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Firstsight Vision Firstsight Vision describes itself as the UK's largest independent distributor of vision components and services to the industrial and scientific OEM, system integrator and reseller markets. The product line-up includes: Coreco frame grabbers and image processors; JAI machine vision cameras; DALSA linescan and high-performance area scan cameras; and Sony Firewire cameras. Other products include illumination components, lenses, interconnect cabling and software tools. Moreover, the company offers much more than just products alone; there is a support service that can help to shorten development cycle times by providing invaluable information and assistance including technology overviews, a machine vision seminar programme and a regular technology e-newsletter.

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David Hearn, former Stemmer Imaging UK managing director

Stemmer Imaging updates CVB machine vision programming library

Stemmer Imaging UK Machine Vision Technology Forum 2019

Stemmer Imaging and MVTec co-operate in UK and Ireland

Stemmer completes acquisition of Spanish group Infaimon SL

Stemmer Imaging acquires Infaimon Group

How to use computational imaging to reveal hidden details

New BOA Spot XL and XLE smart vision sensors at Stemmer

Stemmer Imaging at UKIVA Machine Vision Conference & Exhibition

Smart IR thermal imaging cameras for Industry 4.0 applications

New CEO for Stemmer Imaging AG

5Gb GigE Vision cameras: higher data rates over longer cables

"˜Human assistance' camera improves manual assembly

Stemmer Imaging publishes 2019/20 Imaging and Vision Handbook

Stemmer acquires stake in HSI software provider Perception Park

Movie of the month

Line-scan camera and telecentric lens for surface inspection

Stemmer Imaging now supplying Teledyne e2v products

Stemmer Imaging introduces Odos TOF 3D cameras

Common Vision Blox 2018 has enhanced 3D and Linux functionality

Expanded range of JAI Apex 3-CMOS colour cameras

3D line profile sensors in multi-sensor ring configurations

Stemmer offers Adlink Neon smart camera with choice of software

Stemmer to showcase machine learning and 3D vision at MACH 2018

Stemmer Imaging to showcase machine learning and 3D vision

Stemmer Imaging acquires Data Vision

Registration open for Stemmer's UK Vision Technology Forum

Stemmer to promote Intel 400 Series RealSense imaging technology

Stemmer Imaging: positive end of a business year and an era

Product, process and packaging inspection capabilities on show

Partnership with AL-KO AG secures Stemmer Imaging's future

Stemmer Imaging unveils new Vision Technology Forum format

Movie of the month

Line scan bar - how it works, the benefits and applications

CVS trevistaCAM smart camera for surface imaging from Stemmer

High-speed 1D/2D code reading and part inspection in one device

Stemmer at UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition

New high-performance 4-channel compact GigE Vision system

Line scan technology even further extended at Stemmer

CVS Trevista X4: 4th Generation surface inspection from Stemmer

New high-speed contact image sensors scan at up to 1000m/min

Stemmer's Bloodhound SSC imaging system wins PPMA award

Specim FX hyperspectral cameras from Stemmer Imaging

Wide choice of industrial cameras with Sony CMOS sensors

Movie of the month

Code reading sensor offers verification and inspection tools

Bottle cap inspection made easy with Gocator 3D sensor

New entry-level 3D profile sensor

Hyperspectral imaging from Stemmer on show

Stemmer Imaging to show Hyperspectral Imaging at PPMA Total

Super-high res industrial cameras for high-speed inspection

Free hyperspectral imaging training with Stemmer

Common Vision Blox: processing under Linux on ARM, x86 platforms

Six new models added to Genie Nano industrial camera range

Movie of the month

How does a line-scan camera work?

