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Newall Measurement Systems Ltd

Cornwall Road
South Wigston
LE18 4XH
Newall Measurement Systems Newall was founded in 1968 in Peterborough, United Kingdom. Since that time the company has been dedicated to providing the machine tool, machinery and production industries with leading-edge technologies that increase productivity and machine efficiency. Newall├»┬┐½s range of world-renowned products include digital readout systems (DROs) and linear encoders, both designed and manufactured from its base in the UK and distributed world-wide. The DRO range has developed to include some of the most advanced readouts available today, especially those based on Spherosyn technology. Based on the principle of electromagnetics, Newall Linear Encoders embody a truly innovative design - which is believed to be unique - in which all measuring components are sealed and protected. Complementing the Spherosyn and Microsyn technologies, Newall also provides Magnasyn Magnetic tape systems (MAG-TS) for specific applications where tape encoders are beter suited. Newall's linear encoder range now includes incremental and absolute versions, available with industry-standard output signals that can be interfaced with all major CNC, NC, PLC and PC products.