Energy-saving weld seam inspection systems from Vitronic

The new generation of weld seam inspection systems, VIROwsi, not only consumes up to 75 per cent less energy and is more compact and simpler to use, it stands out because of its 3D analysis capabilities. VITRONIC will present its new analysis software and hardware at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN trade fair, which will highlight the international trade world of cutting and surfacing, in Essen, Germany, in September 2013.

Quality takes top priority when it comes to producing safety-related products and components, particularly in the automotive industry. Often, automotive suppliers and component vendors must provide proof of an automatic quality control process. This can be a challenge, particularly when dealing with highly reflective material, such as aluminium, or when inspecting numerous complex seam geometries.

Using cameras instead of the naked eye to inspect pays off for both large automotive corporations and medium-sized enterprises who use automated welding processes. VITRONIC has refined camera-based, automated weld seam inspection with VIROwsi. Not only does it use 75 per cent less energy thanks to a passive cooling process, but it is also more compact. This means that the analysis unit can be installed alongside the production cell in a more space-saving and flexible way. And this makes weld seam inspection easier and more efficient, minimising the need for costly reworking.

Some highlights of this new system are the visual user interface with an intuitive design, faster access to relevant information, quicker entry of production target values, and meaningful statistics. An accurate 3D-display of seam dimensions or defects, such as pores and holes, can also be documented automatically and archived along with a variety of other inspection-relevant results.

Parameters for the quality control and inspection of weld seams can be adjusted during the production process and immediately adopted into the running production with the next system cycle. This offers component vendors and automotive suppliers the ability to implement necessary reworking of weld seams continuously and automatically.

The VIROwsi weld seam inspection system, equipped with a sensor, a powerful computer processing unit with database-supported analysis software, and visualised statistical functions, minimises potential waste by detecting process deviations early on, thereby saving production costs.

To find out more about VIROwsi weld seam inspection systems, vist Vitronic at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Essen, Germany, September 16-21, 2013, Hall 4.0, Stand A244, or go to the website at


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