Heights (UK) Ltd
8 Lower Slack

Since 1974 Heights has been renowned for outstanding design and engineering, the bedrock of its world-leading success across many different industrial markets. 


Four core businesses share the same passion for design and manufacturing excellence and for exceptional service and expertise.


Heights Manufacturing – offers end-to-end contract manufacturing from design analysis through prototyping, manufacturing, procurement. It specialises in medium batch machine build.


Heights Graphic Arts Equipment – designs and manufactures acclaimed graphic arts equipment for both lithographic and flexographic customers.


MSA Engineering Systems – is an expert in niche industrial products and processes including electrofusion wire laying systems and equipment for leather testing.  MSA Materials Handling produces telescopic fork and cam lift systems.


RadiWarm® Pipeless Radiators – offer the plug-and-play simplicity of electricity with sophisticated control systems to maximise energy efficiency, over a varied range of heating products.

Internationally, Heights USA and Heights Asia offer support and service to the group

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