Crouzet launches Millenium 3 logic controllers

Crouzet is launching the Millenium 3 range of logic controllers and accessories for automating installations that have up to 50 I/O channels. This 'third-generation' range subdivides into 'compact' modules for simple applications and 'extendable' modules for larger and/or more complex applications. Millenium 3 controllers feature both wired (Modbus/Ethernet/STN modem) and wireless (Bluetooth/GSM modem) communications, allowing critical data to be sent directly to a laptop or PC. If necessary, modifications can then be implemented before feeding the data back to the logic controller.

Millenium 3 logic controllers are designed for use in many types of systems including access control, irrigation control, air conditioning and heating and ventilation. Other applications include agricultural machinery, automatic washing equipment, rolling advertising boards and vending machines.

The latest evolution of these 'smart relays' brings greater user-friendliness – they are claimed to have the largest displays in their class, as well as benefiting from intuitive programming. There is also now a choice of two languages, and more memory – making them suitable for use in larger applications.

With or without display

There are two types of compact logic controller (consisting of control logic and I/O) modules: 'Standard' modules, which have a display, and 'Blind' modules, which do not. The range includes Extendable logic controller (I/O and control logic) modules, of which there are several variants. They offer a variety of combinations of On/Off input and output channels. The range also includes an analogue extension module, which has two 10-bit input channels, and two 10-bit output channels.

In addition to offering 'Starter' programming kits and a range of accessories, Crouzet provides a service to design and manufacture custom or special logic controller modules to customers' orders. Two programming languages are supported: ladder and function block/GrafCet SFC.

Communications master modules support three protocols, namely GSM modem, M3MOD modem or STN modem. Communications slave modules support Ethernet or Modbus.

Millenium 3 controllers can be adapted as required to meet almost any specification, to provide, for example, a greater number of I/O, dedicated connections, epoxy-sealing for operation in harsh environments, or an extended temperature range.

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