EZ-LIGHT K30 Touch for machine activation and pick-to-light uses

Banner Engineering is introducing the EZ-LIGHT K30 Touch, a smaller version of the company's K50 Touch. Featuring a compact, rugged design, this single-point device is designed for efficient machine activation and pick-to-light operations.

The K30 Touch button provides simple, precise performance, easily changing from green to red with the touch of a finger, hand or whole palm - with bare hands or work gloves - for bright, clear indication. Featuring an ergonomic design, the K30 Touch requires no physical pressure to operate, preventing stress on hands and wrists from constantly pressing buttons to actuate machines or verify correct picks.

Chuck Dolezalek, Director of Product Development for Lighting and Indicators, says: "We received positive feedback with the K50 Touch, as it efficiently streamlines machine activation and pick-to-light operations. With the development of the K30, we knew we wanted to offer the same superior performance, but in a smaller form factor that would allow our customers to meet their diverse application space requirements."

Designed for flexible use, the K30 Touch is available in 1- or 2-colour models and offers either latching or momentary outputs. The sealed, durable K30 Touch features a housing rated to IP69K, allowing it to withstand harsh conditions and moisture in challenging environments. Its 22mm threaded base fits most control panels, making it a drop-in replacement for standard pilot lights and push buttons.

Learn more about the EZ-LIGHT K30 Touch lighted operators by visiting www.bannerengineering.com.

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