Extensive range of fieldbus comms for modular PLC

Vipa's full-featured System 200V modular PLC control system includes a wide range of fieldbus slave modules for centralised or decentralised medium-sized automation applications. Users can select Profibus-DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Interbus or Ethernet slaves along with Profibus-DP or CANopen master modules to match their application's requirements. Integral fieldbus master and slave options are also available at main CPU level along with work/load memory selection and alternative programming options including Siemens Step7.

The 12 MBaud Profibus-DP slave module range includes up to 32 module support in a 1-99 channel DPV0/DPV1 version, a 1-99 channel LWL optical interface version and a module designed for redundant systems with two Profibus channels. A fourth version, part of the ECOnomical range from Vipa, is a low-cost/mid-range unit for up to eight modules that features a 1-125 address DPV0/DPV1 specification. GSD file configuration is standard on all Profibus-DP slave modules from VIPA.

Two versions of CANopen protocol slave modules cover a full specification, 0-99 address unit with up to 32 module support and an ECOnomical low-cost/mid-range version for up to eight modules. A DeviceNet slave unit offers 500KBaud data rates, 0-63 address and up to 32 module support. Interbus is covered with a slave module that will support up to 16 input and 16 output modules. The Ethernet slave module can be configured for TCP/IP, Modbus over TCP or for Siemens S5 communication.

Digital and analogue I/O modules

Vipa fieldbus slave modules for the System 200V modular PLC control system are just a part of a complete range of expansion units that includes digital and analogue input and output modules, communication processors, counters, PC and stepper or servo positioning modules.

System 200V fieldbus master modules include Profibus-DP for up to 125 slaves in a choice of standard or optical cabled units; a CANopen master is available for up to 126 slaves.

The System 200V has a very wide choice of CPU options covering master or slave fieldbus interfacing for CANopen, Profibus-DP and TCP/IP with communications interfacing for PtP RS232, ASCII, STX/ETX and many more. In addition, work/load memory selection and a host of other features including MPI interfacing, MMC card support for program and parameter saving are also available. Programming is via Vipa's own WinPLC7 software or with Siemens Step7.

Vipa's System 200V is based upon a 35mm DIN rail-mounted, expandable backplane bus connector with nominal module widths of 25mm and 50mm and a module height of only 76mm, making it useful for space-restricted applications. Convenient cage-clamp (spring-clip) terminations ensure quick and trouble-free installation.

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