New 16k high dynamic range line scan camera

Smart industrial camera for high-volume SWIR applications

Common Vision Blox and TurboDrive: faster than GigE Vision

Self-contained scientific and industrial measurement camera

UK Vision Technology Forum success

Stemmer Imaging adds high-performance vision sensors to range

Updated Imaging & Vision Handbook published by Stemmer Imaging

Stemmer Imaging announces partnership for hyperspectral imaging

Stemmer Imaging to show manufacturing applications of vision

USB3 Vision industrial cameras and cables from Stemmer Imaging

New snapshot sensor for robot-mounted 3D inspection

Industrial cameras monitor track across London Underground

Stemmer Imaging UK Vision Technology Forum registration open

Stemmer Imaging Director expands roles in trade associations

Frame grabber supports all CameraLink camera configurations

Low-cost high-performance line scan camera range extended

Common Vision Blox 2016 with numerous new features

CVB 2016 CameraSuite for USB3 Vision cameras

SWIR imaging technology extends machine vision applications

Enhanced vision software for smart cameras, multi-camera systems

New high-res smart camera for parts and assembly inspection

Genie Nano camera cuts cost of GigE Vision industrial imaging

CVB Polimago accelerates robust pattern recognition

Stemmer Imaging UK Vision Technology Forum scheduled for 2016

Surface inspection system identifies contamination and defects

High-resolution lenses offer improved image quality

Surface defect imaging challenge at PPMA Show

3D smart sensors get smarter with Gocator firmware update

Video shows 3D profiling of rubber seals with the LMI Gocator

LWIR thermal imaging camera for harsh industrial environments

Illumination for pharmaceutical blister pack inspection

High-performance industrial cameras with new Sony CMOS sensors

Low-cost line scan cameras with GigE and 2k or 4k resolution

New high-speed monochrome contact image sensors

The future of CCD image sensors: the end of an era?

