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Cobot training centre reopens in Bedfordshire
RARUK Automation named a MiR Excellent Partner for a second year
RARUK Automation opens UK’s first UR cobot training centre
RARUK Automation to demonstrate automation and cobots at PPMA
See new developments from RARUK Automation at IMHX 2019
See RARUK Automation at Robotics & Automation 2019
Show preview: RARUK Automation at IMHX 2019
See RARUK Automation’s products and capabilities at PPMA 2019
Find out about easy automation at free breakfast event
See robot vision guidance at the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference
See RARUK Automation at PPMA 2018 on Stand E20
Growth prompts investment in facilities and people
RARUK Automation adds traditional robots to its product line
RARUK Automation at MACH 2018
Growing automation team for RARUK Automation
See RARUK Automation at PPMA 2017 on stand number E20
School robotics team achieve best ever result at VEX
Growing team of automation specialists at RARUK Automation
Strong demand for mobile industrial robots from manufacturers
RARUK Automation appoints new sales engineer for robots
Manufacturers interested in mobile robot with onboard cobot
New transport robot announced by RARUK Automation
Easy-to-use vision-guided pick-and-place system for cobots
RARUK Automation: multiple product launches at the show
New company introduced at Drives & Controls
ISO/TS 15066, specification for collaborative robot safety
R. A. Rodriguez is UK preferred partner for Universal Robots
New addition to the automation team at R.A. Rodriguez
Eight good reasons to visit RA Rodriguez at PPMA 2015
See R.A. Rodriguez at PPMA 2015
R.A. Rodriguez in new product partnership with MAFU
R.A. Rodriguez at PPMA 2014
Andrew Mason of R. A. Rodriguez joins BARA
Affordable robotics demonstrated to industrial users
Affordable robot demonstrates machine loading and unloading
Try the Universal Robot at the TOTAL 2013 exhibition
New long-reach robot launches at PPMA
New business division for R.A. Rodriguez
R. A. Rodriguez to launch new products at PPMA Show
Universal Robot wins award for Best Automation System
Low-cost robot and palletiser to be shown at Total

Product articles

Smartshift tool holder improves versatility of UR cobots
New MiR250 autonomous mobile robot with 250kg payload
Heavy loads moved safely with MiR Shelf Lift
Servo press modules are compact, versatile and ready to use
Robotiq: cost-effective vacuum grippers for cobots
Easy automation of sanding tasks with cobots
Intelligent storage and order picking for small parts
New high-capacity mobile industrial robot with 1000kg payload
Pick-it M-HD high-definition 3D camera for robot picking uses
New developments enhance cobot applications and programming
Compact, easy-to-use 3D vision for robotic bin picking
RARUK Automation introduces new-generation Universal Robots
Grippers are easy to integrate in cobot applications
Mobile robots with 500kg payload - transport anything, anywhere
Cobot force control with high sensitivity
Easy transition from ‘helping hand’ to full automation
New robot interface: flexible, customisable and responsive
New, smart light collar shows cobot status
Flexibowl part feeding system sustains frequent part changes
New dual gripper speeds output and relieves tedium
Customisable mobile industrial robot with 200kg payload
Universal Robots certified for cleanroom applications
Smart adjustment unit boosts manual device positioning
Easier, faster robot programming for assembly operations
MiR100 mobile robot - cost-effective internal transportation
Universal Robots now with machine vision capability
High-reliability disentangler sorts springs and other components
Lightweight, table-top robot for collaborative working
Robotiq grippers and force/torque sensors for Universal Robots
Robots with absolute encoders and adjustable safety
Energy-efficient palletising with ecoSTACK
High-quality linear and rotary axes offer value for money
Compact multi-slide, single axis linear units
Precise, repeatable and energy efficient servo press
Universal robot software includes new protocols and a force mode
Low-cost six-axis robot with vision system now available
rotaryARM swivel arm modules offer alternative to SCARA robots
Affordable robot vision: new turnkey package introduced
Long-reach, easy teach, robotic arm for automated handling
Upgraded Universal Robot features greater programming capability
Versatile ecoSTACK pallet system requires no compressed air
Component palletising systems can be customised
Low-cost 6-axis robot arm is simple to use yet accurate

Technical articles

Free Guide: How to select the right robot gripper
Palletisers and depalletisers – make or buy?
Universal Robot can be used for collaborative working

Application Stories

Automotive supplier benefits from versatility of UR10 cobot
Ford Dagenham installs seven UR10 ‘cohabitant’ robots
Universal Robots boost profitability at machining company
Universal Robots draw the crowds in Regent Street
Repeatable product testing with UR3 robot & Robotiq gripper
RARUK Universal robot helps automate SIM card packaging
Spring disentangling under clean room conditions
Collaborative robot for adhesive application quadruples output
Tea packing system uses Universal Robot
Save cost and lead-time with configurable palletiser
Universal Robot is a star attraction at Honda’s Tech Fest
Multi-application robot arm is simple to programme
Low-cost robot automates handling of plastic bottles
Universal Robot boosts efficiency in glass manufacturing
Universal Robot is cost-effective for tending CNC turning centre

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