Digital indicator displays data from up to eight sensors

Yokogawa Electric Corporation is adding a network function to its UM33A digital indicator with alarms, a product in the UTAdvanced controller series.

With this network function, a single UM33A digital indicator can receive, process, and sequentially display data from up to eight sensors. The enhanced UM33A is easy to install and cost-effective for monitoring data from multiple field sensors. By improving the functions of its UTAdvanced product line, Yokogawa says it aims to satisfy customer needs and expand its controller business.

In recent years there has been a growing need to strengthen the monitoring of data from field sensors. For safety and other reasons, operators need the ability to remotely monitor data from sensors that are installed high up, in confined spaces, and in other locations where it is difficult to visually check the readings on the sensor displays.

The UM33A digital indicator that Yokogawa offered until now accepts analogue data from sensors that measure parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow rate, converts this data into digital signals, and displays the readings. It can also issue an alarm if an input signal falls outside a preset range. However, it is only able to accept data from a single sensor. To check data from multiple sensors, it is necessary to install and configure other equipment such as a touch panel with an embedded controller or some other type of user interface used in combination with a programmable controller (PLC). This equipment is both expensive and requires large amounts of engineering.

Now monitor multiple sensors

Yokogawa has strengthened the functions of the UM33A to satisfy the needs of customers who want to check measurement data from multiple sensors in the field. The enhanced UM33A can be installed easily and at a lower cost.


1. Easy to introduce/improved monitoring of data: The enhanced UM33A supports the master function and the data monitoring function of the Modbus/RTU communication protocol, and is able to connect up to eight sensors and sequentially display data from those devices. The UM33A is therefore able to monitor data from multiple field sensors without requiring the installation and engineering of a separate device with user interface and controller functionality. It can also function alongside already installed systems that employ such specially configured hardware. With its ability to remotely connect with multiple sensors throughout a site, the enhanced UM33A makes it easier for plant personnel to check measurement data from these devices.

2. An enhanced field digital product: In plants, progress is being made in the introduction of field digital systems that rely on digital communications between intelligent field devices and control systems. Field digital devices allow the transmission of significantly greater amounts of data, including not only data on process parameters but also instrument status information. The ability to monitor this information online improves maintenance efficiency. Thanks to its functional enhancements, the enhanced UM33A can handle both digital and analogue communications with sensors, and is well positioned to facilitate the introduction of field digital devices at plants.

Major target markets include companies that design and manufacture machinery, air conditioning systems, power equipment, tanks and other items for use in industries such as machinery, electrical equipment, chemicals, foods, semiconductors and automobiles.

Applications include: display of temperature, pressure and flow rate; alarming; and display of operating conditions in heating, cleaning, sterilisation, cryogenics, refrigeration, wastewater treatment, and other manufacturing and research and devlopment processes.

About the UTAdvanced Series

The UTAdvanced series controllers are mounted on furnaces and other types of heat process-related industrial facilities for the measurement, display and control of operating variables such as temperature, pressure and flow rate. The UTAdvanced controller comes as standard with a sequence control function based on the ladder logic programming language, which is widely used by engineers. Improved design efficiency and elimination of the need for relays and other peripherals have resulted in a lower price. As a result, this series has had great success in the market since its release in 2009.

The line-up also includes:

  • Digital indicating/DIN rail mounting type controllers: UT55A, UT52A, UT35A, UT32A, UT75A
  • Program controllers that control on the basis of preset patterns (program-pattern control): UP55A, UP35A, UP32A.

Follow the link for more information about the UM33A digital indicator.

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