Companies active in automation unite under one banner

A3 embraces 1,100-plus membership as AUTOMATE.ORG goes live

A3, which represents more than 1,100 member companies active in the automation industry, across robotics, machine vision, motion control & motors and artificial intelligence, is now one automation trade association.

Under the new A3 brand, anyone interested in automation can take full advantage of the new home on AUTOMATE.ORG — from education and safety, connecting with new customers and suppliers, training, getting started and more.

Additionally, with just one membership, companies looking to maximise their involvement will have access to even more benefits, it states.

Time for change

But why the change and how will combining the existing associations—the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), AIA – Advancing Vision + Imaging, Motion Control and Motors Association (MCMA) and A3 Mexico—into one A3 help organisations looking to benefit from automation?

“As we grew through the years, it became increasingly difficult to explain how the individual associations differed from each other, why companies had to join multiple associations, and why they remained separate at all in a world where companies are looking for automation solutions that often involve all of these technologies and more,” says A3 president Jeff Burnstein. 

“Look at all the technology advances that did not exist when we first started out as the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) in 1974: mobile and collaborative robots, smart cameras, embedded vision systems, deep learning, simulation, remote operation, AR/VR technologies, sophisticated grippers, 3D printers and more."

Front-facing brand

“So, four years ago, board members of the individual associations met in Atlanta and decided that the challenges faced by each group were the same. They recommended that we explore merging into one front-facing brand that would attract companies not just in our current technology spaces, but also in areas like artificial intelligence, 3D printing and other automation technologies underrepresented in our association. The technology world is changing and we had to change along with it.” 

The culmination of that effort is the new united Association for Advancing Automation. “Anyone interested in how to successfully apply automation technologies, from small companies just starting their journey, to experienced users expanding their applications, has a new home,” adds Burnstein.

“This new home features a robust offering of valuable benefits for automation suppliers, integrators, users, consulting firms, technical schools, universities, start-ups and more.”


A3 president Jeff Burnstein: the technology world is changing and we had to change along with it.
A3 president Jeff Burnstein: the technology world is changing and we had to change along with it.

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