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New active capacitive measurement system

New laser micrometer offers greater flexibility

New non-contact capacitive measurement

Micro-Epsilon makes multi million Euro investment

New laser triangulation sensor from Micro-Epsilon

New white light interferometers

New handheld capacitive gap measurement device

Thermal imaging camera for measuring human temperature

Confocal sensors: high-precision measurements on curved surfaces

High-performance colour sensors for "˜difficult' targets

IP69(K) draw-wire displacement sensors can be customised

Laser triangulation sensors used in rail wheel motor project

New ratio pyrometer measures lower and responds faster

Laser profile sensors offer higher performance, better integrity

New interface module connects sensors to Profinet networks

Thermal imaging for the same price as a single-point pyrometer

Robust miniature controller for inductive displacement sensors

Micro-Epsilon launches improved range of Blue Laser sensors

optoNCDT 1220 miniature laser displacement sensor with ATC

PCIe interface card for synchronous data capture

Laser profile sensors measure conductor rail wear, track gauge

Non-contact inline inspection with laser profile sensors

Micro-Epsilon launches the world's smallest draw-wire sensor

High-accuracy compact confocal chromatic displacement sensor

Compact high-resolution confocal sensor for diverse applications

Choosing the right filter for a measurement application

What to consider when choosing eddy current displacement sensors

Micro-Epsilon to demonstrate at the Engineering Design Show

Live demonstrations from Micro-Epsilon at PPMA Show

Factors to consider when selecting draw wire position sensors

Temperature measurement in the Hyperloop

Thickness profile measurement improves steel strip quality

High-performance laser triangulation sensor offers easier set-up

Micro-Epsilon sensors help successful run of BLOODHOUND SSC

Thermal imaging measures temperature profile of air compressor

Micro-Epsilon showcase new sensor at Advanced Engineering 2017

Micro-Epsilon to unveil new sensor at Engineering Design Show

Selecting an inline thickness measurement system

Micro-Epsilon to unveil two new in-process measurement systems

High-resolution direct reflecting blue laser sensor

Micro-Epsilon to showcase new thickness products at MENE 2017

Inline thermal imaging inspection system for moulded parts

Micro-Epsilon to showcase moldCONTROL inline thermography system

Movie of the month

E-ELT telescope relies on nanometre-accuracy inductive sensors

Non-contact colour measurement sensors: factors to consider

Micro-Epsilon extends its range of colour recognition sensors

Understanding how colour measurement sensors work

Thickness measurement sensor is compact, accurate and affordable

High-res thermal imager measures muscle temperature differences

Tyre manufacturer installs integrated online measurement systems

Thermal stability and non-contact displacement sensor accuracy

Automated optical measurement of automotive filter dimensions

Micro-Epsilon to launch inline thermal imaging system

Nanometre-resolution confocal sensors offer strong performance

High-speed 70kHz confocal sensor controller from Micro-Epsilon

Blocking filter prevents laser damage to thermal imager

Micro-Epsilon to showcase laser displacement sensors

New infrared pyrometer measures temperature of thin plastic film

Micro-Epsilon wins Red Dot Award for laser triangulation sensor

Micro-Epsilon at Sensors & Instrumentation 2016

10 things to know about non-contact displacement measurement

A comparison of blue and red laser triangulation sensors

Blue laser profile sensors measure very small objects

Precision measurement using laser displacement sensors

Micro-Epsilon to demonstrate new blue laser profile sensors

Sensor triggering in production and process automation

Magneto-inductive sensors measure blade cut depth displacement

New Measurement Product Guide now available from Micro-Epsilon

Compact yet high-performing confocal sensors

Compact eddy current measurement system sets new standards

Red and blue laser displacement sensors from a single source

Eddy current sensors measure thermal growth of engine bed frames

New system for high-speed, accurate, inline colour measurement

When to use red laser and blue laser displacement sensors

Precise thickness measurement using laser displacement sensors

Displacement sensors solve powertrain measurement tasks

Laser triangulation sensors with extended measurement ranges

Non-contact laser sensor provides high measurement repeatability

Laser triangulation sensor with integrated controller

Nanometre resolution non-contact confocal displacement sensors

P20 handheld pyrometer measures any target including hot metals

Optimising measurement performance of IR thermal imaging cameras

Inductive position sensor in miniature hydraulic F1 actuators

Thermal imaging camera offers advantages for metal processing

