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Pilz - Safe Integrated Automation Pilz Automation Technology* is a world-leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of machinery safety products and systems. A wide variety of independent consulting and engineering services are offered, and the company also provides a number of training courses focusing on compliance with regulations and standards, plus further courses relating to its own products and systems.

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PNOZ safety relays

PNOZsigma safety relays

PNOZelog safety relays


PNOZmulti - three generations of configurable safety controllers and systems

PNOZmulti Mini safety controllers

PNOZmulti configurable safety system

PNOZmulti2 future-proof configurable safety system

PDP - decentralised IP67 I/O modules

PNOZmulti configurator software


PSS Universal - automation and safety working together

PSS 4000 safety PLC

PSSu - Universal safe I/O system

PAS4000 software

SafetyNETp - safe network for PSS 4000


PSEN - Pilz safety sensors

PSENopt - safety light curtains

PSENcs - coded RFID non-contact interlocks

PSENsgate2 - integrated safety gate monitoring

PSENslock - gate monitoring and interlock


PAScal: PL and SIL functional safety calculator

PAScal safety calculator


Machinery safety services

Machinery safety training

Product training

Webinars and workshops

Consulting services


* Pilz Automation Technology is the UK daughter company of Pilz GmbH & Co KG, a family-owned German company with global operations.


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One-day training course covers compliance with PUWER

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Review: food and beverage machinery safety seminar

Expanded range of guard interlocks offers greater versatility

Featured seminar

Machinery Safety Seminar focuses on food and beverage industry

Pilz launch new PUWER Assessment service

Pilz appoints a new UK Site Engineer

PMC Protego DS servo drive achieves PLe with no extra encoder

Pilz PNOZmulti 2 and PSENslock ensure safety of test rig

Safe motion standard EN 61800-5-2: more than Safe Torque Off

Safe motion monitoring made easy with configurable module

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All-in-one safety gate system for PL e safety and efficiency

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All-in-one safety bolt and switches reduces engineering time

Pilz PAScal safety calculator now uses VDMA 66413 library

New advanced multifunction light curtains with no dead zones

What's new in BS EN 62061:2005+A1:2013?

What's changed in BS EN 62061:2005+A1:2013

New update to Pilz Machinery Safety Training Programme

Pilz PASmsi app for machine PL and SIL determination

ISO 14119:2013, new standard for guard interlocking devices

EN ISO 14119:2013, the standard for guard interlocking devices

Pilz PNOZsigma safety relays approved for nuclear industry

SafeLink modules make PNOZmulti safe controller more expandable

PNOZmulti Configurator v9.3.0 links PNOZmulti to PSS 4000 PLC

New brochure for Pilz machine safety sensors

New safety training course: Use and supply of packaging machines

Pilz opens new UK facility for enhanced service and support

Safety light curtain accessories expand application scope

Pilz experts on hand at Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition

Approved safety PLC system to be demonstrated at Railtex 2013

More expansion modules for PNOZmulti 2 safety controller

Pilz Safety Compendium - second edition published

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Coded safety switches operate with up to three actuators

Pilz launches next-generation PNOZmulti configurable controller

Working towards a merger of ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061

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Press control system upgrade improves productivity and safety

EtherCAT and DeviceNet modules for configurable safety relays

Inaugural Machinery Safety Alliance seminar hailed a success

Fault masking: is your machine as safe as you think?

The key points of a systematic technical risk assessment

Pilz Sigma PNOZ s4 safety relay is approved to EN 81-1

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Full service for supply and support of safety light curtains

Free download: EN ISO 13849-1 / EN 62061 software

Last chance to migrate from EN 954-1 to EN ISO 13849-1

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PSENenco absolute rotary encoder for SIL 3 and PL e controls

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PSENini safe proximity switches are sealed to IP67

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How to choose the right guard safety switch technology

Pilz launches PNOZ s30 safe standstill and speed monitor

The differences between EN 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1

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Machinery safety products and services for packaging machines

Pilz New Safety Compendium - a review

Retrofit safety system developed for hand-fed platen press

Safety unit includes interlock, monitoring and control functions

Pilz Safety Compendium - a free guide to functional safety

Pilz extends its range of emergency stops and control devices

Consultants CE mark test equipment imported from USA

Machine guard switches - a wider range from Pilz

EN 954-1 extension - advice from Pilz

Automation products and services from Pilz

Automation products and services from a single source

Machinery safety consulting and engineering services

IP20 decentralised I/O modules - Pilz to supply BMW

Machinery CE marking services and training

Are you ready for the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC?

What is new in the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC?

