Machine Building

EMS (Electro Mechanical Systems)

Eros House
Calleva Industrial Park
EMS (Electro Mechanical Systems) EMS was founded in mid 1985 and quickly established itself as a leading supplier of high quality precision motors and linear actuators. After taking on sole UK representation for Minimotor of Switzerland and Magnetic Elektromotoren of Switzerland and Germany, EMS went on to grow and enter manufacturing in 1990. Complementary product ranges have continued to be added over the years, the most recent of which is the low-profile motors from the Faulhaber Group companies FTB and Mymotors, as well as the micromechanical systems from MPS. EMS is able to offer a vast choice of small motors, gearheads, and actuation devices. And, if an application needs something extra, EMS will design and manufacture custom products.