DC motor for high-speed applications

Enhanced magnetic circuit said to reduce iron and recirculation losses


Portescap, manufacturer of miniature and specialty motors, has added the 16ECS high-speed brushless motor to its Ultra EC mini brushless DC motor platform.

These 16-millimetre motors are available in 36 and 52mm lengths, and are said to provide high power, while running at speeds of 75,000 rpm.

The 16ECS is comprised of an enhanced magnetic circuit that reduces iron and recirculation losses, which can cause motor stator heating at high speeds. The heart of the motor — the proprietary Ultra EC coil — provides higher torque and mechanical power compared to similar motors.

The new motor offers “cooler operation at high speeds, enhanced battery capacity and longer service life. Applications will run longer between charging cycles and the size of required batteries can be reduced, making mobile devices using the 16ECS smaller and lighter”, states the company.

Designed for battery-driven applications running at high speeds or requiring high power, the 16ECS is billed as being suited for medical atherectomy  devices (these remove plaque from an artery), dental drills, cosmetic devices and lab automation equipment.


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