocol Ethernet port
Energy efficiency, reduced number of variants for intralogistics
Comprehensive range of frequency inverters rated 0.25-160kW
Nord Universal Motor with power ratings from 0.12kW to 45kW
Nord now shipping IE5+ synchronous motors
Heavy-duty drives that meet the needs of plastic extrusion
LogiDrive combines energy efficiency and reduction of variants
Nord optimises design of IE3 asynchronous motors
Nord launches high-efficiency IE5+ synchronous motor
Frequency inverter incorporates condition monitoring
Nord launches Universal Motors with powers from 0.12 to 45kW
Drive units designed for continuous conveyors
Decentralised drives for Industry 4.0 factories
Maxxdrive XT industrial gear units rated from 15 to 75kNm
New frequency inverter from NORD: versatile, networked, powerful
New single-stage Nordbloc.1 helical gear units from Nord
Nord Drivesystems launches size 71 smooth body motors
Nord launches robust, ATEX-compliant frequency inverter
New Nordbloc.1 bevel gear units for torques up to 50Nm
Nord Maxxdrive industrial gear units for heavy-duty applications
ATEX-compliant drive products from Nord
Helical worm gear unit made from high-strength aluminium alloy
Drive systems with reinforced bearings for agitators and pumps
Nordac Link: intelligent drives for distributed control
PROFIsafe module for drive-based safe motion control
Configurable and flexible drive technology from Nord
Virtual sensors enable drives to monitor machine condition
Preferred configurations reduce TCO for logistics drives by 70%
Highly efficient and hygienic: IE4 smooth-surface motors
More powerful conveyor drives forthcoming from NORD
Industrial gear units with extruder flanges
LogiDrive: efficient drives with a small line-up of variants
Modular industrial gear units in additional sizes
PROFIsafe module for drive electronics
Flexible and safe configuration: Nord's explosion-proof motors
Smart drive resolves blockages on its own
Robust single-stage helical inline gears for pumps, fans, mixers
Industrial gear units with output torques from 25kNm to 250kNm
Servo performance from frequency inverters and geared motors
New heart beating in all Nord inverters
Two-stage helical bevel gearboxes with output torques up to 50Nm
Think small, but think green: IE3 motors from 0.12kW
Intelligent inverters with built-in PLC for motors or cabinets
Effective corrosion protection for aluminium drives: nsd tupH
Intelligent IP69K drives from NORD for pumps and conveyors
Energy-efficient distributed pump drives from Nord Drivesystems
Wear-free decentralised soft starter and reversing starter
New motor-mounted inverter for simple drive applications
More frequency inverter communications options from Nord
Hygienic smooth-surface motors from Nord
High-efficiency helical bevel gear units for high hygiene
Compact and durable SMI series worm gear units from Nord
Geared motors with a smart head for positioning tasks
Industrial gear unit range now covers 25 kNm to 242 kNm
SK 200E inverter series provides certified safety up to SIL3
Industrial Ethernet interfaces for SK 200E series
SK200E distributed inverter series covers wide application range
Distributed frequency inverters equipped with a system bus
SK 200E inverter series for distributed applications
New washdown versions of Nord’s helical bevel gear units
Nord’s SK 200E decentralised inverters now up to 22kW
SK 540E intelligent inverter controls synchronous motors
Combined motor/drive technologies cut energy consumption
Low-cost motor-mounted inverters with 24V control input
New brochure presents options for SK 500E frequency inverters
Technology boxes connect frequency inverters to Profinet
Inverters add PLC capability to PID, servo and position control
New size of SK 500E series cabinet-mounted frequency inverters
High-torque industrial gears in unicase housings
IE2 motors with outputs from 0.55kW and above
Motors and drives for metal processing machinery
Nord EtherCAT box connects multiple inverters to one cable
Compact inverters with interfacing options and expansion modules
Same-day assembly and despatch for Nordbloc.1 gearmotors
New anti-fretting surface treatment for hollow drive shafts
Sensorless vector drives with control and communications
Decentralised automation benefits from field distributor modules
High-power gearboxes handle torques up to 200,000Nm
Posicon inverter drives include position control functions
Two-stage helical-bevel gearboxes save weight and cost
Compact frequency inverters handle 200 per cent overload
High-reliability worm gears fit standard IEC motors

Technical articles

Condition monitoring for predictive maintenance concepts
Innovative drive systems for Industry 4.0 smart factories
How industrial gear units benefit from predictive maintenance
Nord solutions for the extended energy-efficiency directive

Application Stories

Drives for continuous conveyors
Gear units with nsd tupH anti-corrosion treatment
Decentralised frequency inverters for synchronised movement
Geared motors are corrosion-resistant for shellfish processing
Integrated drive speeds up assembly of rebar bending machines
Seaworthy drives make marine engineering easier
Fully integrated drive packages to power parcel distribution
Robust drive systems improve beverage sector production
Hoist drives rise to the challenge
NORD drive systems for the steel industry
nsd tupH surface protection for cost-effective drive protection
NORD geared motors have surface treatment for salty environment
Customised option for crane drive synchronisation
Separation technology: reliable drives for the food industry
Helical shaft gear units are more reliable in extreme conditions
Distributed drives simplify conveyor control

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