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Online motor selector succeeds by keeping it simple
Drive and motor engineers welcome at Open Day
Regal consolidates global brands
Motor major shows how to integrate industries and technologies
Electric motors of every type on show with Regal at Hannover
Super size warehouse increases electric motor stock availability
Regal makes an entrance to the UK market

Product articles

Cool running with super-clean stainless steel motors
Roller table motors offer long service life
Energy-efficient inverter motors provide full torque
Regal launches crane-specific motor series
Permanent magnet motor is powerful, compact and efficient
SyMAX IP54-rated permanent magnet motors
Next-generation high-efficiency farm duty motors
Permanent magnet AC motor redefines energy efficiency

Technical articles

Thermal management: life lessons for electric motors
Why you should understand permanent magnet motor technology
How to identify the most appropriate motor starting method
When two-speed motors are the best option
Grease: How to avoid economic meltdown
Selecting roller table motors for the harshest applications
Why barcoding is a must for a motor manufacturer
Popularity of permanent magnet motors on the rise
Glossary of terms: permanent magnet motors
Trouble shooter’s guide to motor maintenance and repair
Are inverter-rated motors essential: Yes or No?
Explaining the different types of AC electric motor
Installing and operating electric motors

Application Stories

Brake motors bring order to the ride of the Vikings
Rotor marine motor is used to stabilise luxury super-yacht

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