PNOZmulti Mini controller for three or more safety functions

Mini version of PNOZmulti configurable control system

Machinery safety courses, July to December 2009

Control and I/O platform saves time and cost

City & Guilds training in machinery safety

City & Guilds training in machinery safety

Pilz launches PSS4000 automation control system

PSSuniversal I/O and control platform saves time and cost

Pilz Training Manager wins C&G Medal for Excellence

Paper explains hardware safety integrity for SRECS

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Are you still using BS EN 954-1?

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Plant and machinery safety inspection service

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PNOZsigma safety relays offer benefits over Classic relays

PAScal safety calculator screen shot

PAScal safety calculator - a review by MachineBuilding.net

Electromagnetic interlock with non-contact switch

Safety interlock and monitoring switch combined in one

CE services aid compliance with European Directives

CE services help machine builders comply with legislation

More dates for EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061 courses

Pilz PMCprotego D servo amplifier includes expansion slot

Servo amplifier with slot for extra safety functions

New PMDsigma range of electronic monitoring relays

Machinery safety consulting and engineering services brochure

Safety validation service for machine builders

Machinery safety training courses in 2008

Pilz celebrates 60th anniversary

Pilz offers support for implementing machinery safety systems

PNOZmulti Configurator v5.3 supports analogue inputs

Safety calculator for machine control systems

New version of machinery safety calculator - free demo!

Standards and guidance for press brake safety

Safety-related control system design service

Experts offer safety-related control system design service

A safe, real-time Ethernet protocol - SafetyNET p

The right concept for a machine safety-related control system

Safety concepts - from the industry experts

A broad choice of industrial communication technologies

Machine risk assessments from a knowledgeable supplier

IP67 SafetyBUS p input module

SafetyBUS p safety input module is sealed to IP67

See SafetyEYE in action at MACH 2008

Safety light curtain inspections

Explaining the regulatory requirement to inspect light curtains

New expansion modules for PNOZsigma safety relays

Safety controller module accepts analogue inputs

Guide to the New Machinery Directive

PNOZmulti Configurator supports USB chip card reader

Machinery safety training courses in 2011

Change to EN 1088 tightens guard interlocking requirements

Easy switching from PNOZ Classic to PNOZsigma safety relays

Pilz SafetyEYE is 'Automation Product of the Year' 2007

Safety advice for first-time users of industrial robots

Pilz introduces 24/7 technical support by telephone

Space-saving safety switches have M12 threaded bodies

Machinery safety brings time savings and productivity benefits

Replacements for PNOZ 1 and PNOZ V Classic safety relays

Understanding corporate manslaughter and negligence

Pilz enhances global customer services

Non-contact safety switches survive in aggressive environment

Vision-based press control and safety monitoring system

What is meant by an employer's 'duty of care'?

New Pilz website improves level of customer service

Products and services for packaging machinery

Pilz launches InduraNET p wireless communications

Explaining the transition from EN 954-1 to EN ISO 13849-1

What you need to know about the new EN ISO 13849-1

Cost-effective expansion modules for safety relays

Safety calculator for EN ISO 13849-1 and EN IEC 62061

Easy way to link multiple PNOZmulti safety controllers

Revised list of machinery safety standards

Shrouded emergency stop pushbutton can be locked

Machinery safety training courses updated for 2012

Extra safety functions for speed monitoring modules

Pilz celebrates 20 years in the UK

Pilz offers BS 8888 and BS 8887-1 product standards

Pilz appoints Paul Kingston as Consultant/Engineer

New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC training course

Introducing three-dimensional zone monitoring

UK launch for SafetyEYE vision-based machinery safety

Compact safety relay expansion unit adds timer function

New facility to house expanding Pilz development team

How to use machinery safety to enhance plant availability

Pilz PSS systems protect nuclear scientists

Price promotion on Pilz safety light curtains

Pilz unveils SafetyEYE 3D vision-based safety system

Free upgrade for modular safety controller configurator

Safety consultants help maximise productivity

Consultants help machine builders comply with local regulations

Safety light curtains to suit virtually every application

No more doubt: EN 13849-1 will replace EN 954-1

Explaining the changes in the 2006 version of BS EN 60204-1

Single-beam sensors cost less than safety light curtains

Safety services available from Pilz distributors

Next-generation machinery safety relays are super-slim

Pilz offers safety light curtains from stock

Modular, multi-functional safety controller

Display gives easier, faster safety controller diagnostics

The implications of IEC 62061 becoming EN 62061

Pilz launches rugged PSENbolt safety bolts for machine guards

Safety upgrade boosts productivity at Corus pipe mill

Modular safety controller gains additional functions