Embedded vision sensor is easy and quick to configure

Datasensor says that the new SVS1 series embedded vision sensor is the easiest way to implement a machine vision application. Setup is said to be very quick and intuitive thanks to the VSC unit, the external configurator with a 3.5inch colour display and push-buttons. No PC is needed for the configuration.

Image processing is carried out inside the sensor, which is able to work in standalone mode after the setup. The VSC unit can provide real-time monitoring of images, but it is not required during normal operation of the sensor, hence it can be disconnected and used to configure multiple sensors.

The SVS1 allows a single control to be programmed for each image, but it offers different kind of tools to solve several tasks: for example, product orientation on conveyor belts, presence/absence on assembly lines, and overprinting controls on packaging machinery.

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