Eldon stainless steel enclosures specified for dairy equipment

Eldon has been selected by C. van 't Riet as its supplier of stainless steel enclosures for dairy equipment.

For well over a century, the Holland-based dairy technology company C. van 't Riet has delivered dairy equipment world-wide. The company's decision to choose Eldon as its enclosure supplier over eight years ago turned the enclosures into an important component of C. van 't Riet's new advanced technologies for the dairy market.

C. van 't Riet has won wide acclaim for its innovative dairy and food processing equipment that is designed for high reliability and low maintenance costs.

Today, C. van 't Riet sells its advanced machinery all over the world, including markets in Europe, the USA, Russia, Afghanistan, New Zealand and Africa. The company's customised machines and turnkey systems are used by customers for a variety of dairy and food processing uses, including producing the products such as cheese, yoghurt, butter and milk.

For over 90 years Eldon has manufactured electrical enclosures for use across the industrial spectrum, which made it a natural choice when C. van 't Riet was looking for a like-minded, flexible supplier of user-friendly stainless steel enclosures. The relationship has proven a milestone for the Dutch company's efforts to deliver customised dairy equipment that blends craftsmanship with new advanced technologies to meet the latest requirements of the market.

said Henri Verkerk, C. van 't Riet's Manager, comments: "Apart from our two companies sharing the same values, the reason we chose to collaborate with Eldon is the way it delivers products suited to our needs, at a fair price and reliably."

Eldon provides C. van 't Riet with stainless steel single-door enclosures, with IP66 protection and 240s pre-grained stainless steel finish, for mounting in dairy machines producing curd, butter, milk pasteurisation and other dairy products. Eldon's ASR range of stainless steel enclosures are highly suitable for use in often challenging environments, where there are very high demands on ultra-hygienic processing, cleanliness and ingress protection.

One of the most creative projects undertaken by the C. van 't Riet company is a small-scale cheese-blending machine designed to help developing countries start their own dairy production operations. The project promises to have a big impact on African society by creating better, more hygienic nutrition because it offers small villages an excellent way to pasteurise milk without the need for any technological knowledge.

Follow the link for more information about Eldon ASR stainless steel, single-door enclosures.

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