Enhanced fibre optic position sensor now with 14-bit resolution

The Micronor MR330 series fibre optic absolute position sensor system now features 14-bit single-turn resolution. The enhanced performance is accomplished via improved electronics and new firmware-based algorithm update to the MR330-1 SSI Controller Module which is backwards compatible with earlier units. Rotary sensors are offered in two models - Standard MR332 and MRI Safe MR338.

Micronor's absolute rotary encoder measures absolute angular position from 0 degrees to 360 degrees via programmable 13-bit (8192 count) or 14-bit (13,950 count) resolution at speeds exceeding 2500rpm. System firmware also tracks turns up to 12 bits (4096 revolutions). The controller features multiple built-in interfaces for system compatibility and utility: SSI, USB, RS485 Serial, Modbus RTU, two analogue outputs (4-20mA and +/-10V) and two digital set points.

The MR330 series position sensor is an innovative all-optical design immune to any electro-magnetic interference such as lightening, radiation, magnetic fields and other harsh environmental conditions. The fibre optic aspect of the sensor also makes it suited for long-distance position sensing over hundreds of metres without being affected by ground loop problems. The system outperforms resolvers and conventional electronics-based encoders by providing inherently safe operation and interference-free sensor transmission over distances exceeding 300m.

This sensor uses a novel optical technique embedded in a passive sensor and active controller connected by a duplex fibre optic link. The controller transmits a burst of light to the code disk in the sensor which accurately modulates the spectral components of the light based on angular position. The position information is imprinted in the optical spectrum of the light and guided back to the controller for a precise position readout. The sensor requires no electrical power and houses no electronic components whatsoever.

Micronor's MR330's accuracy and EMI immunity make it suitable for applications that require precise motion control and position measurement in challenging environments: oil rigs, satellite antennas, solar panel arrays, actuator systems, transportation systems, steel mills and medical instrumentation. The sensor is also classified as an "˜inherently safe, simple apparatus' and meets ATEX requirements for use in mines, gaseous and dust-based explosive environments. The sensor's immunity to lightning and high voltage arcing also make it especially suited for outdoor applications such as wind turbines and antenna towers as well as robotic welding systems.

To learn more about the Micronor MR330 series fibre optic absolute position sensor system, please visit www.micronor.com.

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