Compact iMOT17 Intelligent Motors designed to maximise power

iMOT17 designates a family of size 42mm (NEMA17) motors with integrated electronics from Technosoft, containing brushless motor, encoder, servo drive and motion controller - all in one compact unit.

Specifically designed for applications where space is critical, the iMOT17 brushless series feature 0.1 to 0.3Nm in a package from 64 to 98mm (connectors oriented towards the front end reduce the product length).

Product iMOT172S, embedding a step motor with integrated electronics and encoder, completes the size 42mm intelligent motor family.

The iMOT17 incorporate a single-turn absolute encoder with 4096 pulses/rotation allowing a state-of-the-art closed-loop, field-oriented control providing smooth, quiet and repeatable motion for high-end positioning applications.

Technosoft intelligent motors feature simple installation and reduced EMC: only power and communication signals need cable routing as the encoder and driver are included in the motor body, while the digital I/Os (limit switches, etc.) can be connected locally.

Retractable connectors (XM version) or M8 and M12 round connectors (TM-CAN version) offer various IP protection degrees to suit the application needs. In both cases, either TMLCAN (Technosoft Motion Language) or CiA DS402 CANopen communication protocols are available, while the EtherCAT with CoE implementation (TM-CAT version) is expected beginning 2016.

Offered with a complementary series of high-quality gearboxes, the iMOT17 intelligent motors are designed for unfailing, long-life use in a variety of factory or industrial automation systems, as well as medical and laboratory equipment applications.

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