Digi-Key named exclusive global distributor by Directed Energy

Digi-Key Electronics has signed an exclusive global distribution partnership with Directed Energy, Inc. This new partnership adds to the more than 8.7 million products available from more than 800 manufacturers through Digi-Key.

Directed Energy provides ready-to-use modules for driving laser diodes as well as applications requiring a high voltage pulse. Directed Energy's modules allow users to focus on their end use or product with ready-made solutions to provide high current and high-voltage pulses to scientific, industrial and commercial applications.

Stephen Krausse, president and owner of Directed Energy, Inc. says: "As long-time customers of Digi-Key, our own engineers are familiar with the value of working with a supplier that offers a broad and deep product line, making it simple to find solutions to engineering problems. Now, as a Digi-Key partner, we are excited to know that our pulsed laser diode driver and high-voltage pulse modules will offer that same problem-solving value to designers and engineers around the world and in a wide array of industries."

Creating a high-quality electrical pulse is challenging, whether that's a high-current pulse designed to drive a laser diode, or a high-voltage pulse designed for the operation of deflection grids or for beam steering. Directed Energy has been designing and selling precision pulsers for over 30 years. This industry experience has allowed them to create a suite of standard products that designers look to when they need a high-quality, fast pulse of current and/or voltage.

David Stein, vice president of global supplier management for Digi-Key says: "We are excited to partner with Directed Energy and offer their ready-to-use modules to our global customer base. Directed Energy has an impressive lineup of off-the-shelf modules that provide high-quality pulses of high current and/or high voltage for a variety of applications, from LiDAR to ADAS, laser diode characterisation, precision measurement, and physics and scientific experimentation."

For more information about Directed Energy, Inc. and their range of products, visit the Supplier Center page on the Digi-Key website.


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