Micro-Epsilon to offer expert advice at Advanced Engineering UK

New 1um thermal imager for the metal processing industry

Get hands on with Micro-Epsilon at the Engineering Design Show

2mm range eddy current sensor for higher measurement performance

Micro-Epsilon at Sensors & Instrumentation exhibition 2015

Optical micrometer with HTML5 interface is smartphone compatible

Inline colour measurement system reduces cycle times

Blue Laser sensors for high-speed measurements on shiny surfaces

Eddy current sensor with integrated electronics

Vibration sensors for curve detection and derailment protection

Custom inductive displacement and position sensors

New 2015 Measurement Product Guide available from Micro-Epsilon

Movie of the month

Custom OEM inclination, acceleration and vibration sensors

TIM LightWeight camera for drone thermography

Compact eddy current sensor with integrated electronics

Confocal sensor installed for high-precision alignments

Micro-Epsilon launches new spindle growth measurement system

Robust eddy current sensors withstand 100g shock loads on trains

Micro-Epsilon to showcase blue laser 2D/3D profile sensor

Blue laser profile sensors for shiny, hot and clear surfaces

High-precision measurement sensors for demanding environments

Confocal chromatic sensors for precision measurements

Micro-Epsilon plays crucial role in Rosetta comet lander

Versatile laser sensors for measuring displacement and position

Micro-Epsilon to showcase sensors at Advanced Engineering 2014

Visit Micro-Epsilon UK at the Engineering Design Show

1100mph wheel spin test uses Micro-Epsilon measurement sensors

Thermal imaging and dimensional measurement of microelectronics

Micro-Epsilon UK celebrates 10th Anniversary

Micro-Hybrid to launch into UK market

Laser profile sensors used on robotic weld inspection system

VGA-resolution infrared thermal imaging camera is ultra-compact

Single channel capacitive controller is compact and robust

Smart multi-function laser micrometer with integral controller

Position sensors for F1 throttle and turbocharger actuators

Capacitive measurement system with 10x higher resolution

Compact turbocharger speed and temperature sensor

2D/3D laser profile sensors are smarter and smaller

Non-contact laser line triangulation displacement sensors

Micro-Epsilon launches new Measurement Product Guide for 2014

Brochure shows a variety of automotive applications for sensors

Thickness measurement of multi-layered glass

Movie of the month

Video demonstrates power and ease of use of 2D/3D laser scanners


Product Measurement Guide - new edition from Micro-Epsilon

Thermal imager demonstrates its software integration capability

New online Application Finder for 2D/3D laser profile scanners

Micro-Epsilon supports STEM event

Inline profile thickness measurement for rubber and tyres

"˜Measure your Strength' to win an iPod mini

Inline metal thickness profile and speed measurement systems

Capacitive system has multi-channel measurement capability

Micro-Epsilon's 100kHz true analogue laser displacement sensor

Interact with non-contact displacement and temperature sensors

Sensors meet strict requirements of military RD&T programmes

Non-contact displacement and temperature sensors on show

Lightweight thermal imager for aerial inspection tasks

Inline profile thickness measurement systems for plastics

High-speed laser line sensor for difficult-to-measure surfaces

8mm inductive LVDT probes suits high-volume OEM environments

High-precision measurement on diffuse and reflective surfaces

Infrared temperature sensor is smarter and more compact

Fibre-optic ratio pyrometer for high speeds and temperatures

Laser displacement sensor makes music

Benchtop multi-point analyser offers faster inspection of LEDs

New laser sensor for process food and beverage applications

New software enables faster configuration of laser scanners

Miniature draw-wire sensors are compact and rugged

Displacement and temperature sensors get smaller and smarter

Online product selector for infrared temperature sensors

Laser sensors measure profile depth of steel in pre-stressed con

Confocal displacement sensors measure gaps in PV solar modules

Eddy current sensors measure displacement of soil samples

Laser line profile sensors for inspecting IC pins and connectors

EtherCAT sensors enable real-time measurements

Micro-Epsilon provides non-contact measurement systems for MTC

Inline thermal imager spots defects in injection-moulded parts

Blue Laser Sensor measures vibrations on engine manifolds

Position sensors for miniature hydraulic cylinders and actuators

Confocal controllers offer excellent signal-to-noise ratios

USB thermal imagers detect even smaller changes in temperature

Capacitive sensors measure gaps in hard-to-access areas

New magneto-inductive displacement sensors for OEMs

New sensors from Micro-Epsilon at Drives & Controls 2012

Micro-Epsilon to unveil four new sensors at MTEC 2012

