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News articles

CP Automation to distribute SineTamer systems
CP Automation teams up with Spanish motor expert VASCAT
Harmonic filters ensure power quality
CP Automation's new website prioritises trust
Whitepaper targets harmonic mitigation
Servicing technique keeps DC motors and drives standardised
CP Automation and Cressall Resistors formalise relationship

Product articles

Increased efficiency for uninterruptable power supply
CP Automation offers innovative solar EMC filters
Failsafe spring-applied motor gearboxes available within 24h
RevCon enables motor users to sell 'wasted' energy
Cressall Resistor's HP and ES series braking resistors

Technical articles

Regenerative braking: the road to energy efficiency starts here
Top tips for choosing the right harmonic filter
The brake chopper size conundrum
Benefits of universal peripherals: the universal brake chopper
Think outside the box for cranes and hoists
Worm gearboxes produce high torque at low cost
The delicate balance of costs versus productivity
Tips for mitigating harmful harmonics

Application Stories

Resistor choppers slow overspeeding fans

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