Current transducers packaged with power analysers

Danisense is announcing that HBM Test and Measurement will offer customers a package of its power analyser together with a Danisense current transducer. The combination will make it more convenient and simpler for customers to use the best available equipment.

HBM will label the current sensors included in the package, "˜powered by Danisense'. Its eDrive power analyser acquires mechanical signals (e.g. torque, vibration, temperatures) and electrical signals (current, voltage) simultaneously, helping designers to better understand the electric drive and its losses in minutes rather than days, which is important for the optimisation of the drive as well as the increase in efficiency. In contrast to conventional power analysers, HBM's eDrive offers data acquisition and analysis capabilities in addition to power measurement. When paired with a high-accuracy, high reliability, wide-bandwidth Danisense current transducer (compatible models range from 50A to 1200A), the package is a good fit for the electric vehicle market.

Loic Moreau, Sales & Marketing Director, Danisense A/S comments: "The HBM solution is a powerful tool for the automotive market, enabling the collection and analysis of lots of data from diverse sensors. We are excited to partner with HBM to deliver a convenient, high-performance T&M solution, available from one source."

Klaus Lang Business Development Manager at HBM adds: "Danisense has earned a global reputation for delivering current sense transducers that lead the market for accuracy, reliability and usability. They are a perfect complement to our eDrive power analysers, and we are convinced that customers will value the ability to purchase a complete solution including Danisense current and HBM torque sensors from a single source."

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