eBOX611 digital video platform copes with vibration

Axiomtek is releasing the eBOX611 anti-vibration digital video platform for mobile digital video recorder (DVR) and telematics applications. The eBOX611 integrates a high-performance EPIC form-factor SBC, the EP811, which supports both Intel Pentium M and Intel Celeron M PGA or BGA processors, and uses a highly reliable anti-vibration 2.5" HDD.

The DVR system plays a key role in security automation and provides video monitoring functions and, through network communications, provides information to the control centre for analysis. Axiomtek's DVR system offers a PC-based reliable infrastructure, customised configuration, and meets industrial PC standards. The DVR functions can support a maximum of four channels with video-in at 30 fps or two channels at 30 fps (share a total frame rate of 120 fps). Users can easily develop applications via the software development kit (SDK) and it is easy to upgrade.

With a patented anti-vibration and anti-shock design, the eBOX611 can sustain 1Grms (5-500Hz, X, Y and Z directions) of vibration for many hours without impact. This makes it an appropriate system for use in harsh environments. In order to support different vehicle usage, this credible mobile DVR system has a built-in and wide ranging 12V (9-27V DC in) or 24V (18-56V DC in) DC power supply. The industrial-grade DVR device can be bundled with different embedded operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded or WinCE 5.0.

With its innovative design, the eBOX611 can provide security, safety and GPD information for most transportation applications. For example:

  • Traffic controls
  • Parking lots/car parks
  • Airports
  • School buses
  • Police cars
  • Trucks/lorries


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