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News articles

Spanish engineer promotes Obeki motors in UK
Exico Electric Motors changes names as part of European group
Kirkby Lindsey to be Exico’s ATEX partner
Free-to-use on-line motor speed/torque plotting tool
Exico expands product portfolio with Lammers
Drive Lines and Exico UK combine expertise for bespoke products
Exico: strong foundations laid before first birthday
Exico brings in local expert for Scottish motor users
Exico builds in quality management as it grows
Exico to host first open day and training seminars
Exico motors are back!

Product articles

Special coating protects Exico motors from corrosion
Certifications confirm Exico’s ambitions

Technical articles

Key considerations for OEMs selecting electric motors
Soft starter or variable speed drive for your motor?
Resurgence for two-speed motors
How efficient are your motors really?

Application Stories

Mobile drill rig uses electric drive for fume-free operation
Small-scale hydroelectric plant uses Exico motors as generators

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