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  • Safety relays, configurable controllers and PLCs
  • Safety input devices
  • Validation software
  • Training, engineering and consultancy

Pilz - Safe Integrated Automation

Pilz Automation Technology* is a world-leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of machinery safety products and systems. A wide variety of independent consulting and engineering services are offered, and the company also provides a number of training courses focusing on compliance with regulations and standards, plus further courses relating to its own products and systems.

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PNOZ safety relays

PNOZsigma safety relays

PNOZelog safety relays

PNOZmulti - three generations of configurable safety controllers and systems

PNOZmulti Mini safety controllers

PNOZmulti configurable safety system

PNOZmulti2 future-proof configurable safety system

PDP - decentralised IP67 I/O modules

PNOZmulti configurator software


PSS Universal - automation and safety working together

PSS 4000 safety PLC

PSSu - Universal safe I/O system

PAS4000 software

SafetyNETp - safe network for PSS 4000

PSEN - Pilz safety sensors

PSENopt - safety light curtains

PSENcs - coded RFID non-contact interlocks

PSENsgate2 - integrated safety gate monitoring

PSENslock - gate monitoring and interlock

PAScal: PL and SIL functional safety calculator

PAScal safety calculator

Machinery safety services

Machinery safety training

Product training

Webinars and workshops

Consulting services

* Pilz Automation Technology is the UK daughter company of Pilz GmbH & Co KG, a family-owned German company with global operations.

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