Compressed air controllers save energy and money
Posted to News on 19th Feb 2008, 11:11

Compressed air controllers save energy and money

Metacentre, the new family of compressed air control and monitoring products from EnergAir, includes machine controllers, IO modules, communication interface modules, pressure sensors, variable-speed drives and software. The new units are a direct development of the tried-and-tested Enercon systems that are installed in process and manufacturing facilities around the world. EnergAir compressed air control and monitoring systems are employed on sites as varied as Walkers Snack Foods, Britvic bottling plants, International News print sites, car plants and Tarmac production sites.

Compressed air controllers save energy and money

EnergAir equipment is used all over the world to operate multiple air compressors as efficiently as possible. It also improves process visibility, reporting and maintenance scheduling.

The new range comprises six compressed air controllers designed to suit air systems ranging from one to 24 compressors. The base model S Series controllers delivers fine pressure control for up to four compressors, whereas the flagship XC system controller can accommodate up to 24 compressors of different types and in different locations throughout a site.

'Energy control' software

The more advanced controllers such as the SX and XC models offer 'Energy control' software onboard. 'Energy control' software enables the management controller to distinguish between types of compressor (for example fixed-speed, variable-speed, etc) and the sizes of available compressors (for example 50kW, 100kW, etc). With this information, EnergAir's Metacentre SX and XC models are able to follow an intelligent 'optimal energy' control strategy, making the best energy savings possible from the installed system.

Multiple variable-speed drive (VSD) control is another feature of the more advanced Metacentre controllers, with the highly efficient control of what would previously be fixed-speed compressors. EnergAir offers a full range of VSDs for installation with the control systems.

The rest of the Metacentre range includes controllers for vacuum systems, replacement compressor controllers for old compressors and a huge range of interface and communication modules that enable simple integration of virtually any air compressor on the market. All models are available with a comprehensive installation kit.

Energy and cost savings

For any company looking to reduce its manufacturing costs and carbon footprint, compressed air should be close to the top of the list for positive action. Not only are large energy savings available by using an intelligent compressed air control system, but pay-back periods are short, hence installed Metacentre products will start to make significant contributions to the bottom line of the business very quickly.

So how does it work? Put simply - on any site, demand for compressed air fluctuates and as system pressure decays or increases in response to that demand, Metacentre compressor management systems ensure that site-wide compressors and ancillary compressed air equipment are harnessed 'as one' to obtain an equilibrium where efficiency, equipment utilisation and system pressure are in perfect balance. Maintaining this balance in a managed compressed air system represents a significant energy- and cost-saving opportunity. The more complex the compressed air system, the greater the opportunity for savings.

For users that require detailed reporting and live PC-based monitoring and control for a Metacentre management system, a PC Visualisation package is available. EnergAir's software provides a tailor made and ready-to-use product for control, monitoring, trending, efficiency management and reporting of key performance indicators. The software is available in all language fonts that the resident PC's operating system supports.

To find out instantly how much energy can be saved on a given site (with any combination of compressors and duty cycles) by a new Metacentre system, EnergAir recommends its online calculator at The company also claims that the calculator will enable users to print off a detailed and highly accurate report.

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