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News articles

Bearings for those who aren’t bulking up
SMB Bearings appointed to manage Sapporo UK distribution

Product articles

SMB Bearings introduces range of plastic bearings
SMB introduces marine-grade 316 stainless steel bearings

Technical articles

Matching bearing tolerances to shaft and housing tolerances
How to specify the right type of bearing retainer
How smart bearings aid predictive maintenance in manufacturing
The lubrication options for ultra-low-friction bearings
What can graphene do for lubricating bearings?
Maximise bearing life by considering load-carrying capacity
What is the difference between full ceramic and hybrid bearings?
What makes a corrosion-resistant bearing?
Choosing bearings for marine applications
Choosing the right balls for your bearings
The top five challenges of relubricating bearings
Keeping the ball rolling: getting bearing lubrication right
Bearing requirements for food and beverage manufacturers

Application Stories

Grasping the next generation of robotics
Bearing specialist supplying Eurovision

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