New educational vision project under way with Stemmer Imaging

CoaXPress industrial camera delivers 100Mpixel images at 18fps

Stemmer to sell tunable polymer lenses for machine vision

New open architecture smart camera provides great performance

New dome and line lights from CCS

Stemmer takes Triniti lighting technology to application level

Stemmer Imaging becomes MTC member

Meeting the video recording demands of Bloodhound

Stemmer Imaging wins PPMA Group "˜Partnership of the Year' award

Machine vision evaluation essentials - buy two get one free

Entry level industrial camera retains speed and resolution

Machine vision resources for everyone from experts to beginners

More mobile apps for industrial imaging

Video analysis: Keeping on track for World Cup success

UK Vision Technology Forum: videos available

Medical packaging inspection at MEDTECH Ireland

Cameras for use in extended temperature areas

Choosing the right camera sensor technology for imaging needs

See 3D vision and inspection systems at PPMA show

USB3.0 super speed HD video streamer module for Sony FCB cameras

Successful UK Vision Technology Forum

Stemmer Imaging acquires Parameter AB

Trevista system for the inspection of cylindrical surfaces

First phase of Bloodhound rocket plume imaging tests conducted

New Goldeye short-wave infrared (SWIR) cameras available

Fast and fully featured 5 MPixel GigE camera

New line scan cameras for high-speed imaging

Stemmer Imaging and Vision Handbook for mobile devices

UK Machine Vision Technology Forum to be held at Silverstone

High-speed, high-sensitivity NIR-enhanced USB 3.0 camera

High-performance multi-camera embedded industrial vision system

Sherlock: versatile multi-platform machine vision software

Stemmer Imaging opens new office in Ireland

Gocator 3100 series smart sensors collect 3D data in one shot

Bloodhound project receives first camera system

New high-speed, high-resolution machine vision camera

Road Show to demonstrate high-speed and high-resolution vision

Two-channel Power over CameraLink embedded vision system

uEye LE Gigabit Ethernet board level cameras are ultra-compact

Stemmer Imaging appoints new specialist in vision and automation

HD camera delivers high-quality images at higher frame rates

Industrial cameras for high performance in outdoor applications

Technical tips for machine vision and image processing

See the latest vision technologies at Photonex 2013

Compact Boa IDR smart camera is versatile and easy to use

Ultra-compact, all-in-one colour block camera

Pixel shift machine vision camera provides 260m pixel resolution

A new generation of frame grabbers offered by Stemmer Imaging

Improved speed for machine vision camera range

New functionality for Gocator 3D distance and profile sensors

School team's success in vision project for football tracking

Stemmer Imaging expands product portfolio for industrial optics

Miniature, lightweight industrial vision camera with USB

Stemmer wins "˜Most Innovative Machine Vision Project' award

Stemmer Imaging YouTube channel shows imaging in action

Industrial GigE Vision cameras with Power over Ethernet

Stemmer Imaging supports Bloodhound SSC record attempt

New interface options for Sony FCB SD and HD cameras

Imaging and vision handbook updated and expanded

Colour versions of Falcon2 machine vision cameras available

Process, print and packaging inspection systems on show

High-speed, high-sensitivity dual linescan cameras

Smart vision systems for packaging inspection at Pro2Pac

Stemmer Imaging to offer Smart 3D laser distance sensors

Movie of the month

Video shows Gocator 3D laser line profiler in action

Common machine vision interface platform for IR cameras

Ultra lightweight USB industrial vision camera uEye ML

See the LMI Gocator 3D camera system in action

Free optical data calculation App from Stemmer Imaging

Automated grading of bacon using vision technology

Stemmer Imaging to distribute Mitsubishi Contact Image Sensors

Industrial camera and lighting enclosures for the food industry

Icon camera for embedded machine vision applications

How to read codes and text on moulded components

Stemmer Imaging adds Benelux countries to distribution portfolio

New infrared cameras for food inspection from Stemmer Imaging

Stemmer Imaging wins Partnership Award 2012 from PPMA

Latest vision technology on show at Photonex

Open Day success for Stemmer Imaging

New manual focus laser with power output up to 6W

UKIVA Vision Award finalists announced

Enhanced functionality for Gocator 3D smart cameras

Stemmer Imaging Open Day programme announced

A smart approach to vision inspection and code reading

Lower cost CAT5e cable for robotics and drag chain applications

Free Innovation Day for USB 3.0 and CMOS sensor technologies

New ultrafast 4-channel Gigabit PoE embedded vision system

New surface inspection technology from Stemmer Imaging

CoaXPress cameras and image capture products from Stemmer

New four-lane PCI-X image capture cards available from Stemmer

Stemmer Imaging to show latest camera technologies

New whole-part measurement capabilities for 3D smart camera

User-programmable vision processing card from Stemmer Imaging

High-speed linescan camera with wide dynamic range

Vision technology from Stemmer Imaging at MACH 2012

Stemmer Imaging host machine vision event 12 June

CameraLink cameras with high resolution and fast frame rates

SDK for GigE Vision cameras supports more operating systems

Volpi IntraLED 3 lighting system is economical and compact

Teledyne Dalsa BOA Pro smart camera with Sherlock software

8 Mpixel camera with high frame rate and fast data transfer

Adlink Matrix MXC-6000 embedded PC for machine vision

Ultra-high-resolution cameras use standard lens optics

CVC HD GigE cameras include digital I/O and RS232