Thermal imaging used in strain and fatigue performance tests

New modular draw wire sensors include models with plastic cables

Optical fibre micrometers for harsh environments

Movie of the month

Blue laser sensors - the benefits explained

New low-cost draw wire sensors for high-volume OEM applications

Blue Laser Sensors measure red-hot brake discs

Free software modules for scanCONTROL laser profile scanners

colorSENSOR offers stable measurements and high resolution

Inline infrared temperature sensors measure to 1450degC

Surface inspection system uses confocal chromatic sensors

Blue Laser Sensors suit applications where red lasers struggle

Laser line scanner inspects run-out of complex gears

Laser profile scanner aids control of pipe welding process

Customised laser displacement sensor measures concrete blocks

Optical micrometers for high-speed, high-resolution inspection

Laser sensor achieves true high resolution and high speed

Confocal displacement sensors inspect stainless steel tubing

Non-Contact Measurement Techniques and Best Practices

Miniature non-contact displacement sensors

Draw wire sensors adapted for use inside hydraulic cylinders

Miniature infrared temperature sensor with integral controller

Vacuum measurement system is quick to install and use

scanCONTROL 2700 3D profile scanner gains Ethernet interface

Sealing bead inspection system relies on laser profile sensor

Embedded technology boosts displacement sensor performance

Micro-Epsilon at Instrumentation Scotland & Offshore Systems

Laser sensor features stainless steel housing and IP69K sealing

Compact, inline thermal imager with more options

Magneto-inductive displacement sensors feature low thermal drift

Micro-Epsilon (UK) supports Make It in Manufacturing campaign

Infrared temperature sensors used on induction heaters

Infrared sensors monitor steel temperatures in rolling mill

How to choose non-contact displacement sensors

See new products from Micro-Epsilon at Advanced Manufacturing

How to select an infrared temperature sensor

Metrology system benefits from confocal displacement sensors

See temperature measurement systems at MAINTEC 2010

Low-cost measurement of high temperatures in harsh environments

Displacement and temperature sensors for electric motorbike

Programmable controller processes data from multiple sensors

Draw-wire sensors measure wind turbine blade deflection

Programmable two-wire, loop-powered infrared temperature sensor

Temperature sensors - all you need from Micro-Epsilon

Draw-wire sensors chosen for medical applications

Displacement sensor maintains full sensitivity at reduced span

2D/3D laser profile sensor is smaller and easier to use

Laser profile sensor selected for pipe weld inspection tool

Displacement sensors operate at extremely low temperatures

Inline infrared sensors measure temperatures up to 1800degC

See temperature sensing products at MAINTEC 2009

New Micro-Epsilon IR thermal imagers at Sensing Technology 2012

Temperature sensor achieves 0.025degC resolution

Laser sensor's intelligence controls inspection process

Inline infrared camera costs half the price of alternatives

Capacitive measurement system offers sub-nanometre resolution

Sensor company opens test facility and video conferencing centre

Infrared thermometer operates in 250degC without cooling

Infrared sensors monitor tyre temperatures in real time

Sensor measures the true temperature of glass targets

Free guide to eddy current displacement sensors

Widest range of LVDT & inductive displacement sensors from stock

Laser sensor measures distances to reflective targets

Laser profile displacement sensor with integral controller

Laser profile sensor ignores very small surface defects

Laser sensors offer high accuracy at long stand-off distances

Software converts laser profile sensor data to CAD

Micro-Epsilon service summary: turnkey inspection systems

Micro-Epsilon product summary: non-contact temperature sensors

Micro-Epsilon product summary: infrared thermometers

Micro-Epsilon product summary: 2D/3D profile sensors (scanners)

Micro-Epsilon product summary: high-speed optical micrometers

Micro-Epsilon product summary: string pot (draw-wire) sensors

Micro-Epsilon product summary: linear inductive transducers

Micro-Epsilon product summary: capacitive sensors

Micro-Epsilon product summary: eddy current sensors

Micro-Epsilon product summary: optical and laser sensors

Eddy current sensors monitor pump performance

Micro-Epsilon to launch innovative sensors at Mtec 2011

Innovative automated inspection system uses deflectometry

Free guide to laser displacement sensors

Low-cost draw wire sensor for machine builders and OEMs

Capacitive displacement sensors 'provide unique benefits'

Draw wire sensors with analogue and digital outputs

Temperature sensor boasts small spot size and rapid response

Use of displacement sensors in paper production

Optris MiniSight Pro: a low-cost alternative for thermal imaging

Confocal displacement sensors are just 4mm diameter