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Product articles

GT2 Series pencil-type contact sensors
LR-T reflective laser sensors are versatile high-performers
High-speed optical micrometer with 16,000Hz sampling rate
On line high-speed checks with LJ-V 2D/3D laser scanner
IM-6600: the IM Series extends its field of applications
TM-3000: a 2D optical micrometre
Advanced vision system control finally available to everyone
GL-R safety light curtains provide a high level of security
New 2D multi measurement system with micron precision
Measurement system uses high-accuracy imaging technology

Application Stories

Keyence helps BIC reduce its reject rates
BMI turns to Keyence IM Series
Advanced research in microelectronics with the VHX
In-line vial measurement at Capitol Europe
Watchmaker uses Keyence to optimise metrological inspection
Piston ring inspections at PSA use laser displacement sensors
AdduXi achieves quality standards with Keyence’s IV Series
IM Series speeds up and simplifies inspections for Timex

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