Compact, cost-effective PLC incorporates HMI

IMO's new i3 controller reduces equipment costs, as well eliminating the time required to integrate discrete PLC and HMI combinations, by combining both functions in a single easy-to-mount unit. Available with a combination of digital and analogue I/O - including remote I/O - and integral thermocouple and PT100 inputs, the i3 controller is suitable for both process control and factory automation applications. Moreover, the unit is backed by IMO's three-year warranty.

Measuring just 91.63mm square by 57.5mm deep, the i3 packs in levels of functionality that IMO says make the unit the most flexible and cost-effective in its class. In addition to digital and analogue I/O, and an integral HMI, the i3 integrates advanced controls such as PID for process control, PWM for stepper motor control, GSM modem or Ethernet connectivity, recipe, alarm, timer, micro SD and high-speed counter functions, all of which are supported by free software.

The HMI of the i3A model features a 128 x 64 pixel LCD display and programmable IP65 (NEMA4) function keys. Alternatively, customers can opt for a high-contrast 160 x 128 pixel touch screen and four programmable function keys in the i3B model (pictured). Both versions of the i3 provide excellent graphics and text capabilities. In addition, the control capabilities provided by the unit's standard analogue (four inputs and two outputs) and digital (24 inputs and 16 outputs) I/O are expandable by means of IMO iOS remote I/O modules. This facility provides extended control capabilities and delivers greater flexibility in system design.

In terms of communications, the i3 offers Ethernet connectivity and the facility for two multi-function serial communications ports that can be used for programming, I/O expansion and connecting ancillary devices such as printers. Finally, there is an optional GSM modem or Ethernet port for higher-level communications with servers or PCs. Functions of the modem include networking via Ethernet and remote data collection via GPRS, as well as SMS messaging, making the i3 a powerful alarm monitor for unmanned outstations.

Easy installation options

In addition to its extensive control, monitoring and communication capabilities, the i3 offers the benefit of reduced installation time, as a result of its innovative case design. This allows either panel (IP65) or DIN rail mounting, giving users the ultimate in flexibility.

The i3 conforms to CE, UL and c-UL international standards. It is supported by the full range of IMO's i products and also by accessories such as sensors, switches, enclosures, drives, intelligent terminals, motor control gear and more.

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