DE-STA-CO plastic proximity switch mount is 'industry first'

DE-STA-CO is promoting its Accelerate plastic proximity switch mount, describing it is an industry first. While competing aluminium mounts can only be used with proximity switches to sense steel, the new plastic proximity switch mount can used with sensors for steel and aluminium. Aluminium mounts give a false reading when being used with high-sensitivity aluminium proximity switches, but the Plastic Proximity Switch Mount provides an accurate reading with each cycle.

Manufactured from high-strength nylon, the plastic proximity switch mount joins DE-STA-CO's Accelerate collection of lightweight end effector tooling that is claimed to reduce weight by up to 50 per cent and increase manufacturing productivity by up to 30 per cent. The new proximity switch mount also helps to reduce robot-arm bounce, automation component wear and tear, and maintenance costs for minimal downtime and improved profit margins.

Rob Pitera, the global product director for end effectors at DE-STA-CO, comments: "DE-STA-CO's new plastic proximity switch mount is a shining example of our commitment to helping manufacturers meet evolving market needs, specifically in the shift toward lightweighting and aluminium use. This customisable solution is the only one of its kind able to be used with sensors for both steel and aluminium sheet metal panels. As a result, it allows press lines to run seamlessly at optimal efficiency, regardless of the material being handled."

Able to withstand high production rates and elevated temperatures, the plastic proximity switch mount is available in three hole patterns, features customisable snap-on ball joints (28.5mm or 32mm), and comes with apple-core locking configurations. The proprietary extension-arm-locking mechanism ensures superior positioning during the manufacturing process.

Follow the link for more information about the DE-STA-CO Accelerate Plastic Proximity Switch Mount and other lightweight automation tooling.


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