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Hermetically sealed, high-power fibre-optic transmitter from OMC
OMC wins Elektra Award for Excellence in Product Design
OMC to unveil new products at the Engineering Design Show
OMC expands into new manufacturing facility
Coloured LEDs shine brightly with Active Diffuser Technology
OMC offers to mount any fibre optic diode in any housing
OMC Polymer Fibre Microsite gives customers competitive pricing

Product articles

New ultra-high-efficiency infrared SMA fibre-optic transmitter
Hermetically sealed infra-red fibre optic emitter from OMC
Fibre-optic transmitter diode delivers high power and fast speed
New LEDs feature precise beam angles of 15 and 60 degrees
OMC launches versatile Mouldshare moulded backlights
Fibre optic LED emitter transmits data over greater distances
Rugged bulkhead housing for fibre optic transmitters, receivers
New 30deg beam angle SMD LEDs project light further
Dust-proof bulkhead receptacle for fibre optic connector system
Rugged, reliable keyed SMA fibre optic connector system
OMC’s new high-brightness purple LED creates new opportunities
OMC launches new small-footprint SMA Tx/Rx housings
High-power surface-mount infra-red and ultra-violet LEDs
OMC's Micro Series LEDs for miniaturised display applications
OMC’s ART technology enables rainbow of LED backlight colours
OMC introduces surface-mount LED emitters at EDS
OMC’s backlights now available with sunlight-visibility layer
‘Spider’ fibre optic assemblies split or combine light signals
SMA ‘Top Hat’ housing for heavy duty fibre optic applications
Low-cost Tx/Rx family of optical transmitter/receiver devices
Ruggedised polymer fibre assemblies for challenging applications
OMC's fibre optic link service suits Industry 4.0/Smart Factory
OMC's SMA fibre-optic devices transmit digital signals with ease
Custom LCDs and backlights for low to medium-volume applications
Active alignment technology optimises fibre optic performance
Flexistrip flexible LED lighting strip is higher quality
Spectralux light engines simplify design of LED lighting
Complete packages of fibre cables, components and assemblies
Custom backlights for LCDs deliver dual-chip brightness from 5V

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