Smart Vision Lights now available from Stemmer Imaging

Teledyne Dalsa Genie TS GigE cameras with 5-15 Mpixels

IDS uEye CP camera features USB 3.0 interface

New Teledyne Dalsa Falcon2 series CameraLink cameras

3D Machine Vision Technology Day hosted by Stemmer Imaging

Movie of the month

Tutorial: machine vision test charts explained

Common Vision Blox 2011 for Windows 64-Bit

Smart camera checks barcodes, 2D codes and characters

Frame grabbers handle inputs from four GigE cameras

Stemmer Imaging achieves record turnover

Stemmer Imaging introduces APG camera and lighting enclosures

Stemmer Imaging launches new website

Datapath VisionSD4+1 framegrabber from Stemmer Imaging

See very-high-resolution cameras at Photonex 2011

3-CCD colour cameras feature GigE Vision interface

iNspect Express version 1700 for BOA smart cameras

LMI Gocator 3D laser line profilers available from Stemmer

Sony XCD-MV6 is ultra-compact for machine vision applications

Metaphase ExoLight LEDs are low-cost for machine vision

New models added to Manta GigE Vision camera range

AVT Prosilica GX1920 camera suits low-light and NIR applications

Machine vision tips

High-speed colour cameras with VGA resolution

New Optronis CamRecord high-speed GigE cameras

New Silicon Software microEnable IV frame grabbers

IDS uEye cameras offer greater versatility and USB 3.0

Z-Laser ZM18-DM multi-purpose line laser is easy to integrate

Sony FCB E Series cameras with GigE Vision and GeniCam

High-definition board camera is versatile and low-cost

New high-resolution AVT Pike FireWire cameras

New Power over Ethernet (PoE) GigE Vision frame grabber

Guppy PRO cameras offer 5 Megapixels and IEEE 1394b

Four-CCD linescan camera detects NIR, red, blue and green

World's fastest 2 Megapixel GigE vision camera

New IDS 1.3 MPixel global shutter CMOS camera

AVT Manta GigE cameras are feature-rich yet cost-effective

Dual telecentric and macro zoom lens for 5 megapixel cameras

New version of CVB CameraSuite for 64-bit operating systems

How to select the best illumination method for machine vision

Easy access to vision tools for non-specialists

Stemmer Imaging UK reports 17% increase in orders

Stemmer Imaging website gains keyword navigation

Monochrome and colour smart cameras gain higher resolution

Common Vision Blox Version 10.2 released

Mark Williamson gains new strategic role at Stemmer Imaging

New 4-channel PoE embedded controller for machine vision

Dual CCD camera suits scenes with extremes of brightness

GEVA compact vision PC supports multiple cameras

Uncooled NIR camera with embedded digital signal processor

Software improves accuracy of 3D image calibration

Fully tested standard and customised industrial imaging cables

Stemmer Imaging UK enjoys 10 per cent growth in sales

Gigabit Ethernet cameras are sealed to IP65/67

Linescan cameras benefit from extended sensitivity

Stemmer Imaging creates new customer service facility

Lighting controllers operate from standard power supplies

Imaging & Vision Handbook - 4th edition out now

See new machine vision products at VTX 2010

The fastest GigE Vision cameras in the world

linescan camera and frame grabber with HSLink connectivity

Stemmer Imaging and Z-Laser co-operation in Europe

BOA smart camera range gains colour model

Contact image sensors are an alternative to linescan cameras

High-speed GigE cameras suit 3D machine vision

Toshiba IK-TFx remote head 3-CCD cameras

Camera features XGA output for direct connection to a monitor

Varifocal lens creates new opportunities in machine vision

Laser scanning cameras offer low-cost 3D inspection

Firstsight Vision to be renamed Stemmer Imaging

Gigabit Ethernet cameras now with option of angled heads

Lens improves resolution of linescan vision systems

Stemmer Imaging helps sponsor British Machine Vision Conference

Stingray cameras available in over 7000 configurations

Vision system is a cost-effective alternative to smart cameras

Mark Williamson joins the IET's VIE TPN committee

New industrial vision products at Midland Manufacturing show

CamRecord high-speed cameras achieve up to 320,000fps

Falcon 1.4M100 high-speed camera achieves 100fps

Digital progressive-scan CCD cameras feature Mini-CL

Tech Tips explain telecentric and IR camera lenses

Cameras deliver both visible and near-IR imaging

New UK distributor for Opgal IR and thermal imaging systems

Machine vision timing controller suits conveyor applications

Firstsight Vision celebrates 10 years in business

Dual-linescan camera has CameraLink and GigE options

Low-cost, compact camera comes with separate controller

Firstsight Vision introduces high-intensity white LED range

High-intensity light sources now available from Firstsight

LED machine vision lighting now costs less

VisualApplets simplifies FPGA programming

Firstsight Vision adds GigE versions of JAI cameras

Machine vision software operates with laser triangulation

Guppy FireWire cameras feature interlaced CCDs

Machine vision cameras have better price/performance ratio

Firstsight Vision takes on new lens specialist

UV and IR machine vision offers improved performance

Firstsight Vision introduces high-intensity LED spotlights

EMCCD colour camera revolutionises low-light imaging

VisualApplets for FPGA programming in image processing

Firstsight Vision offers more GigE Vision software and cameras

New Gardasoft Vision lighting controller enhances GigE range

Firstsight offers iPD entry-level automated inspection device

New edition of free machine vision handbook

Piranha tri-linear colour line scan camera operates faster

Spyder3 GigE linescan camera redefines high-speed web inspection

High-speed colour camera captures up to 200,000 frames/second

Embedded machine vision for one or two cameras

Pulnix TM-1327 GE AccuPiXEL camera uses Gigabit Ethernet